Cinnamon and Honey for Acne

Even after using different topical creams, still most of us face this problem. Zits, pimples or blemishes whatever you call it, it’s very annoying and sometimes extremely painful. As cosmetic creams fail to treat acne permanently, beauty experts recommend trying natural home remedies for acne treatment.

Unlike chemical added creams innate remedies penetrate deep into the skin and thwart infectious bacteria. Cinnamon and honey for acne is one such home available remedy that can effectively stop bacteria and enhance healing.

Research concludes that acne is mainly caused by inflammation. Due to hormonal imbalance, sebaceous gland secrets excess sebum which gets clogged at skin pores along with dead cells. A blackhead is formed over the skin with impurities and excess sebum. P.acnes bacteria feed on sebum and in return gifts you inflammatory waste that increases the infection.

How Cinnamon and Honey Can Treat Acne?

cinnamon and honey for acne

  • Cinnamon is a spice normally used in cooking. It has wonderful aroma and packed with exceptional nutritional values.
  • Cinnamaldehyde, a chemical compound in cinnamon has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.
  • Anti-bacterial properties in cinnamon thwart acne causing bacteria.
  • Cinnamon improves blood circulation and brings oxygen to acne bumps to kill bacteria. (Oxygen provides unfavorable condition for bacteria)
  • Topically applying cinnamon face mask will unclog skin pores and dries pimples.
  • Antioxidants in this remedy kill free radicals that damage cell membrane.
  • Honey is humectant, means it holds moisture around the skin.
  • Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties in honey reduce acne inflammation.
  • Water molecules in honey inhibit bacterial growth and low pH level of honey makes it difficult for bacteria to multiply.
  • Exceptional vitamins residing in honey can enhance healing of pimples and its bleaching property lightens the acne scars.

To make it more effective, combine these two innate ingredients and apply it over acne blemishes. Don’t expect instant results as it may take 1-2 weeks to see positive results.

For serious bumps use this remedy as spot treatment.

Using Cinnamon and Honey for Acne

You can apply raw honey directly over prewashed face to treat skin ailments. To make it more effective add cinnamon powder. Assorted nutrients in these ingredients penetrate into the skin and improve its functionality.

  • Blend 1 table spoon of cinnamon powder and 1 table spoon of raw honey.
  • Wash your face with lukewarm water or expose it to steam.
  • Pat dry and apply the mask over face evenly by avoiding eye and nostrils.
  • After 20 minutes rinse it off.

You can replace raw honey with manuka honey, as it is packed with more nutrients that can treat acne.

Nutmeg, Honey and Cinnamon Face Mask for Acne

benefits of nutmeg

Nutmeg has anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents reduces inflammation. Blend 1 table spoon of raw honey, 1/2 table spoon of cinnamon powder and 1/2 table spoon of nutmeg powder in a bowl.

Wash acne affected face with lukewarm water and pat dry. Evenly apply the mask all over the face and leave it to dry naturally.

Optionally, add lemon juice to above face mask. Bleaching property in lemon can effectively fade acne scars, but excess use can make your skin dry. If you experience dryness over the face, then apply natural moisturizer like olive oil or jojoba oil after wiping face mask.

Note: If you see any redness or allergic reaction after using cinnamon and honey face mask stop using it and consult dermatologist. It is best to patch test before trying it over face.

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