What Causes Dents in Fingernails and Toenails?

dent on fingernails

Nails are made of kertain, the protein which is also composed in skin and hair. Unlike toenails, fingernails grow faster and are surrounded by nail plate, nail bed, cuticle and nail fold. Experts claim that nails can give you health warnings of serious diseases.

Apart from this, fingernails can be affected by fungus leading to yellow, ridged and weak nails. Wonder what causes dents in fingernails? Though dents are common, causes of fingernail dents are various. Fingernails, which play a vital role in your beautiful appearance, will be ruined with dents and grooves.

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Causes of Dents in Fingernails

As mentioned earlier, fingernails & toenails abnormality is a sign of your health problem. Often they’re caused by fungal infection, external trauma or poor diet. Let’s now dwell into possible reasons of nail dents.

Vitamin Deficiency

Experts claim that deficiency in vitamin B-12 is the main reason that may possibly cause dents on nails. Poor nutritional diet is the main reason for this deficiency says health experts.

Not just dents, deficiency in vitamin B-12 will result in brittle and discolored nails. Study carried out in 2012 quotes that the fingernails may change to blue, blackish-pigment with dark streaks. Another study carried out in 2007 states that taking B-12 supplement may not improve your nail condition if you already have enough vitamin B-12.

However, experts suggest consuming vitamin rich diet like milk, egg, beef, salmon and chicken breast. Apart from this, restrain biting nails and practice hygiene.

Nail Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin condition with dry itchy patches on elbows, knees and on scalp. This skin disorder can be spread to nails known as nail psoriasis resulting in irregular and pitting nails. Causes of psoriasis are still unknown, but scientific data states that hereditary may be reason behind these patches.

Unfortunately there is no permanent solution for psoriasis. However, you can decrease its effect by following doctor prescribed creams.

Trauma or Injury

A sudden accidental injury may leave a dent on your fingernails or toenails. Extreme biting of nails may also cause dent on fingernails.

Reiter Syndrome

It’s a chronic inflammatory form of arthritis with inflammation of eyes, genitals, urinary and gastrointestinal system. These symptoms may also cause dent on fingernails. Reach your doctor for diagnosis and treatment, which may involve drugs and steroid creams.

Alopecia Areata

In alopecia areata your immune system attacks your hair follicles resulting in hair fall in small patches at different parts. Allergies, autoimmune disease, hereditary and extensive hair loss may result in permanent hair loss in alopecia areata. Using prescribed topical steroids, UV rays and other immunotherapy can treat this condition.

These were few causes of dent in fingernails and toenails. Apart from this, you’re advised to practice good hygiene, take nutritional diet, avoid injuries and groom your nails regularly.

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