6 Exceptional Rose Water Benefits for Skin

benefits of rosewater for face and skin

Extracted from rose petals, benefits of rose water for skin or face are extolling all over cosmetic world. In fact, this tonic has illustrious culinary and cosmetic history. Women through ages included it to their beauty regimen to soothe skin and as conditioner for lips and hair.

Renowned for its aromatic property, rose water has been used in religious ceremonies. In India, rose water is used as eye drop to treat minor infections. Fascinating properties of rose water forced many cosmetic industries to incorporate rose water into their pricey creams. (source: Wikipedia)

If you’re looking for inexpensive skin moisturizer and toner, then rose water is the best go for you.

Rose Water Benefits For Face and Skin

  • Assorted properties in rose water thwart bacterial infection and purify the skin.
  • It’s an exceptional skin toner that helps to remove dirt, excess oil and makeup off the skin.
  • Astringent properties in rose water are beneficial as a facial toner.
  • Moisturizing agents in rose water hydrates your skin from the outside and eliminates dry skin.
  • Its stands as an impeccable remedy for acne blemishes or pimples.
  • Healing properties in this tonic will stimulate healing of minor sunburns and wounds.
  • Enhances in maintaining pH balance of the skin.
  • Anti-bacterial housed in rose water helps to restrain any bacterial infection.
  • Topical application helps to revitalize skin and eradicate fine lines and wrinkles on forehead.

Note: Rose water may not deal with chronic skin diseases, we recommend you to consult your physician.

To reap rose water benefits for skin you must prefer natural rose water if possible, you can get one from local drug store. And you don’t need to be a spa expert to apply it over face. Follow simple steps and you can bring in all benefits of it.

Now let’s have a detailed view on uses of rosewater for skin.

1. Rose Water for Moisturizing Your Face

Worried about dry patches? Apply this natural moisturizer using cotton ball over dry patches regularly and it will give you an amazing experience. Instantly you can notice soothing effect over your skin. It exfoliates dead cells and stimulates new cell growth.

2. Rose Water as Cleanser

Alarming levels of pollution and dirt accumulated over face gives your skin a tough competition. Topically apply this tonic using cotton ball and it cleanse dirt and unclog pores. Now you can throw expensive make removals and replace it with rosewater.

3. Rose Water for Oily Skin

Use it as a facial toner by adding equal quantity of rose water and lemon juice. Mix it well and it will unclog skin pores. Regular application will help to restrain pimples.

4. Rosewater for Skin Lightening

rosewater for skin lightening

Hyperpigmentation triggers because of excess production of melanin. Stay away from harmful UV rays by applying sunscreen or wear wide hat, while going out.

Boil dried chamomile flowers in a bowl, then strain flowers, and then mix the water with rosewater and honey. Topically apply over face and rinse it off with water. You can also try glycerin and rosewater for skin lightening. Mix them in equal quantities and apply it over skin.

Alternatively you can also use aloe vera for skin lightening.

5. Rose Water for Acne Blemishes

Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties in rose water make it an excellent remedy for acne blemishes. Mix it with lemon juice (in a required quantity) and apply over prewashed face. Rosewater and glycerin for acne is an effective remedy, mix it in equal quantities and see how it starts fighting Propionibacterium acnes.

Alternatively you can use honey, cucumber and rose water face mask.

6. Soothe Inflammation

Anti-inflammatory agents in rose water help to reduce redness and lessen skin irritation. Blend rose water with tomato juice to treat suntan.

With rose water you may reduce dark circles, wrinkles and eczema irritation. You can make rose water at home, which we discussed here.

And the list, benefits of rose water for skin goes on. This innate remedy has no or few side-effects give it a try and add it to your beauty regimen.


It’s no exaggeration in saying rose water is one of the exceptional remedy for minor skin problems. It moisturizes your skin, lightens dark circles and treats acne. But unfortunately manufacturing industries mix alcohol and other chemicals to it, so go for natural rose water or make your own if possible.

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