5 Home Remedies for Minor Burns

home remedies for minor burns

Am not good at cooking, but sometimes I try to help my mom in kitchen and end up cutting my index finger or with minor burns. Though the word “minor” seems small the pain you experience is not minor.

As these minor burns are inevitable quick home remedies come in handy for quick relief.

5 Simple Home Available Remedies to Treat Minor Burns

#1 Honey

Packed with vitamins and minerals honey is nature’s gift to human. From ancient times honey is been used to treat internal as well as external diseases, this includes minor and major burns. Antibacterial properties in honey fight bacteria and fasten healing process.

Using cotton swab apply honey on minor burns. Or you can also band-aid (which is not sticky) with dollop of honey. Change the dressing 3-4 times a day.

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#2 Apply Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe plays a major role in skin diseases. You can consume aloe gel after juicing. This unique looking plant is used in various cosmetic products as well as medicines.

Cut off an aloe vera leaf and squeeze for goo, apply directly on burn. You can get aloe gel from local medical store.

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#3 Frozen Peas or Ice Packs

Because you’re suffering from burn, for quick relief place frozen peas or ice packs on burn. (Remember for serious burn we recommend visiting doctor.)

#4 Vinegar

Like honey and aloe vera, vinegar can be used for internal and external diseases. Helps to treat acidity problem and skin diseases like itching, dry skin and acne.

Get diluted vinegar from local store and using a swab apply on burns.

#5 Potatoes

Cut pre-washed potatoes into chunks and place them on burns. Or you can liquefy it and pat potato juice on sunburned areas. Rinse it off after 20-25 minutes.

Note: For Severe burns we recommend medication attention.

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