Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks – 5 DIY Recipes (No.5 is Excellent)

You may not realize but you smeared cocoa butter over your skin many times. Not just delicious chocolates, cosmetic industries incorporate this meltable oil. Cocoa butter for stretch marks is one among the renowned natural remedies.

Extensively used in all type of chocolates this edible vegetable fat is extracted from the cocoa bean. The moisturizing activity of this pale-yellow fat can fade linear marks.

But, how can a substance that is used to allure taste buds help to get rid of stretch marks?

What Causes Stretch Marks?

As you grow, connecting fibers under the skin stretch slowly. But, with sudden growth due to puberty, pregnancy or weight gain, these fibers overstretch and tear at several places.

Initially, this breakage can be seen over the skin in purple or red colored lines. However, with time they turn silver white. (1)

It’s a bitter truth that you can’t permanently treat stretch marks. Anyhow, experts say that with time and topical application of creams you can lighten their appearance.

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How Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks Works?

A study was carried out with 210 women, out of which 175 completed the study, which concludes that topical application of cocoa butter didn’t show any significant change than placebo lotion. (2)

So shall I stop here?

Beauty experts say that it’s no harming in using it because nutritional benefits of this natural ingredient are enticing.

  • The hydrating ability of cocoa butter improves your skin’s ability to stretch without tearing.
  • Prominent healing properties present in it can help to heal stretch marks and fade its appearance over the skin.
  • Antioxidant agents help to thwart free radicals that damage skin cell membrane.
  • Polyphenols are type compound present in cocoa butter, which can improve the elasticity of the skin, enhance collagen production and promote healing of rashes and stretch marks.
  • Fatty acids packed in cocoa butter are known to deeply moisturize the skin and lighten the appearance of stretch marks.

Regularly massage cocoa butter in circular motion to improve the elasticity of the skin and make it more pliable.

How to Use Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks?


Beauty experts recommend going with unrefined, pure cocoa butter, which doesn’t include any chemical preservatives and fragrances.

Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Hormones are released during pregnancy to soften the ligaments and connective fibers making them prone to stretch marks.

Thighs, breast or tummy are common places where you’ll see these linear lines. According to official reports, 8 out of 10 women get stretch marks during pregnancy. (3)

  • Place pure cocoa butter jar in hot water. (Because it is solid at room temperature)
  • Wash your skin to remove impurities and apply the cocoa butter evenly in circular
  • Regular application prior to stretch marks is recommended.

Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, and Almond Oil

To make it more effective, you can blend other natural ingredients. Vitamins and minerals incorporated in this recipe will moisturize, rejuvenate and improve the elasticity of the skin.

This whipped body butter may effectively treat stretch marks, as it also contains an essential oil that proves to be good at fading these linear lines.

  • Raw shea butter – ½ cup
  • Pure cocoa butter – ½ cup
  • Almond oil – ½ cup
  • Organic coconut oil – ½ cup
  • Lavender essential oil – 20 drops

You may increase or decrease the quantity of these ingredients depending on your use.

  • Mix all listed ingredients in a bowl except essential oils.
  • Melt the ingredients by placing it over heat.
  • After cooling add essential oils and mix thoroughly.
  • Store in a glass jar and place it in the fridge for an hour.
  • Now take and whip with a hand mixer till you obtain fluffy.
  • Store and apply the whipped butter over the skin.

Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks

If you thing above recipe is difficult for you to make, then try this simple recipe.

  • Take equal amount of shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil in a bowl.
  • Melt the ingredients by placing them in hot water or double boiler.
  • Add few drops of vitamin E oil to the mixture.
  • Let it cool down.
  • Now wash your skin with mild soap to remove dead cells.
  • Pat dry and apply the mask over the skin.
  • Leave it to dry naturally.

Cocoa Butter and Olive Oil

  • Take required amount of cocoa butter and melt it by placing the jar in hot water or heat it.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and 1 teaspoon of coconut oil to the mixture while heating.
  • Remove from heat and add 5 teaspoons of mineral water to cool it down.
  • Apply the mask over the skin in circular motion.

Cocoa Butter Cream for Stretch Marks

If you want to try something from cosmetic industries, then go with Palmer’s cocoa butter formula with Vitamin E. You can read its review here.

Tips to Treat Stretch Marks Using Cocoa Butter

  • Drink enough water to hydrate your skin from the inside.
  • Always use pure and unrefined cocoa butter.
  • Include vitamin rich diet to improve healthy functioning of the skin.
  • Kiwi fruits, oranges, papayas, sweet potatoes and strawberries are rich in vitamin C that makes your skin fabulous.
  • Almonds, hazel nuts and avocados are rich in vitamin E that promotes healthy skin.
  • Omega-3 &6 fatty acids supplement also helps to hydrate the skin and reduce inflammation.
  • Avoid processed food, dairy products, fried products, poor quality supplement, artificial sweeteners, heavy gluten, excess caffeine and excess sugar.
  • Avoid using cocoa butter and other recipes listed above if you are allergic to any of these ingredients.
  • Apply natural moisturizer before going to bed; this will improve your skin’s elasticity.
  • Application of cocoa butter during pregnancy may help to prevent stretch marks.

Experts say that with time stretch marks may disappear naturally.

Note: Cocoa butter for stretch marks may or may not lighten stretch marks. But, it can prevent further stretch marks.

How to Use Vitamin E Oil for Stretch Marks


Can vitamin E oil prevent stretch marks?

70% of girls and 40% of boys develop stretch marks during puberty.  It isn’t associated with any ailment, but certainly it’s a cosmetic concern. In this article, you’ll learn how to use vitamin E oil for stretch marks.

According to researchers, you can’t permanently get rid of these narrow streaks. However, regular application of cosmetic creams, natural home remedies, and nutritious diet can lighten their appearance.

What Causes Stretch Marks?

As you grow, connecting fibers in the dermis layer stretches slowly. With sudden weight gain or loss, these fibers stretch beyond its limit resulting in breakage.

The tear can be seen through upper layer as red or purple lines, which turn to silver white with time.

Puberty, pregnancy, the sudden gain in weight, hormonal change, alcohol consumption, genetics and other factors result in these long narrow streaks.

Does Vitamin E Oil Help to Get of Stretch Marks?

Why should I go for vitamin E oil when there are many cosmetic creams that claim to treat stretch marks?

Media promoted beauty creams are incorporated with chemical preservatives that can irritate your sensitive skin. (Source: 1, 2)

Homemade remedies are safe because you make it. You can avoid ingredients that can stimulate allergic reaction on your skin. Apart from this, an innate ingredient like vitamin E oil is packed with lots of beauty benefits.

Important Note: There is not strong evidence to support the benefit of vitamin E for stretch marks. However, there are anecdotal reports claiming to be effective.

Benefits of Vitamin E Oil for Stretch Marks

Immense uses of vitamin E oil include boosting the immune system, preventing cardiovascular problems, avoid skin cancer, heal minor burns and treat cystic fibrosis in babies.

To reap its exceptional nutritional value, even cosmetic creams incorporate them. Without any ado, let check what it has for your stretch marks.

  • Moisturizing is the prominent property of vitamin E oil, which helps to get rid of dry skin. Enough moisture allows skin to heal stretch marks.
  • National Institute of Health Office of Dietary Supplements states that antioxidant activity of this oil thwarts free radicals that damage cell membrane.
  • With its antioxidant agents, vitamin E can efficiently lighten scars, stretch marks and flush away free radicals.
  • Assorted nutrients residing in this oil promotes healing of broken tissues underneath the skin.
  • Regular massaging with the oil mixed with other oils improves blood circulation in that part of the skin.
  • Vitamin E oil penetrates deep into the skin and enhances collagen production to improve skin’s elasticity, stimulate cell regeneration and makes your skin soft.
  • Anti-inflammatory activity of this oil inhibits platelet aggregation.
  • Blocks free radicals that result in stretch marks by its antioxidant activity.

Beauty experts recommend blending other antioxidants or vitamin C with vitamin E oil to prevent any side-effects, because heavy antioxidants in vitamin E oil may result in breakouts if you’ve acne prone skin.

How to Use Vitamin E Oil to Prevent Stretch Marks?


There are many ways to use this oil. If your skin goes well with cosmetic cream, select the one which includes vitamin E.

Note: Patch test before using pure vitamin E oil over the skin.

Topical application of vitamin E oil or other creams may improve your skin’s elasticity, but stretch marks can also be caused by hormonal imbalance. For which topical application has no effect.

So, beauty experts also recommend ingesting nutritional diet to make your skin healthy. These measures can prevent stretch marks at-least to some extent.

#1 Pure Vitamin E Oil for Stretch Marks

You can get vitamin E lotion from a local drug store or get vitamin E capsules. Puncture the capsules and massage the oil over stretch marks.

Pure vitamin E oil is very effective according to few anecdotal claims. However, you must patch test before using it.

#2 Vitamin E Oil and Vitamin C

Dr. Broumand says that blending vitamin C with vitamin E oil shown excellent benefit for your skin.

It can moisturize, protect your skin from UV rays, lighten the appearance of stretch marks, reduce wrinkles and thwart free radicals.

  • Wash your skin with water to cleanse impurities and dead skin cells.
  • Pat dry using a soft cloth.
  • Mix required amount of both oils in a bowl and gently massage in circular motion over the skin.
  • Leave it to dry naturally.

To avoid greasiness, it’s better to apply it at night.

#3 Vitamin E Oil and Olive Oil

You can replace olive oil with a carrier oil. The thickness of vitamin E oil may trigger acne breakouts, so it better to blend other oils with it.

  • Break vitamin E capsule and add it to required amount of olive oil.
  • Apply the lotion over prewashed skin.
  • Leave it to dry naturally.

Vitamin E Oil for Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Though there are no strong studies to back the claims of vitamin E oil use for stretch marks. One study showed significant benefit for reducing stretch marks.

Stretch marks are not solely caused by stretching; hormonal changes also result in these lines. Topical application of vitamin E oil may or may not affect stretch marks.

But there are anecdotal reports backing the claim that this oil can lighten the appearance of stretch marks.

Before using this oil over the skin, you must consult your doctor. Few people may be hypersensitive towards ingredients in the lotion.

  • Blend vitamin E oil with vitamin C or olive oil as mentioned above and gently massage over the body.
  • You can also use cosmetic creams that are incorporated with vitamin E.
  • Some beauty bloggers also suggest ingesting vitamin E oil capsules. But, pregnant women must avoid it and discuss with the doctor.

Vitamin E Oil with Body Moisturizer

You can just add some vitamin E oil to your favorite body lotion and regularly massage over the skin.

You can get vitamin E cream for stretch marks over the drug store.

Side Effects of Vitamin E Oil

Even home remedies may trigger a reaction if they don’t go well with your skin.

Skin inflammation, itching, and rashes over the skin have been reported with topical application of vitamin E oil. Oily skin people may experience acne breakouts with excess use of this oil.

However, people who’re sensitive to vitamin E are very rare.


Like other home remedies, this recipe also has no scientific proof to back the claims. However, anecdotal reports claim to be effective.

Blend vitamin E with vitamin E oil for stretch marks. Don’t use it regularly if you’ve oily skin.

Share your best homemade recipe to prevent stretch marks.


Rose Oil for Stretch Marks – A Natural Remedy

90% of pregnant women get stretch marks. This band of parallel lines is common, and thankfully using rose oil for stretch marks you can lighten their appearance.

With media promoted models, every women and teenager girl desire to have that skinny look. But to their dismay, even after losing weight stretch marks are left behind.

Let me burst this myth that obesity or gaining weight doesn’t lead to stretch marks.

According to experts, even skinny girls can get these vertical lines. This common skin disorder isn’t associated with any ailment and there is nothing to be worried.

Yes, it’s a cosmetic concern and there are many home remedies to help you out.

Because I don’t want to keep you in false promises, rose oil or any other home remedy can’t permanently treat stretch marks. Same goes with cosmetic products.

However, repeated massaging will lighten the appearance of these lines. Rose oil, which is packed with vitamins and minerals, can effectively help to fade stretch marks.

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What Causes Stretch Marks?

Puberty, pregnancy and sudden gain or lose in weight makes your dermis layer to stretch more than its ability. This results in tearing of the layer at different spots, which appears in red or silver lines on the outer layer.

Important Point: Along with rose oil you must ingest vitamin rich diet and drink enough water regularly.

Benefits of Rose Oil for Stretch Marks


Rose essential oil is obtained through steam distillation process of Damascus Rose. Its aromatic smell is known to reduce stress and buildup self esteem.

  • Vitamin C residing in this oil enhances collagen production and improves elasticity of the skin.
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory activities of rose oil thwart bacterial infection along with reducing inflammation.
  • Vitamin A housed in the oil shows antioxidant activity, which prevent wrinkles and free radicals.
  • Omega-3&6 fatty acids bring the moisture back to the skin and stimulate cell regeneration to fade stretch marks.
  • Massaging regularly with the oil will improve blood circulation and helps to lighten the appearance of scars.

How to Use Rose Oil to Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

Don’t except overnight results with any natural remedy or cosmetic product. However, you may see positive signs after using for couple of times.

Rose oil doesn’t heal or join the damaged dermis layer. It just lightens its appearance over the skin.

Beauty experts recommend diluting essential oil with base oil, because high concentration of rose oil may irritate your sensitive skin.

You can blend coconut oil, glycerin, jojoba oil and olive oil with rose oil before applying it over stretch marks.

  1. Use gram flour mask or any other cleanser to remove dead cells and impurities piled over the skin.
  2. Pat dry with soft cloth after washing.
  3. Mix few drops of coconut oil with required amount of rose oil.
  4. Gently massage the oil over the skin and leave it to dry naturally.

Repeat the process regularly before going to sleep.

Did you ever use rose oil for stretch marks? Share your recipe with us.

Using Vitamin C for Stretch Marks – One Simple Home Remedy

vitamin c for stretch marks

After giving birth to lovely babies, women are left with deep stretch marks. They are common, but most of them try hard to get rid of stretch marks. After trying different cosmetic creams and few home remedies they compromise to live with these embarrassing lines.

I don’t assure you that vitamin C for stretch marks works effectively. But, anecdotal reports claim that regular application of vitamin C serum can reduce striae.

What Can Be Done About Stretch Marks?

You can’t completely get rid of stretch marks. However, using cosmetic creams and home remedies you can lighten its appearance.

In some cases stretch marks fade naturally, cosmetic creams and home remedies help to lighten them quickly.

Sudden gain or loss in weight, puberty and pregnancy results in stretching of dermis layer, which tears the skin in different spots. As a result you see linear striae on upper layer of the skin. (1)

How Vitamin C for Stretch Marks Works?

Because of its nutritional benefits, your body needs vitamin C. You can get vitamin C through diet or supplements.

  • You can ingest rich amount of vitamin C foods or topically massage your skin with vitamin C cream or serum.
  • Exceptional properties of this vitamin stimulate collagen production, which is responsible to support blood vessels, tendons, ligaments and improve elasticity of the skin.
  • Antioxidant agents of vitamin C thwart free radicals and save skin from harmful UV rays.
  • Vitamin C can reduce brown spots and lighten stretch marks.
  • Fasten the healing process of minor wounds, minor burns and fade scars.
  • Impurities and dead cells accumulated over the skin can be cleansed to obtain radiant skin.
  • Improves blood circulation, heals skin cells, bring back moisture, enhance elasticity and improves skin texture.

Not just to get rid of stretch marks, you can use vitamin C to overall healthy functioning of the skin.

Note: Decades of research back benefits of vitamin C, but as one food isn’t sufficient to supply all essential nutrients to your body, likewise one single ingredient can’t solely improve your overall skin texture.

How to Use Vitamin C to Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

Foods and Supplements

Consuming vitamin C rich foods or fruits can’t at once lighten stretch marks. But, it will gradually prevent stretching of dermis layer.

Antioxidants in these fruits, restrain free radicals that damage cell membrane.

Foods with vitamin C include: Citrus fruits, tomato, peas, papaya, strawberries, broccoli, kiwi fruit, kale, yellow bell peppers, guavas, melons, cauliflower, cilantro, thyme, basil and other herbs.

Vitamin C serum

Experts recommend both oral and topical treatment for healthy skin. Though anecdotal reports claim effectiveness of vitamin C serum, no scientific evidence backs this claim.

So, it’s recommended to patch test before applying it over the skin.

Dr. Emily Kane says that topical application of vitamin C can improve skin growth and lighten stretch marks in early stage. In case of old stretch marks, skin structure is altered and there is no cream that can bring the layers back.

A health blogger shared her experience of using vitamin C on stretch marks. (Read here)

Topical ointments recommended by dermatologist which include vitamin C and other vitamins can help you fade stretch marks. However, remember that you can’t completely fade deep stretch marks.

Wash your skin with water and pat dry with a cloth. Take few drops of vitamin C serum and gently massage over stretch marks regularly.

Bottom Line

For that it’s recommended that you regularly apply vitamin C serum or other natural remedies around stomach, shoulders, knees and hip. Nutritional benefits of the vitamin gradually increases elasticity of the skin and prevent stretch marks.

Did you ever use vitamin C for stretch marks; share your experience with our readers.

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Use Grapeseed Oil for Stretch Marks

grapeseed oil for stretch marks

It’s common to have stretch marks. Few women on Instagram came out to express their love towards these lines. However, most people want to remove them. Grapeseed oil for stretch marks is an excellent remedy.

According to experts, sudden weight gain or lose, puberty and pregnancy makes connecting fibers in dermis layer to stretch and tear at some parts , which can be seen on the upper layer of the skin as red lines.

As the time progress, these red lines turn silver white and may ruin your physical appearance.

Note: You can’t completely fade stretch marks. Topical beauty creams and home remedies lighten the appearance of these vertical lines.

Cosmetic industries are rapidly inching towards natural ingredients; more and more beauty industries are advertising about innate ingredients in their products.

It may help to increase their business, but customers can’t be benefited, because these cosmetic products include chemical preservatives to increase the shelf-life of the item.

Jump to:How to Use Grapeseed Oil?

There are many cases where repeated use of this beauty creams resulted in sagging skin.

Natural remedies like grapeseed oil on other hand are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients. You hardly see any side-effects on these remedies.

Grapeseed oil is derived from seeds of wine grapes. Without ado let me drive through the benefits of this essential oil.

  • Vitamin C and E packed in the grapeseed oil stimulates collagen production, fade wrinkles, lighten the appearance of stretch marks and protects your skin from UV rays.
  • Assorted nutrients in grapeseed oil repair damaged skin tissues and lock the moisture on the skin.
  • Essential fatty acids residing in the oil hydrates your dry skin and strengthens cell membrane.
  • Astringent activity of this essential oil makes your skin firm and improves your skin tone.
  • Antioxidant property helps to thwart free radicals, which may damage cell membrane.
  • Linoleic acid housed in this oil exhibits anti-inflammatory property, which can effectively treat acne and other skin inflammation.

How to Use Grapeseed Oil for Stretch Marks?

As mentioned earlier, there is no cream or remedy to completely fade stretch marks. However, repeated use of natural remedies will lighten these lines.

  1. Wash your skin with water or cleanse it to wipe impurities and dead cells.
  2. Pat dry using clean cloth.
  3. Take grapeseed essential oil in your palm and gently massage over the skin.
  4. Leave it to dry naturally.

Simple, isn’t it?

To reap nutritional benefits of grapeseed oil, beauty experts recommend organic and unrefined essential oil.

Argan oil and grapeseed oil

Essential oil may irritate your sensitive skin. So, it’s recommended to blend other natural oils with it.

  • Take 3 tablespoons of grapeseed oil and 3 tablespoons of argan oil in a bowl.
  • Alternatively, add 1 teaspoon of vitamin E oil and massage on prewashed skin.
  • Save the remaining oil solution in a container and regularly apply it before going to bed.

You can use this oil to prevent stretch marks. Assorted nutrients in the oil will enhance collagen production and improves elasticity of the skin. Pregnant women must consult doctor before using it.

Because of its non-greasy nature it easily gets absorbed by the skin. Check out this post where a blogger discuss her experience with grapeseed oil.

Even you can share your experience with grapeseed oil for stretch marks in comments.

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grapseed oil and argan oil stretch marks

Sesame Oil for Stretch Marks

sesame oil for stretch marks

Few things can’t be prevented in our lives, stretch marks are common and occur when your gain or lose weight. Unfortunately, these vertical lines turn silver color and ruin your appearance. Cosmetic creams claim to lighten these marks. But, as they are expensive and chemical included it’s not recommended.

Natural remedies like sesame oil for stretch marks can enhance healing and fade these stripes.

Before proceeding further, let me disclose you that there is no permanent treatment for stretch marks removal. However, regularly massaging with natural ingredients will improve collagen production and may repair damaged tissues.

Excess weight gain or loss, puberty and pregnancy are main factors causing stretch marks. Your layer under outer skin stretches and as a result breaks at different places resulting in striae. Initially, these lines appear red but with time they turn silver white.

They’re associated with any serious health or skin ailment, but it’s definitely a cosmetic concern. Anecdotal reports say that topical application of home remedies lightens the appearance of stretch marks. But there is no scientific evidence to back this assumption. However, experts say that few stretch marks may fade with time.

Sesame Oil for Stretch Marks

Natural remedies like this oil are packed with essential nutrients, which can bring drastic change in your skin texture. Apart from lighten scars and stretch marks, sesame oil can hydrate your skin, treat acne, protect skin from UV rays, enhance collagen production, repair damaged skin cells and restrain bacterial infection.

When you massage sesame oil over stretch marks, it penetrates deep into the skin and stimulates healthy functioning of the skin. Layers which are damaged can be repaired and it improves elasticity of the stopping further damage of skin layers.

Wash the affected area with water and pat dry using soft cloth. Blend vitamins E oil with required amount of sesame oil and massage over stretch marks. Try this simple remedy before going to bed.

You can try blending other innate oils with sesame oil. But, make sure you aren’t allergic to the ingredients.

Best way to prevent stretch marks is to daily massage elbows, knees, waist and shoulders with sesame oil. So that ingredients in this oil enhance elasticity of the skin and to some extent can prevent the breakage.

Pregnant women must check with their doctor before proceeding with this oil.

Did you ever use sesame oil for stretch marks? Please share your views in comments.

Shea Butter and Coconut Oil for Stretch Marks

shea butter and coconut oil for stretch marks

Women devote 55 minutes per day before mirror. A survey concluded that about 73 percent women worry about their appearance than anything else. 80 percent of Americans have stretch marks, which is most common skin disorder. Thankfully, you can use shea butter and coconut oil for stretch mark removal.

Let me disclose that you can’t permanently remove stretch marks.

Sadly, there is no such medicine other than surgery. It’s a myth that only women get stretch marks. There are lots of men who have these lines on their shoulders.

As media is constantly promoting skinny flawless girls, most women and teenage girls aspire to have alluring body. The desire to look attractive and youthful is natural, but the mad spree to be like someone is not good. Because the chemical products and the strict diet process practiced by models isn’t possible by an average middle class women.

Fortunately, to save your bucks and fulfill your desire to have spotless skin you can use natural ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil. Both these ingredients are packed with immense vitamins and minerals that can nourish your skin and lighten the appearance of stretch marks.

Before dwelling into the main topic, I’d like to throw some light on stretch marks.

  • Stretch marks are mainly caused due to hormonal changes beneath the skin, which causes the dermis layer to stretch and tear at different places. Sudden weight gain or loss, puberty and pregnancy are common causes.
  • Even skinny women and men can have stretch marks.
  • Don’t think that if you lose weight, stretch marks fade.
  • They will not heal overtime in most cases.
  • And as mentioned above, there is no treatment to completely get rid of these lines.

Shea Butter and Coconut Oil for Stretch Marks

Shea butter is extracted from nuts of Karite Shea tree. Raw shea butter is packed with essential vitamins that can make the skin smooth and healthy. Additionally, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties in this mask will help you regain the lost youthful skin.

  • Notable fatty acids like linoleic acid and oleic acid moisturize the skin and stimulate collagen production.
  • Vitamin A and E residing in shea butter repairs broken fiber.
  • Anti-inflammatory activity heals the skin from the outside.
  • Assorted nutrients in shea butter will reduce silver lines over skin.

Coconut oil on other hand is prominent for its hydrating and healing properties. Vitamin E and K housed in unprocessed coconut oil can lighten wrinkles and scars. Virgin coconut oil enhances collagen production and can help to repair broken skin layers. You’re advised to topically apply coconut oil over stomach to increase elasticity of the skin.

How to Use?

Dead cells and Impurities accumulated over the skin must be removed. Cleanse before using these natural remedies to lighten stretch marks.

You can either apply any one of the ingredient or blend it both of them. You must heat coconut oil and shea butter slightly before blending them.

Remember to use organic form of these ingredients, as refined remedy contains low nutritional values.

Unlike cosmetic creams, natural remedies penetrate deep into the skin and sometimes take longer time. Experts recommend regular application.

Along with massaging your skin, you must consider taking fiber and vitamin rich diet. Right diet enhances healthy functioning of the skin.

Did you ever use shea butter or coconut oil for stretch marks?

Using Rosehip Oil for Stretch Marks

rosehip oil for stretch marks

Having a baby is great, but women undergo lots of hurdles during pregnancy and after delivery. Stretch marks are one such issue which bothers most women. Even men had to go carry these zebra stripes when they lose or gain weight. Fortunately, there are many natural ways to get rid of stretch marks.

Let me disclose that you can’t permanently treat stretch marks.

However, you can reduce its appearance. Rosehip oil for stretch marks is one such simple yet effective home available remedy that can lighten stria.

Quest to find creams starts when you come across these lines over thighs, shoulders, knees or on waist. Though studies reveal that about 90 percent of women will have stretch marks at some point of their life, this doesn’t mean that men are free from this cosmetic issue. Even men carry these grooved lines over different parts of their body.

Why Stretch Marks Occur?

Most people get stretch marks due to sudden weight gain, loss, during pregnancy along with this; experts say that stretch marks are also caused due to hormonal imbalance, genetics and puberty.

Due to unusual stretching of skin, elasticity and collagen breaks at different places leading to red vertical lines. As time passes, these lines change to silver white giving weird appearance.

Yes, it’s not a health issue. But people who love swimming may not get a chance to wear those two pieces of swimming suit again.

Thanks to the nature, you’ve plenty of innate remedies that are capable of lightening these annoying marks and making the skin supple.

Over the web I came cross few women who’re proud of their stretch marks. But, they also recommend a nutritious rich diet to prevent further tiger stripes over silky skin.

How Rosehip Oil for Stretch Marks Works?

Rosehip oil is extracted from red acidic tasted fruits of this rose shrub. Apart from improving skin texture and fading scars, its fruits can treat health ailments including influenza.

  • Linolenic fatty acids in this natural oil can moisturize your dry skin and prevent dark spots.
  • Healing activity of this oil can lighten the appearance of stripes and reduce wrinkles.
  • Vitamin C stimulates collagen production and boost elasticity of the skin, which in turn prevents further stretch marks.
  • Fatty acids easily penetrates into the skin and softens the epidermis layer, along with this they stimulate skin rejuvenating process.
  • Retinal which exhibits rich amount of vitamin A and C can help you to make the skin supple and flawless.

There are bunch of remedies that can be used to fade stretch marks like almond oil, gotu kola, lavender oil and lemon drops.

Excellent thing about rosehip oil is that you can directly apply over the skin and let its nutrients to work. Wash your skin with water or cleanse it and pat dry. When the still is still damp, massage with rosehip oil and leave it to dry.

It would be great if you apply it right after shower.

Blend it with lavender oil or lemon grass to make it more effective and easy for your skin to cope.

During pregnancy you can topically apply rosehip oil over the waist to enhance collagen production and prevent stretch marks. However, I strongly recommend consulting doctor before proceeding blindly.

As rosehip oil has some serious benefits for your skin, you can include this essential oil to your beauty regimen for a flawless skin.

Aren’t these benefits enough to allure you to use rosehip oil to fade stretch marks?

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