How to Use a Cuticle Pusher?

how to use cuticle pusher

Infectious bacteria invade dry cuticles and trigger fungal infection underneath nail plate. Fingernail manicure hydrates your dry cuticles and restrains harmful bacteria.

Cuticles are part of your skin that protects nail matrix like a barrier. Just like your skin, cuticles deserve your utmost attention. Besides manicure and pedicure, you must push cuticles when necessary. Though wooden cuticle pushers are soft and inexpensive, metal cuticle pushers last for longer time.

Utmost care must be taken if not you may end up damaging cuticles. Below is the step by step guide on using cuticle pusher.

Different Ways to Use a Cuticle Pusher

  1. Initially decide to get a wooden or steel cuticle pusher. For sensitive cuticles experts recommend wooden cuticle pusher.
  2. Before pushing cuticles, prepare your nails by moisturizing them. If you try pushing without hydrating them, the cuticle pusher will tear your skin. Use cuticle remover or any essential oil to hydrate the cuticles.
  3. After moisturizing, soak your fingernails in lukewarm water for few minutes to soften them.
  4. Pat dry using soft cloth.
  5. When the skin is still damp, use wooden or steel cuticle pusher to push cuticles. Use round shaped part of the cuticle pusher and gently push the cuticles towards the nail base.
  6. To push the cuticles at the corner of fingernails use sharp end of the cuticle pusher.


  • Apply jojoba oil or coconut oil to hydrate dry cuticles.
  • Start the process only when the cuticles are completely moisturized.
  • Place your hand on firm surface while pushing cuticles.
  • Take an expert advice or ask them to help you out for few days.

Would you prefer pricey spas over this home available cuticle pusher? Please share your views in comments.

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