How to Use Olive Oil to Remove Makeup?

Removing off the makeup might still be one of the most challenging tasks you face every day, especially if you’ve already nodded off and can hardly hold your eyes open.

Picking the right makeup cleanser is even more difficult, particularly if you have delicate skin. And, if you run out of makeup cleanser, don’t panic because we’re about to teach you a home item that can easily replace regular makeup remover.

You can use olive oil to remove makeup. It also offers a variety of advantages for your eyes and skin. It may appear strange to wash your skin with oil, given that oil is usually the thing you are working to remove off your face.

But olive oil can be helpful in this process. Because of its greasy qualities, this natural oil has an immediate impact when used for a makeup remover, allowing you to eliminate the most resistant makeup, such as mascara and eyeliner.

But what makes olive oil unique is that it is not just an excellent makeup cleanser, but it is a fantastic moisturizer for the skin around the eyes. Yes, and this can make your entire skin glow.

Is olive oil beneficial to the skin?

Despite its alarming pore-clogging tendency, olive oil has several advantages:

It’s typically abundant with squalene, an oil that resembles your skin’s normal sebum, this it’ll make your skin exceptionally smooth and silky, and it’s additionally high in antioxidants, which function intensely to protect your skin from environmental harm.

Below are the different advantages of using olive oil. Read this post to find out incredible facts about the use of olive oil and methods to remove your makeup successfully.

What is the process of oil cleansing?

“Like dissolves like,” as we all know from chemistry class. As a result, substances will absorb other elements with identical chemical structures.

Given that oils and heavy lubricants are frequently used in cosmetics, it stands to reason why olive oil can remove greasy makeup.

Beauty chemists who manufacture oil-based makeup cleansers and wipes employ the principle of identical components dissolving in one another.

Many liquid cosmetic removers contain pure oil, while lotions blend with liquid, thickening agents, and emulsifiers.

Nevertheless, specific cosmetic cleansers aren’t particularly good at removing makeup due to the water-based elements.

They are therefore designed to eliminate exterior dirt and grease. As a result, the gentler a cleaner is, the less capable it is of removing heavy oils and grease.

Olive Oil’s Skin Advantages

Olive oil has many skin advantages, from hydrating dry spots to dissolving stubborn foundations. Below are a few advantages of olive oil –

  • Keeps moisture from drying up:

The significant advantage of olive oil is that it moisturizes the skin by decreasing moisture loss. This moisturization boosts the skin’s moisture contents, which improves its health and beauty.

  • Defends against pollution problems:

The antioxidant qualities of olive oil preserve skin cells from environmental stress and inflammation.

This implies that you’ll be protected against fine lines and wrinkles as well as discomfort or redness.

  • Defends against premature aging:

Olive oil has a high concentration of vitamins A, D, K, & E and squalene. These can help reduce oxidative strain on the skin (which can result in premature skin aging).

  • Makeup lifter:

Olive oil is excellent for dissolving waxy things such as water-resistant eyeliner and mascara. It hydrates the sensitive skin around the eyes and strengthens eyelashes in the same manner as conditioners do for hair. It also contains antioxidants and moisturizing squalene.

How do you clean makeup with olive oil?

You’ll require olive oil, absorbent tissues, and cotton wipes to eliminate makeup utilizing olive oil. There are two ways to dissolve makeup with olive oil.

You may apply the oil to a cotton ball and wipe the makeup with it, or you could take olive oil in your hand and work it into your skin to dissolve the makeup.

After using either procedure, you must use an absorbent tissue to remove the remaining oil from your face and afterward wash it.

Remember: Before using olive oil on your skin, perform a patch test.

Is olive oil eye makeup remover?

Olive oil is an excellent product for removing resistant makeup, like mascara or sparkly eyeshadow. Apply a few droplets of olive oil into a cotton ball and apply the dab on the eye to wipe makeup.

Lightly massage it on the eyes to dissolve thick makeup. When you sense your makeup has fully dissolved, rub the cotton pad in circular movements over the eye.

The mascara from the eyes would be transferred to the cotton pad using circular movements. Do this process for both the eyes.

If there are any mascara leftovers on the eyelashes, take a clean cotton ball, dab a little oil on it, and lightly massage it until these chunks of mascara dissolve and fall off the eyelids.

Should you use Extra virgin olive oil makeup remover?

Most cosmetics, including moisturizers, concealer, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara, are composed of thick waxes and oils.

Extra virgin olive oil will quickly remove the base, eye shadow, eyeliner, lipstick, and other cosmetics since it has an identical chemical composition to the lubricants and oils used in cosmetics. In reality, the majority of commercial makeup cleaners are oil-based.

Because extra virgin olive oil is an organic item, it is free of the colors, aromas, emulsifying agents, thickening agents, and other ingredients found in industrial makeup removers.

It is also non-comedogenic, which ensures it will not clog skin pores. Olive oil is very affordable; odds are you probably have it in your home, but if not, you could buy up a massive quantity at the supermarket that would last a long time.

Just dab a tiny quantity of extra virgin oil with your fingers and lightly massage this over your face and eyes to eliminate makeup.

After removing your makeup, your face may retain a tiny greasy behind. To remove it, wash it using lukewarm water, then dry it with a light, clean cloth.

Here are various applications for olive oil on the skin.

Other than removing makeup, olive oil has different advantages as well. We have come up with the most accessible and most valuable benefits of extra virgin olive oil –

  • Hand lotion

When you are cooking, put a few oil droplets in your palms. You will not have to stress about putting bad-tasting moisturizer in your meals, and you shouldn’t have to keep a container of moisturizer in your kitchen.

  • Babies’ moisturizer

You may apply olive oil to the baby’s skin. Olive oil is sometimes used as baby oil and can assist with dryness, eczema, or cradle cap.

You don’t have to fear your kid consuming olive oil as they continually put their fingers into their mouths. It’s beneficial to them!

Olive oil has also been used to clean the bottoms of newborns. If your infant is sensitive to diaper rashes, consider using a towel and a combination containing olive oil & water rather than diaper wipes.

  • Remedy for hair

Nourish your scalp with olive oil to prevent breakage and frizz. Fill a glass bottle halfway with ½ cup olive oil. Pour a bowl halfway with boiling water and submerge the container in it for 5 minutes. Check the oil’s heat.

It ought to be warm but not heated. Secure your hair with plastic paper or a plastic bath cover after applying the oil. Then drape a cloth or a hair wrap over yourself. Set aside for 20-45 minutes. Rinse and dry your hair to uncover shiny locks!

Warnings and Recommendations

The elements recommended above are not meant for every skin type. These components are suitable for people with normal skin.

When dry patches, wipe your makeup using a 1:3 proportion of castor oil with extra virgin olive oil.

On the face, olive oil can create a greasy layer. If you have oily skin and lids, you might notice that the use of olive oil daily can make your skin sticky and might result in additional breakouts.

Olive oil cosmetic remover isn’t suitable for all types of makeup. Applying olive oil to eliminate waterproof face makeup might be more difficult. In that instance, excessive straining might cause fine lines and wrinkles, particularly around the eyes.


Finally, we recommend a patch test on your skin before applying it to your skin. If you face any issues or skin irritation, kindly do not continue using olive oil to remove makeup. Otherwise, if you have normal skin and benefit from olive oil, use them.

Instead of using expensive makeup remover from the market, reap the benefits of olive oil to remove mascara, eye makeup, foundation, and everything else.

This will benefit your skin in the long term. As mentioned above, the use of olive oil will keep the glow on your face. As you can use olive oil eye makeup remover, it can help you with the skin around the eyes too. Overall the benefits are enormous.

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