How to Apply a Face Mask

how to apply a face mask

Face masks are formulated to relax and boost skin care regimen. Intense benefits of applying a facial include deep cleansing, moisturizing skin, annihilate acne causing bacteria and shedding dead skin cells.

According to face mask fall into 3 main types mud or clay masks, peel masks and gel or cream masks, and they have their own benefits for your skin. Further the site suggests avoid using mask more than once in a week.

You can either get a product mask from local store or prepare your own facial at home. Here the question raises how to apply a face mask at home. Well you can directly apply it on your face and rinse it off after prescribed time. In a weekly it’s published that facial massage can lower your blood pressure and increase immune system.

But experts say proper application of face mask makes big difference. According to WebMD massage motion on face enhances blood circulation and improves your skin appearance.

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Step-by-Step Process to Apply Face Mask

Before applying face mask, be ready with all necessary things needed for a facial, like wide brush, cloth and mask.

  1. To remove impurities accumulated over face, wash it with water and exfoliate if possible.
  2. Expose your face to steam for about 2 minutes, so that skin pores open up. Instead you can also wash face with hot (as hot as your face can bear) water.
  3. With the help of wide brush apply face mask on your face. You can also use your clean fingers to massage, with your fingertips apply light pressure to your jaw line towards forehead and repeat the process.
  4. When you’re done applying facial, leave it for about 15-20 minutes. So that nutrients in face mask starts effecting on your skin. (Don’t forget to place thin sliced cucumber on your eyes)
  5. Rinse it off with warm water or use a cloth.

It recommended applying moisturizer when skin is damp.

Note: Not all face mask do wonders, your skin may be allergic to few ingredients in the mask you, so test before trying.

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