Why Are My Fingernails Blue?

Climate has significant impact on your skin. Excess cold may disrupt normal blood circulation in your body resulting in pale or blue fingernails. Pink nails are a sign of healthy and well circulated nails. As mentioned above low blood circulation may turn your pinkish nails to pale blue, another reason according to experts is low levels of hemoglobin in blood.

To know the exact cause of blue fingernails, rub your fingers repeatedly to improve blood circulation. If you don’t see any positive sign then it can be cyanosis, a chronic disease.

Consult your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

Like minor injuries on nail bed or cuticles you can’t ignore blue fingernails. It may increase exponentially and cause serious trouble. First thing it spoils your appearance, whenever you meet a person first thing you do is shake hand and blue fingernails may raise insecurity in your colleague. People intentionally isolate which will shatter your confidence level. This social isolation is a serious problem than the disease itself.

Asthma, Adult respiratory distress syndrome, cardiac tamponade and Raynaud’s disease are other diseases associated with cyanosis.

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