Natural Remedy for Eczema with Sea Water

There are many controversies surrounding the use of sea water for treating eczema. Because soaking eczema flare-ups in sea water is nothing but just like “adding salt to an open wound”.

Yes, it pains but British Association of Dermatology claims that Dead Sea water can be used to treat eczema. Treating eczema has more worth than having mild pain.

Why Sea Water Treats

Salt in sea water dries out eczema wounds and refrain further infection, may be this feature of sea water helps to treat eczema. Anyway, there are different types of eczema and same remedy may not work for all. So you need to try your luck with home available remedies to treat eczema.

Because of the antiseptic properties of sea water it’s an effect natural remedy for eczema. Wounds when exposed to seawater it pains so it’s up to you to weight the benefits of sea water with pain you get.

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Have a look at forum discussion.

Eczema is a chronic skin diseases, main cause is still unknown. Anyway hereditary and food you eat may trigger eczema. Skin becomes dry, itchy and scaly. Applying antioxidant and antibacterial creams can relieve itching. Though it gets treated using creams and home remedies if you don’t care of your skin they appear once again.

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