3 Ways to Use Lemon for Stretch Marks

When you gain or lose weight the middle layered skin breaks at different parts, which results in fine red lines over the outer layer of the skin. These stripes around the waist, knees or on thighs are known as stretch marks. Puberty, sudden weight gain or pregnancy can cause this disorder.

Stretch marks can’t be treated permanently; anyhow most of them fade with time. If you’re concerned about your physical appearance, then you can try applying creams, lotions or natural ingredients over these fine lines.

As creams are accompanied by chemical ingredients that can stripe moisture from the skin and make it dry, nature lovers recommend innate ingredients like aloe gel, turmeric, honey and lemon for stretch marks removal.

How to Use Lemon Juice Can Fade Stretch Marks?

lemon for stretch marks

Like innate ingredients lemon is packed with bleaching property, which can fade scars from the skin. But, remember acidic activity of lemon juice can make your skin sensitive. So, experts recommend applying sunscreen or wearing hat while going out in sun.

  • Exfoliating property in lemon sheds dead cells accumulated over the skin, which can reduce the appearance of stretch marks.
  • As mentioned above, lemon exhibits bleaching activity which can reduce the redness of these lines.
  • Antioxidants residing in lemon will thwart free radicals that damage skin cells.
  • Assorted nutrients in lemon juice will enhance collagen production and promotes regeneration of the skin cells.
  • As lemon is rich in vitamin C, it fades aging wrinkles and makes your skin brighter.

Now that you’ve gone through benefits of lemon juice and how it can help remove stretch marks, let’s check out how to use it on your skin.

1. Lemon and Water

  • Citric acid in lemon may irritate your sensitive skin. So, experts recommend diluting it with warm water.
  • Take fresh lemon and slice them into two halves.
  • Squeeze one half of lemon in a bowl and add required amount of lukewarm water to it.
  • After mixing thoroughly, apply the solution on stretch marks with cotton ball.
  • Apply the solution 2-3 times a week to heal or fade the stria marks.

2. Olive Oil and Lemon

olive oil

Olive oil is rich in nutrients, vitamins and fatty acids that can enhance elasticity of the skin and fades scars. Renowned for its moisturizing properties, olive oil can make your skin soft and bright. You can also add vitamin E oil to this solution.

  • After squeezing half lemon juice in a bowl, add 1 tea spoon of olive and 1 tea spoon of vitamin E oil to it.
  • Mix thoroughly and apply it over prewashed stretch marks using cotton ball.
  • Leave it for 15-20 minutes then rinse it off.
  • Else, apply it before going to bed and wash it off in the morning.

3. Aloe Gel and Lemon Juice for Stretch Marks

The sticky gel of aloe vera is filled with vitamins and nutrients which exhibits antioxidant, antibacterial properties and also enhance skin’s elasticity.

As mentioned above, stretch marks are caused because your skin fails to stretch with muscles. When you apply natural remedies like aloe, honey and olive oil, they enhance the elasticity of your skin and thus prevent further stretch marks.

  • Though you can get aloe gel from store, I recommend getting it by yourself. Take fresh aloe leaf and cut its skin after washing.
  • Now, blend aloe gel pieces with required amount of lemon juice and water (if required).
  • Get ready for the mask by washing your stretch marks and patting them dry.
  • Using cotton ball apply aloe and lemon mask over stretch marks and leave it.
  • Best time to apply this mask is before going to bed. You can wrap a soft cloth around the affected part after applying this mask.

Apart from this, you’re free to use any innate ingredient with lemon for stretch marks removal. But, do the patch test before using it.

Note: Pregnant women must consult their doctor before trying any home remedies for stretch marks.

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