How to Use Argan Oil for Face

how to use argan oil for face

The much hyped Moroccan oil has restorative antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s no exaggeration when people refer argan oil to liquid gold as it takes 3 days to produce 1 liter of argan oil from argan nuts.

Argan oil is high in vitamin E and fatty acids. What’s more fascinating is, the argan oil is not greasy and very light, this makes it absorb quickly when applied on face. To reap innate benefits you need to use argan oil for face in the recommended way.

Now let’s see how to use argan oil for face.

5 Steps to Use Argan Oil for Face

Your skin has its own natural moisturizer which protects it from dangerous bacteria, but when you fail to equip your skin with essential resources, it slowly loses its moisture and become prone to skin diseases. Here comes external moisturizer like argan oil to hydrate your skin.

Properties in argan oil make it extremely well for moisturizing face. Now let’s dwell into the process of using argan oil for face.

  1. Alarming levels of pollution and UV rays makes your skin dry. So initially remove impurities by cleansing it with a local store brought cream (or try natural cleanser).
  2. Now expose your face to steam or wash it with hot water (as hot as your face can bear).
  3. Assuming you’re new to argan oil. Take few drops of argan oil through dropper on your palm. Using your fingertips massage argan oil on your face in circular motion, slightly press on low jaws and go in upward direction. This massage enhances skin temperature and stimulates metabolic rate, removes dead skin cells.
  4. Now you surrendered your face to argan oil, wait for 15 minutes so properties in oil start effecting. Don’t forget to place two thin sliced cucumbers on over your eyes.
  5. If you used argan oil with your face mask then slowly remove argan oil face mask with cotton ball. Else you no need to worry as mentioned argan oil gets absorbed by your skin quickly.

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You can use argan oil over neck and to use it as facial serum to reach deeper layers of skin, apply your routine night skin cream after argan oil gets absorbed by skin.

Note: Experts suggest if you’re new to argan oil then initially try with few drops, so you skin gets used to this natural remedy.

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