Tea Tree Oil for Genital, Facial and Flat Warts

tea tree oil for warts

Though toads appear warty they don’t cause warts. It’s a myth! These rough bumps over the skin are caused by a virus known as human papillomavirus (HPV), which stimulates fast growing of keratin. Unlike moles warts are small and are identical to skin’s color.

There are a bunch of natural wart removal methods based on the type of warts. However, most warts don’t need any medication, they disappear on their own and they’re usually painless.

Tea tree oil for warts is an effective home remedy, which has been considered by many people. Anti-fungal, anti-viral and antiseptic properties residing in tea tree oil aids to treat various infectious diseases like yeast infection, acne and warts.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Wart Removal?

Skin experts recommend diluting tea tree oil with olive oil, aloe vera or any other carrier oil, because pure tea tree oil may sometimes cause moderate skin irritation. Anyhow, few impatient people prefer to try pure tea tree oil as it’s more effective, in that case experts suggest using cotton swab while applying tea tree oil on genital warts or facial warts.

  1. Tea tree oil for warts on foot: Initially wash your foot and pat dry. Now, take tea tree oil and apply it over warts on foot using cotton swab. As the feet have thick skin unlike sensitive skin over the face, no need to dilute the oil. Continue the process daily 2-3 times. If you experience any allergic reaction then dilute it using almond oil.
  2. Tea tree oil for genital warts: Mostly the skin here will be moist, so initially wipe moisture and apply diluted tea tree oil using cotton ball. You can also dip gauze bandage in the solution and place it over affected area. You’re free to dilute further with any carrier oil if your skin irritates.
  3. Tea tree oil to treat facial warts: Except the skin on the foot, other parts are normally sensitive, so its recommended diluting tea tree oil with aloe vera gel, water or almond oil. If you’re sure that your skin is strong enough to inhibit allergic reaction you can use less diluted, else use 50:50 ratio. Remember to add this remedy to your medical regimen.
  4. Best time to apply tea tree oil: To fasten the process and thwart infectious virus from the root, wrap the wart with bandage dipped in diluted tea tree oil every night before going to bed. Stronger the tea tree oil solution faster the warts are treated.

Note: Using tea tree oil to treat genital, facial or flat warts takes weeks to months. Consistency and patient are two important things that you need to remember while dealing with natural remedies.

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