10+ Ways to Get Rid of Freckles

It’s quite annoying to have dark brown spots on face or hands. It doesn’t just ruin your appearance but also daunt you. Freckles are hereditary and they multiply when exposed to sun rays. A research carried out on twins, they’re exposed to sun rays, and surprisingly both have same number of freckles. This clearly affirms that freckles are genetic.

Genetics and sun exposure are two main causes of freckles.

They aren’t associated with any health issue. However, people contemplate ways to get rid of freckles out of cosmetic concern. And we too recommend it, as it may isolate you from being social.

Assorted treatments are available to reduce or lighten freckles or dark spots on face. But remember that not all skin types react to similar treatments. You must save your skin from harmful UV rays, else freckles appear once again.

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how to get rid of freckles

How to Get Rid of Freckles on Face

Though these dark spots appear on other parts of the body, brown spots on face are bothersome. You’re free to use these below listed remedies to treat freckles on other parts.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Freckles

1. Lemon Juice

Apart from cuisines, lemon juice is used in cosmetic world because of vitamin C, manganese and iron in it. You can easily lighten dark spots using lemon juice. Dark freckles caused due to over sun exposure may take long time to be lightened.

Slice fresh lemon and squeeze its juice in a bowl. Using cotton ball apply it over freckle spots. Rinse it off after 15 minutes. If you’ve dry skin, then limit the use of lemon juice.

2. Fruit Peel or Face Mask

Fruits are packed with exceptional nutrients and assorted antioxidant properties which have ability to fade scars, blemishes and dark spots. Mash strawberries in a bowl and rub it over your face. You can use honey face mask, papaya, cucumbers or apricots instead.

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3. Castor oil for Freckles

This traditionally used oil can do wonders when you use it. Topically apply it over skin and it nourishes it. Ricinoleic acid, a protein in castor oil has anti-inflammatory and anti microbial properties. Acids in this oil penetrate into skin and lightens freckles.

Before going bed apply it topically over your face and rinse it off in the morning. You can use jojoba oil, vitamin E oil or virgin olive oil instead. [Related post: 40 Uses of Jojoba Oil]

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4. Milk Mask for Freckles

Lactic acid in milk lightens freckles by peeling outer layer of your skin. This remedy works effectively for natural freckles, for sun-induced freckles it may or may not be effective.

  • Mix sour milk with oats and apply it over brown spots. Rinse it off after 15 minutes. To see the change, use regularly.

5. Other Skin Lightening Remedies

All the natural remedies available in your kitchen can be used to lighten dark spots.

Freckles Removal Treatments (chemical & surgical method)

6. Store bought Cream

There are several creams to lighten freckles in a drug store. Licorice, hydroquinone and oxybenzone ingredient creams effectively lightens freckle spots.

7. Chemical peel for freckles

chemical peels for freckles

Chemical peels are classified into three major types, superficial peels used to peel top layer of skin, medium peels used to peel more layers and deep peels with highly concentration trichloroacetic acid used to peel inner layers of skin.

Peeling outer layers will lighten freckles but they can appear again. So we recommend staying away from sun rays.

8. Laser treatment for Freckles

It’s expensive but a permanent solution to freckles. Though it’s not known to have long term damage, it comes with temporary side-effects like redness, bruising and swelling. Check with certified dermatologist before going for laser treatment.

For lighter freckles we don’t recommend this method.

9. Cryosurgery (or cryotherapy)

It’s a surgery involving extreme cold to repair damaged tissues. Various methods involved in this surgical method are liquid nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon and propane. Check with certified doctor.

10. Retinoids for Freckles

Retinoids are known for chemical ingredients which peel outer layer of skin and lighten freckle spots. But you shouldn’t try without prescribed by a doctor.

Cover Freckles with Makeup

Well we don’t recommend this makeup, as most of them consist of chemical ingredients which harm your sensitive skin.

11. Concealer to hide Freckles

If you’ve no option but to hide annoying dark spots, you can use a concealer. You need to consult makeup consultant to determine natural mineral foundation. You can also use creams at home to hide brown spots.

12. Prevent Freckles

Freckles are mainly caused due to genetics and sun exposure. Genetics is something which you’ve no control, so concentrate on sun exposure.

Save yourself from going out in sun unnecessarily. Wear sun screens or hat to hide from harmful sun rays.


You can get rid of freckles using home remedies but they may turn up again. So stay away from sun rays, wear wide-hat. Be positive, having freckles is no sin. Be yourself. Freckles mark your unique identity in your group. Kick the depression out and enjoy what you’re.

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7 Interesting Facts About Freckles You Must Know

facts about freckles

It’s a myth that freckle causes skin cancer.  Freckles can no way lead you to skin cancer. Anyway as people with freckles have lighten skin and weak skin protection from UV rays; they may prone to get skin cancer.

It is important for you to differentiate myths from facts of freckles. Below listed are interesting facts about freckles.

1. Kids can have freckles

Baby with 1 to 2 years of age can have these brown spots on her face, shoulders and arms.

2. Freckles are formed by a bunch of melanocytes

Skin gets its color because of a pigment called melanin produced by cells called melanocytes. Melanin doubles when your skin gets exposed to sunlight to protect you from harmful UV rays. When a bunch of pigments accumulates at one place because of uneven distribution it forms a dark brown spot called freckle.

3. Freckles are harmless

Normally freckles are harmless. Except few people who think freckles add beauty, for others it’s a cosmetic concern.

4. Genetics Causes Freckles

If anyone of your parent has freckles chances of you having freckles are more. Hereditary is one of the main causes of freckles.

5. Brown spots of freckles lighten and darken naturally

Depending on the climate, freckles spots may lighten or darken. In summer when your skin gets exposed to sunlight more melanin is produced which results in dark spots and in winter they get lighten. No need to worry if you see this change.

6. Freckle spots can be lighten

You can try natural remedies to fade these spots or try bleaching and fading creams available in local stores. We recommend talk to your dermatologist before taking any medicine.

7. You can also prevent freckles

Freckles darken when exposed to UV rays, so avoid going out in summer if possible, or else wear sunscreen creams and hats to cover your skin from sunlight.

If you want to get treated then consult your dermatologist.

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