7 Benefits of Argan Oil for Face

benefits of argan oil for face

Argan oil is Morocco native plant oil produced from kernels of argan tree. People of Morocco use argan oil to dip bread in the breakfast and also many cosmetic products include argan oil because of its moisturizing and soothing properties. It’s not limited to culinary purpose, benefits of argan oil for face aids to cure acne, dry skin and restrains bacterial infection.

Berber women in Morocco instead of using machine to extract argan oil they crack argan tree nuts with two stones, they’ve been using this technique from centuries to produce raw argan oil. According to Mindbodygreen.com it takes 3 days for local women to produce 1 liter of argan oil, which makes it most expensive oil.

Though it’s costly, benefits of argan oil for face and skin are fascinating. Get home this liquid gold and you can throw all the other pricey moisturizers and face masks.

Well now let’s dive into the main topic.

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Amazing Benefits of Argan Oil for Face

#1 Argan oil as Face Moisturizer

Vitamin E and fatty acids in argan oil makes it a great remedy to cure dry skin. Applying few drops of argan oil on face hydrates your skin. Excellent thing about this oil is, it gets absorbed quickly and you don’t have to get annoyed with grease or oily skin.

Apart from using it for face you can also apply this liquid gold on neck and other parts of the body.

Tip: Wash or cleanse your face before applying argan oil.

#2 Skin or Face Toner

Impurities accumulated over skin confront easy breathing through pores. Properties in argan oil cleanse and shrink the appearance of skin pores, to hydrate and tone your skin.

Add few drops of argan oil to your favorite facial toner and use it topically to get toned skin.

Tip: To make your own toner by adding argan oil to rose water.

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#3 Argan Oil Face Mask

Rejuvenate your face with argan oil face mask. Either you can add few drops of this Morocco native oil to your store brought face mask or make your own face mask.

To make your own face mask, mix 1 tbsp of lemon juice, 3 tbsp of yogurt with 3 tbsp of argan oil. You can also add 1 tbsp of manuka honey. Follow the right way of applying face mask and rinse it off with warm water after 15-20 minutes.

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#4 Argan oil for Glowing Face

Assorted antioxidants and fatty acids in argan oil have restorative properties, which leads to brighter or glowing face. Massage your face with clean fingers using few drops of argan oil before going to bed.

#5 Deferment Aging Signs

You face is exposed to fearsome levels of pollution, UV rays and dirt. Leaving your soft pampered skin with free radicals, this depletes moisture and makes your skin prone to chronic skin diseases and premature aging signs.

Saponin in argan oil enhances moisture level and vitamin E properties counter attack free radicals reducing wrinkles on your face and forehead.

#6 Argan oil for Acne

Various antioxidants in argan oil combat with P.acnes which causes acne lesions. Anti-inflammatory properties in argan oil help to soothe acne blemishes.

#7 Argan Oil has Innate Healing Properties

This Moroccan oil can do wonder on your stretch marks and scars when applied topically. Triterpenoids in argan oil helps to rebuild broken tissues and stimulate fast healing.

You can directly apply it on affected area or add it with other essential oils. Regular application can fade acne scars.

Restorative properties in argan oil make it an excellent remedy to treat various skin diseases. You can also apply it to nails, cuticles and hair.

Do you like the benefits of argan oil for face?

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