How to Make Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is a liquid wax extracted by crushing jojoba plant seeds. It’s native to southern Arizona, California and northwestern Mexico. The innate benefits of jojoba oil for skin made it most renowned natural moisturizer.

Jojoba oil is packed with assorted antioxidant and antimicrobial properties which soothes and thwarts infection causing bacteria. These adverse properties make it difficult for bacteria to spread and it also controls excess sebum production.

Topical application of this oil moisturizes skin, treats oily skin and restrains acne. Though you can get pure jojoba oil for local or online store, you can also make jojoba oil at home.

Yes, it’s quite challenging to make it at home, yet its valuable.

3 Simple Steps to Make Jojoba Oil

how to make jojoba oil

If you don’t locate near to jojoba plant’s native place, try to acquire its seeds from local garden or nursery. Traditionally, they’re harvested in summer.

Step: 1 (Dry Seeds for 2 weeks)

Jojoba seeds contain 54 percent of wax. Before you put these seeds to extraction, moisture level should be approximately 10 percent.

Step: 2 (Extract oil from Jojoba seeds with seed presser)

Spill all jojoba seeds into seed presser or expeller press. Collect oil into jar and discard jojoba meal. According to Simmondsin in jojoba meal effects on meal patterns and few other researches claim it to be toxic.

Also remove wax accumulated, which appears to be light oil.

Step: 3 (Store Pure Jojoba oil in dark place)

Disparate property of jojoba oil aids to store it for longer period without turning to rancid. Collect extracted jojoba oil into a glass container and use it topically or mix it in a face mask.                                                         [Related post: How to make jojoba oil face mask]

Here, we’re done with making unrefined jojoba oil at home.

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