25 Interesting Facts About Nails

interesting facts about nails

Though nails are believed to be windows of your health you seldom have hygienic look at them. This simple part of your body is actually a bit complicated and hides many interesting facts beneath it.

Are you expecting me to expel all those alluring facts in this single post? Sorry! Am not capable of doing so, anyhow on your request I put down few interesting facts about nails.

  1. Brittle nails relieve that your body is feeling stress. Irregular sleeping habits and stress has effect on your nail growth and its health. When you see weak and irregular nails, then take a nap and have medication.
  2. Primates (including humans) are separated by other mammals with nails. Nails are flattened form of claws.
  3. Fingernails serve as a visual advertising of your health. Deficiency in vitamin and minerals can be diagnosed after having a glance at your fingernails. Calcium and zinc deficiency results in white spots on fingernails. However, all white spots are not caused by vitamin deficiency.
  4. Men’s nails grow faster than women’s, except in pregnant women.
  5. Fingernails grow faster than toenails and if you’re right handed person, then right hand nails grow faster than left hand nails. (Why you see dents in toenails and fingernails?)
  6. People in ancient times experienced slower nail growth when compared to present day. Nutrients and vitamins intake may have spurred nail growth.
  7. Did you notice that in summer nails grow faster than winter.
  8. Of all fingers middle fingernail grows faster and slower ones are those on the pinkies.
  9. Fingernails grow about 3.5 millimeters per month, whereas toenails grow 1.6mm per month.
  10. About 10% dermatological problems include nail problems. Nail fungal infection cause half of the nail disorders.
  11. White spots on nails are caused by injuries.
  12. Nails and hairs are made of keratin. Food and vitamins good for your hair is good for your nails. So rich consumption of vitamins and minerals will improve nail and hair condition.
  13. Biting nails is a common practice and is known as onychophagia.
  14. Oxygen penetrates through nail plate to nail bed. Polishing them frequently will make them unhealthy.
  15. We can’t stand nails on a chalkboard because the noise gets amplified by the shape of ear canal, making it uncomfortable to hear. Facts about nail polish will leave your astonished, the chemicals in polish will not only block oxygen but can make your nails weak when you repeatedly use acetone to remove it. (Tips to remove shellac nail polish)
  16. Nail fungus is common nail disorder effecting 20% of the general population. Yellow, blue, brittle and uneven nails are not to be ignored anymore it can lead to serious problem.
  17. Longer the nails are more bacteria invade to cause infection.
  18. Guinness World Record for longest nails documented in 2008 by a Lee Redmond with a total length of 28 feet.
  19. Cuticles locks moisture and blocks virus from invading nail bed. Experts avoid cutting or pushing cuticles.
  20. Hardness of your nails is genetic. Your toenails are twice as thick as fingernails.
  21. Your nails need normal blood circulation, oxygen and nutrients to grow normally. This is why when you get injured your nails fall out. (Natural nail polish remover method)
  22. Nail plates are made of dead cells, while nail bed and cuticles are made of live cells.
  23. Cutting fingernails after sunset is not bad luck; it’s just a superstitious belief.
  24. Placing nails in Coco-cola drink for 4 days will dissolve it, as drinks are corrosiveness.
  25. Nails take ~100 days to grow 1 centimeter.

I invite you to add more interesting facts about nails in comments.

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