Using Vitamin E Oil for Acne Scars

Benefits of vitamin E enticed cosmetic industries to add it as a vital ingredient in their products. Assorted nutrients in vitamin E show significant effect on skin, hair and health.

Manufacturers make vitamin E oil from synthetic vitamin E drug or extract it from natural ingredients. As vitamin E oil is sticky and may have unpleasant smell, it is blended with other natural oils like coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil.

As mentioned above, most beauty care products include vitamin E oil has their vital ingredient. Vitamin E oil for acne scars is very effective home remedy, as the exceptional properties residing in this oil enhances collagen production and lightens the appearance of scars.

Acne or pimples is one of the most common skin disease infecting oil glands. Experts say inflammation is the main cause of acne. Excess sebum produced gets blocked at skin pores along with dead cells. P.acnes bacteria invade and feed on these accumulated impurities and in return worsen the acne situation. (Source)

Using cosmetic creams or natural remedies you can treat acne, but scars left behind. Repeated use of vitamin E oil can treat acne and fade acne scars. (Lacks evidence)

Though acne scars aren’t associated with serious health issues, they ruin your physical appearance.

Can Vitamin E Oil Fade Acne Scars?

Though vitamin E is packed with nutrients that can improve your skin texture, lack of scientific evidence holds experts from recommending it for healing. A study in carried out in 1999 concludes that topical application of vitamin E oil caused contact dermatitis.

However, another study in 2010 shows, topical application of vitamin E oil lightens wound scars. So, it’s a controversial state. As vitamin E oil is incorporated with abundant nutritional properties, you can use it for healthy skin.

Note: Consult your doctor or patch test before trying it over the skin.

Below are brief nutritional benefits of vitamin E oil for healthy skin.

  • Vitamin E oil has antioxidant characteristics that aid to neutralize free radicals. These free radicals damage cell membrane and decreases efficiency of your skin.
  • Anti-inflammatory process in vitamin E can reduce acne inflammation.
  • Moisturizing properties in this innate remedy will hydrate your dry skin and lighten the appearance of scars.
  • Add this oil to your beauty regimen to make your skin supple and healthy.

How to Use Vitamin E Oil for Acne Scars?

Acne breakouts stripes moisture from the skin and leave it dry. Topical application of vitamin E oil improves blood circulation and hydrates the skin, thus helping your skin to naturally heal scars.

Apart from fading acne scars, vitamin E can protect your skin from UV rays, enhance collagen production, postpone aging wrinkles and avoids dry skin.

Vitamin E oil consists of other natural oil like coconut oil or olive oil along with vitamin E, because sticky property of this oil makes it difficult to apply over the skin.

  • First method, you can take vitamin E supplement after consulting dermatologist.
  • Second method; apply vitamin E oil directly over prewashed acne scars.
  • Third method, consider vitamin E rich diet.  U.S. Food and Nutrition Board recommends to avoid excess intake of vitamin E drugs as it may increase the risk of bleeding.

Take pure vitamin E oil from store and apply regularly over acne scars. Repeated application will show positive results. Stop using vitamin E oil, if you experience allergic reaction.

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