Sesame Oil for Stretch Marks

sesame oil for stretch marks

Few things can’t be prevented in our lives, stretch marks are common and occur when your gain or lose weight. Unfortunately, these vertical lines turn silver color and ruin your appearance. Cosmetic creams claim to lighten these marks. But, as they are expensive and chemical included it’s not recommended.

Natural remedies like sesame oil for stretch marks can enhance healing and fade these stripes.

Before proceeding further, let me disclose you that there is no permanent treatment for stretch marks removal. However, regularly massaging with natural ingredients will improve collagen production and may repair damaged tissues.

Excess weight gain or loss, puberty and pregnancy are main factors causing stretch marks. Your layer under outer skin stretches and as a result breaks at different places resulting in striae. Initially, these lines appear red but with time they turn silver white.

They’re associated with any serious health or skin ailment, but it’s definitely a cosmetic concern. Anecdotal reports say that topical application of home remedies lightens the appearance of stretch marks. But there is no scientific evidence to back this assumption. However, experts say that few stretch marks may fade with time.

Sesame Oil for Stretch Marks

Natural remedies like this oil are packed with essential nutrients, which can bring drastic change in your skin texture. Apart from lighten scars and stretch marks, sesame oil can hydrate your skin, treat acne, protect skin from UV rays, enhance collagen production, repair damaged skin cells and restrain bacterial infection.

When you massage sesame oil over stretch marks, it penetrates deep into the skin and stimulates healthy functioning of the skin. Layers which are damaged can be repaired and it improves elasticity of the stopping further damage of skin layers.

Wash the affected area with water and pat dry using soft cloth. Blend vitamins E oil with required amount of sesame oil and massage over stretch marks. Try this simple remedy before going to bed.

You can try blending other innate oils with sesame oil. But, make sure you aren’t allergic to the ingredients.

Best way to prevent stretch marks is to daily massage elbows, knees, waist and shoulders with sesame oil. So that ingredients in this oil enhance elasticity of the skin and to some extent can prevent the breakage.

Pregnant women must check with their doctor before proceeding with this oil.

Did you ever use sesame oil for stretch marks? Please share your views in comments.

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