List Of Citrus Fruits You Never Knew

An orange is the most popular citrus fruit, if you’re bored of an orange or want to check out other citrus fruits here is the list of citrus fruits.

Before that let’s have small intro on citrus fruits.

Citrus fruits contains rich amount of vitamin C, folate and Potassium. Antioxidant properties in vitamin C helps fight damaging free radicals. Citrus flavonoid improves blood flow by reducing cholesterol and blood clotting ability of arteries. Vitamin C in citrus fruits enhances iron absorption in food.

Potassium is essential for nerve functioning, heart contraction and in metabolism process.

list of citrus fruits

List of Citrus Fruits

Clementine Fruit

Looks identical to an orange is a hybrid fruit with no seeds. It can be separated into 7 to 14 segments.

Satsuma Fruit

This is Japanese origin and called mikan in Japan. This citrus fruit is seedless, easy to peel, delicate skin and smaller than an orange.

Sweetie Citrus Fruit (Oroblanco)

This is a cross between pomelo and grapefruit, slightly larger and sweeter than grapefruit. It has thick rind over it in green color. This citrus fruit is first patented by University of California in 1981. The tree doesn’t grow in cold condition so you’ll find this citrus from September to December. (Source: Wikipedia)


Identical to an orange but taste is less sour and sweeter; smaller in size when compared to common oranges. Easy to peel and segment. Well known for beta-carotene, vitamin C and potassium. In Telugu it’s referred as kamala kaya.

Clementine fruit is called seedless tangerine.


United States is the top producer of grapefruit. This fruit is known for sour to semi-sweet. Skin color varies depending on cultivars including red, pink, white and yellow-orange.

Red grapefruits are sweeter than the white grapefruit.


This yellow colored Asian native citrus fruit contains 5% to 6% citric acid. Lemon juice used to preserve food. Mix it (lemon juice) with water to add sugar or salt.


Smaller than lemon lime is green in color and less sour compared to lemon. India stands top in lime and lemon production. Limeade is best way to consume lime.


Most well known citrus fruit and according to studies carried in 2012 sweet oranges accounted 70% of citrus production. You can find varieties of oranges, commonly found are sweet oranges.

Minneola Tangelo

This is hybrid fruit of Mandarin orange and pomelo or grapefruit. They have loose skin which makes it easier to peel unlike oranges, easily distinguishable with a “nipple” at the stem.


This is created by hybridizing grapefruit or pomelo and orange. Because of its unsightly appearance (rough, wrinkles) this citrus fruit names Ugli.

Other Citrus fruits are

Mandarin Orange

Minneola tangelo


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