How to Use Grapeseed Oil for Wrinkles on Face & Under Eyes

grapeseed oil for wrinkles

Beauty arsenal of Ancient Egyptians includes grapeseed oil, almond oil, and other natural ingredients. In this article, you’ll learn about benefits of grapeseed oil for wrinkles.

Before, people used to regard wrinkles as badges of experience. But, today it’s a sign of unhealthy skin.

Cosmetic creams fail to fulfill their claims, and chemical ingredients in it strip your natural moisture making your skin look dull. Natural remedies like grapeseed oil are packed with essential nutrients that your skin loves to absorb.

Is Grapeseed Oil Good for Face Wrinkles

This innate oil is extracted from grape fruit seeds. Prominently used in culinary, medicinal and cosmetic purposes, grapeseed oil consists of fatty acids and vitamins that enrich your skin tone.

  • Antioxidants housed in grapeseed oil thwarts free radicals and help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. (1)
  • Linoleic acid exhibits moisturizing properties that help to get rid of dry skin.
  • Internal consumption and topical application of foods with linoleic help to reduce aging signs. (2)
  • Fatty acids residing in grapeseed oil make it effective to reduce eye wrinkles and dark circles.
  • Vitamin C stimulates collagen production and makes your skin firm.
  • Vitamin E also supports elasticity of the skin and moisturize dry epidermis layer to reduce wrinkles.
  • Vitamin D exhibits antioxidant activity, which is renowned for reducing fine lines and aging wrinkles. (3)
  • The astringent capability of grapeseed oil tightens your skin and improves skin tone.
  • Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties exhibited by this natural oil efficiently treat skin ailments like acne and eczema.

How to Use Grapeseed Oil for Wrinkles?

Use it internally in your diet or topically massage over the skin, grapeseed oil has numerous benefits for your overall health.

However, you must consult a physician before ingesting grapeseed oil directly. (4)

#1 Grapeseed Oil, Avocado, and Honey

To make the mask more effective, beauty experts recommend blending it with other natural ingredients.

Avocado is packed with two essential vitamins namely vitamin A and E. Vitamin A helps to maintain moisture over the skin and regulate sebum production, while vitamin E stimulate collagen production and avoid premature aging wrinkles.

Honey is packed with essential vitamins that make the skin smooth and form a moist layer over the skin. Antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, humectant and anti-bacterial properties are housed in raw honey.

  • Emollient nature of grapeseed oil helps to easily penetrate deep into the skin.
  • Mash ½ very ripe avocado into smooth paste and add 2 tablespoons of raw honey to it.
  • Mix 1 tablespoon of grapeseed oil and thoroughly mix the paste.
  • Wash your face and apply the mask evenly and leave it to dry naturally. (Source)

#2 Grapeseed Oil for Face Wrinkles

You’ll need lemon, honey and grapeseed oil for this recipe.

Lemon juice tightens your skin and reduces fine lines. Vitamin C in it enhances collagen production and repairs damaged skin cells.

  • Take 4 tablespoons of grapeseed oil and mix it with 2 tablespoons of raw honey in a bowl.
  • Squeeze fresh lemon juice into the bowl (1 teaspoon).
  • Mix thoroughly and apply it over prewashed face.
  • Excess use of lemon juice can make your skin sensitive, so wear sunscreen cream while going out.

#3 Grapeseed Oil for Eye Wrinkles

Instead of mixing all ingredients you can just use this innate oil directly over the skin. But, make sure that oil doesn’t enter your eyes.

Start with a small amount.

Take few drops of grapeseed oil and apply it under eyes gently. Close your eyes and relax for few minutes, till the oil penetrates deep into the layers of your skin.

If you experience any irritation or watery eyes, then stop using it and consult your physician.

#4 Argan Oil and Grapeseed Oil

Argan oil is extracted from fruits of the argan tree. It is packed with vitamin A, E and fatty acids, which are essential for a flawless skin.

This nutritional bounty of the oil makes it the perfect home remedy to reduce aging wrinkles.

  • Mix 3 tablespoons of argan oil with 3 tablespoons of grapeseed oil in a bowl.
  • You can also add 1 tsp of vitamin E oil to make it more effective.
  • Now, gently apply this face mask over prewashed face with your clean fingers.
  • Allow it to dry for 15-20 minutes and then rinse it off.

#5 Grapeseed Oil Face Mask for Wrinkles

Brown sugar is renowned for removing dead cells and other impurities off the skin. Exfoliating your skin is most important aspect of skin care because your skin is exposed to many impurities that need to be cleansed.

Pure almond oil lends its vitamins and minerals to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Prominent for its hydrating property, this oil extracted from almonds is extensively used in the cosmetic world.

  • Mix 1 ½ cup of brown sugar with ¼ cup of grapeseed oil in a bowl.
  • Also, mix ¼ cup of almond oil to it and mix well.
  • Prepare your face for this face mask by washing it with water.
  • Gently massage your face with this face mask and leave it for 15-20 minutes.
  • Rinse it off with water and optionally moisturize using rosewater. (Source)

Tips on Using Grapeseed Oil for Wrinkles

  • Unlike cosmetic creams, natural ingredients like grapeseed oil benefit your skin completely.
  • You may use it to reduce eye wrinkles, but nutrients in it treat ailments (if any) and make your skin radiant. However, you must patch test before applying it to the skin.
  • Ingredients that irritate your skin must be avoided.
  • Don’t overuse the recipe for fast results. Natural remedies take time but they last for longer time.
  • Drink enough water and take vitamin rich food.
  • Cosmetic creams that include harmful chemicals must be avoided.
  • Do regular exercise and don’t expose your skin for a longer time before TV, computer and mobile screens.

7 Benefits of Hibiscus for Skin, Skin Lightening and Wrinkles

benefits of hibiscus for skin

It’s really disgusting to apply this flower face mask over the skin due to its sticky nature.

But, will you still ignore benefits of hibiscus for skin if I tell you that it is packed with alpha-hydroxy acids, antioxidants, and exfoliating ability?

This ornamental flower is prominent for its exotic vibrant petals and variety of colors. The viscous substance in hibiscus flower makes it effective to hydrate your dry skin.

Apart from its looks, this flower can be used to heal health ailments like appetite, respiratory issues, colds, swelling and stomach irritation. Studies back that its consumption can reduce blood pressure.

Now, let’s check out its beauty benefits.

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7 Awesome Hibiscus Benefits for Skin

It isn’t a surprise to those who knew about hibiscus tea; when it can benefit your health, certainly, it can tone your skin too.

With its trumpet-shaped petals, hibiscus flower is prominent in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines. Without any ado let’s jump on to its benefits.

#1 Improves your Complexion

Once and for all, you must exfoliate your skin.

There are various reasons why you must cleanse your skin. Impurities, dead cells and other external factors accumulate over the skin blocking its pores.

Alpha-hydroxy-acids residing in hibiscus flower not just exfoliate your skin, but also promote cell regeneration and purify your complexion.

Unlike cosmetic products, hibiscus includes gentle acids without any chemical preservatives. These innate substances control acne blemishes by unclogging skin pores.

#2 Hibiscus for Wrinkles

Antioxidant agents in hibiscus face mask thwart free radicals and reduce fine lines (& wrinkles) on the forehead.

Apart from aging, UV rays, smoking, and pollutants damage elasticity of your skin resulting in wrinkles. Antioxidant activity exhibited by hibiscus flower blocks harmful UV rays and cleanse your skin.

Also, vitamin C in the flower helps to enhance collagen production and improve the elasticity of the skin.

You can blend other natural ingredients with hibiscus to make it an anti-aging recipe. (Recipes are included below)

#3 Moisturizes Your Skin

The viscous substance of this flower is known as mucilage, which helps to lock moisture on the skin.

As mentioned above external factors like pollutants, chemical filled creams and harmful UV rays strip natural oil from your skin making it look miserable.

Natural moisturizers are filled with vitamins and aren’t associated with any side-effects. So massaging regularly with home available ingredients like hibiscus will not just hydrates your skin, but supply essential nutrients to it.

#4 Treats Acne

Reports say that about 80 percent of people between the age group of 11 to 30 are affected by acne.

By this, you can assume how common it is. One such report holds inflammation to trigger acne blemishes. P.acnes bacteria feed on dead cells and excess sebum to worsen the situation.

Luckily, this flower face pack can reduce inflammation with its anti-inflammatory property.

Gentle acids mentioned above also clears dead cells and control excess sebum production.

#5 Tones Your Skin

Mild organic acids like citric acid and malic acid in hibiscus plant can inhibit the production of melanin and form a protect layer over the skin.

Skin cell regeneration feature of this face mask helps to make the skin supple and smooth.

#6 Skin Tightening

When your skin loses its elasticity, sagging skin appears which ruin your appearance.

Anthocyanosides packed in hibiscus exhibit antioxidant activity that thwarts free radicals as mentioned above. This compound also exhibit astringent property to shrink large skin pores and make the skin firm.

#7 Hibiscus for Skin Lightening

Hormonal imbalance, blemishes, UV rays and excess use of chemical filled creams can cause dark spots.

These factors influence the production of melanin, which is responsible for your skin color. As a result, melanin accumulates at different positions to form dark spots.

The exfoliating ability of this homemade hibiscus face mask cleanses impurities and lightens the appearance of these dark spots.

How to Use Hibiscus for Skin?

hibiscus face mask for skin lightening and wrinkles

To reap its benefits, you can either use it internally or topically.

Before you stick with hibiscus tea, let me disclose what beauty experts recommend.

Internal consumption verily benefits your overall health. But, for an enhanced skin, topical application will do wonders.

#1 Rose and Hibiscus Face Mask

Both are flowers and are packed with exfoliating, moisturizing and antibacterial abilities.

You can use this recipe to exfoliate your face or whole body.

Ingredients include coconut oil, dried rose petals, dried hibiscus, sea salt, and safflower oil.

Blend all ingredients in a bowl and add distilled water to make a paste-like consistency. Optionally, you can add any essential oil to this mask.

#2 Hibiscus and Vitamin E Oil

You can use vitamin E oil and hibiscus face mask for skin lightening.

Take fresh hibiscus petals in a bowl and add 2 teaspoons of vitamin E oil to it. Let it be for a day.

Next day thoroughly mix these ingredients and apply it over prewashed face. Rinse it off after 20 minutes.

You can also use a cotton ball to apply the mixed solution to avoid excess oil over the skin.

#3 Brown Rice Flour, Aloe Gel and Hibiscus for Skin

Selenium residing in the brown rice flour can reduce wrinkles and inflammation.

Aloe gel is prominent for its healing and anti-inflammatory activity.

Ingredients include ¼ cup of brown rice flour, 1 teaspoon of grounded hibiscus, plain yogurt, and aloe gel. (Source)

Initially, mix ¼ cup of brown rice flour with 1 tsp of powdered hibiscus. Add required amount of aloe gel and plain yogurt to this powder.

Apply it over prewashed face and rinse it off after 20 minutes with water.

Apart from this, you can blend honey, coffee and French clay with hibiscus for glowing skin.


Hibiscus benefits for skin are abundant, go with the simplest DIY recipe listed above. Along with its topical application, ingest its herbal tea for various health benefits.

Also stay away from cosmetic creams that include chemical preservatives. Drink enough water and avoid stress to stay beautiful.

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Jojoba Oil for Face Wrinkles and Eye Wrinkles – DIY Anti-aging Recipe Included

jojoba oil for face wrinkles and eye wrinkles

As you age skin loses its natural elasticity and wrinkles starts appearing.

Instead of jumping on media promoted products, beauty experts recommend jojoba oil for face and eye wrinkles.

What makes this oil distinct or better?

It has identical characteristics like your natural oil sebum. This liquid wax is extracted from seeds of the jojoba plant.

Pronounced ho-ho-bah, this oil is native to south-west Americans and northern Mexicans. To reap its nutritional value, numerous moisturizing and cosmetic products include it as an ingredient.

Unlike your beauty creams, this oil doesn’t clog skin pores and can effectively control sebum production.

Is Jojoba Oil Good for Wrinkles?

Fine lines or wrinkles are all around your eyes, on forehead and face.

When you don’t pay attention towards your skin, external factors damage them and you’ll be left with no option but to compromise.

Harmful UV rays in sunlight damage your skin and you might mistake it as aging skin.

Unhealthy diet, bad skin care, and smoking make your skin loses its natural elasticity.

To combat them you skin secrets natural oil (sebum) to protect you from fungi and bacteria.

But, alarming levels of pollution and UV rays makes your skin dry, and make it lose its elasticity and thus results in wrinkles

Common causes of wrinkles include UV rays, aging, sleeping position, poor nutritional diet, facial expressions, free radicals, and gender. (Source)

Jojoba oil is an emollient, so it’s well known for hydrating skin and fading wrinkles. Restorative properties in jojoba oil enhance elasticity of skin, thus helps to disappear wrinkles over face and under eyes.

Few beauty experts suggest avoiding jojoba oil under eyes. You can mix it with essential oil to apply a light barrier over the skin which protects your skin and locks moisture.

  • With its waxy characteristic jojoba oil locks moisture over the skin and thwarts germs, impurities, and external elements.
  • Vitamin E and B-complex residing in this liquid wax protects your skin from harmful UV rays and heals minor sunburns.
  • Nutrients in jojoba oil fasten the healing process and help to get rid of aging skin.
  • The excellent cleansing ability of this base oil can help to remove impurities, dead cells and pollutants piled over the skin.
  • Vitamin E housed in the oil blocks UV rays thwarts free radicals and acts as anti aging cream. (1)
  • It also controls excess sebum production by tricking your skin to produce less oil. Thus it can control acne lesions.
  • Gamma linoleic acid and other essential fatty acids packed in the liquid promote collagen production and help to reduce aging wrinkles.

However, you must use it topically under the supervision of a dermatologist.

How to Use Jojoba Oil for Face Wrinkles?

To reap above mentioned innate ingredients of jojoba oil for skin, initially, cleanse your face and exfoliate using natural or store bought product. This helps to open up pores and shed dead skin cells.

Beauty experts recommend patching test before applying it to the skin. Because ingredients in store bought jojoba oil may irritate your skin and result in allergic reaction.

You can blend this base oil with other essential oils to make it more effective.

  1. Take few drops of pure jojoba oil in your palm.
  2. Gently massage the oil over prewashed face in circular motion.
  3. Avoid eye areas slowly massage in upward direction starting from jaws to forehead with light pressure.
  4. Thoroughly apply the oil at wrinkles and fine lines.
  5. Allow it to dry naturally for 15-20 minutes, so nutrients in this liquid wax can penetrate into the skin.

At night you can apply pure jojoba oil topically so as to leave your skin to breathe well.

Note: You can include jojoba oil as an ingredient in your facial mask.

Honey and Jojoba Oil for Anti-Aging

Healing and the emollient ability of raw honey need no explanation.

This innate ingredient is packed with all those essential nutrients that a healthy skin needs.

  • Take 8 fresh strawberries and mash it into a smooth
  • Add 1 tablespoon of raw honey, 3 tablespoons of jojoba oil and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice to the paste.
  • Now mix thoroughly and apply the face mask over face.
  • Leave it for 15-20 minutes and then rinse it off with water.

Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil for Aging Skin

I too don’t like the sticky nature of aloe gel, but healing benefits can’t be ignored.

  • Blend 3tsp of aloe gel with 1 tsp of pure jojoba oil.
  • Optionally add 2 drops of essential oil to the mask.
  • Wash your face with water or cleanse it.
  • Pat dry and apply this mask on the face.
  • Leave it to dry naturally and rinse it off with water.

How to Use Jojoba Oil for Eye Wrinkles

Based on the discussion over, it’s recommended not to use pure jojoba oil to remove under eye wrinkles, because skin here is very sensitive. You can either mix it with any facial moisturizer or just avoid it completely.

However, some users at recommended it to remove eye wrinkles, as they used it and found helpful. But remember that jojoba oil for wrinkles under eyes works only when it’s caused by dry skin.

Jojoba Oil for Oily Skin

Topical application of jojoba oil forms two barriers over the skin. On one hand, it locks moisture and on another hand it controls sebum production, thus resulting in the acne free skin.

Also read: Jojoba oil for acne scars

So don’t be afraid of using this natural wax over your skin.

Tips to Avoid Wrinkles

Not just applying jojoba oil, to get rid of wrinkles you must change your lifestyle and follow below-listed tips.

  • Smoking can damage your skin, so avoid smoking
  • Drink enough water and keep your skin well hydrated
  • Avoid chemical filled creams
  • Use non-toxic sunscreen
  • Get enough sleep
  • Include vitamin rich diet
  • Don’t spend long hours before computer or mobile screens
  • Exfoliate your skin regularly, at least twice in a week

Did you ever use jojoba oil for face wrinkles or eye wrinkles? Let us know through comments.

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Use Banana Peel for Wrinkles, Psoriasis and Other Skin Diseases

Did you have delicious banana fruit? Wait! Don’t throw its peel. Instead use it as an effective home remedy to treat various chronic skin diseases.

Weird? No, not really. Like banana, its peel is packed with assorted nutrients which are capable of moisturizing your dry skin, treating psoriasis, warts and fading wrinkles.

Don’t believe?

According to WebMD, if you’ve hemorrhoids then it’s recommended to consult old folk remedies like banana peel. Ara DerMarderosian PhD supports this by stating that, banana can soothe your skin because it contains slippery components called polysaccharides and he continues saying, banana has mild anti-microbial properties which can cure skin infections. (Source:

Interesting isn’t it? All these days we threw this peel thinking it’s useless. But now it’s more precious than our pricey cosmetics. Let’s jump on to see what properties in banana peel enhance supple skin.

Banana peel is packed with antioxidant, antimicrobial and potassium. Also its rich in carbohydrates, all these exceptional properties hydrate your skin and keep itching at bay.

banana peel for wrinkles

Benefits of Banana Peel for Skin

#1 Banana Peel for Wrinkles

Take fresh banana, after washing peel its flesh. Now cut peels into small pieces. Using your fingers smoothly rub over targeted areas. Leave it for about 20 minutes and rinse it off with water. Else you can use dampened cloth to remove excess pulp and leave it for about few hours.

Alternatively you can blend egg yolk with banana peel. Now apply this mixture on face and rinse it off after 5 minutes.

Nutritional properties in banana peel helps to fade wrinkles.

#2 Banana Peel for Psoriasis

 Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease which triggers vigorous itching and dry patches over different parts of the body. Unfortunately its cause is still unknown and you can’t completely treat psoriasis. Anyhow, with medicines and alternative remedies like banana peel you can reduce its affect. (Read more about psoriasis here)

Just massage with banana peel over affected parts. Leave it for 30 minutes and rinse it off. Renowned moisturizing properties of banana peel reducing itching and enhance healing process. With repeated application you can see the change. Banana peel for psoriasis has been recommended by various beauty experts.

#3 Banana Peel for Warts

Warts are not cancerous skin growth that appears after a virus infection. Normal type of wart is not harmful but may be contagious. Banana peels helps to remove these over grown parts of the skin and prevent new occurrence, because of its antimicrobial properties.

All you need is to rub the white part of the peel over affected part smoothly or band aid the peel over wart. Also rub skin surrounding the warts. To prevent warts, when you experience cuts or injuries place banana peel over it or apply antibacterial cream. (source)

#4 For Pimples

Pimples are most common skin disease. Cleanse your face and start rubbing smoothly with banana peel. Leave it for about 15 minutes and rinse it off. (Read this: Banana Peel for Acne)

#5 Protects from Harmful UV Rays

Rub banana peel over most exposed skin to protect it from UV rays. You can also use it on eye. Though cucumber mask is best to remove wrinkles and relax them, placing banana peel over eye lids can act as a conditioner for eyes.


Even for me it seems so simple, but believe me there is no exaggeration in it. Banana peel for wrinkles, psoriasis and other skin diseases works great. As its natural remedy you don’t have to bother about its side-effects, give it a try and if you experience irritation avoid using it.

  • Eat peeled banana, don’t preserve it.
  • Take only fresh banana peels.
  • Don’t refrigerate banana peels for future use.
  • Throw banana peels in dust bins.

And last thing do us a favor share this post so that we can reach all those people who’re wasting time over pricey cosmetics.

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Benefits of Banana for Skin