Zinc Intake Can Treat Body Odor

Zinc and body odor are closely related. Surprised! Thinking how zinc controls body odor?

First let’s know about the importance of zinc in the body.

Zinc is a trace element and plays a vital role in more than 300 enzymes in the human body. Every part of your body contains zinc including organs, tissues, bones, fluids, bones, muscles and cells.

Main functions handled by zinc include cell growth, fertility, strengthens T-cells which is important for immune system, skin, taste, hair and nails.

zinc and body odor

What’s Causing Your Body to Sweat?

Sweating is normal and it’s healthy. Mainly your body contains 2 sweat glands which secret fluid in when you’re in emotional stress or when your body temperature raises.

Though this fluid (sweat) is odorless the bacteria present on your body feed on the fats and proteins present in sweat leaving organic acid which smells unpleasant.

Food, hygiene and your habits affects body odor.

Here is the detailed post on causes of body odor.

Zinc Deficiency Causes Body Odor

With the above mentioned functions zinc also helps detoxify the body and handle waste; so deficiency in zinc raises problems by worsening body odor says Dr. David Y. Wong.

Zinc Dosage

Red meat, poultry, fish, whole cereals and dairy products are major sources zinc. If you practice a balanced diet then it’s enough to get sufficient zinc.

An adult body contains 2-3 grams of zinc. Depending on age zinc dosage varies.

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Note: Must consult Doctor before taking large doses of zinc.

Dietary Sources of Zinc

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Not just body odor, zinc deficiency cause many problems like dry and rough skin, dull looking hair, brittle finger nails, white spots on nails, reduced taste and smell, loss of appetite, mood swings, reduced adaptation to darkness, frequent infections, delayed wound healing, dermatitis and acne.

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