Aloe Vera: Why It’s Good for Skin

is aloe vera good for oily skin

Alarming levels of pollution we emit weakens your skin’s functionality, as a result wrinkles start appearing, skin loses its moisture and becomes prone to infections. Though there are lots of pricey chemical filled creams to moisturize your skin from the outside, a natural remedy is in demand to bring your skin back to life.

Do you like to have 4-5 creams over your desk? No.

So you must go for a product which works for all skin types, as your skin type changes with climate, it becomes dry in winter. Aloe vera is one such innate remedy that is packed with minerals and vitamins. Now stop asking, is aloe vera good for pimples? Is aloe vera good for dry skin or oily skin? Aloe vera, in its nutritional aisle has exceptional properties that work for all skin types.

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Active properties in aloe vera gel which makes your skin radiant and smooth

Along with vitamin, minerals and acids, aloe gel consists of 75 potential active constituents. Beta-carotene, vitamin C and E (antioxidants), B12, folic acid, and enzymes namely, alkaline phosphatase, peroxidase and bradykinase are included in its arsenal. Coming to minerals zinc, calcium, copper and sodium are few to name. Others include sugars, fatty acids, hormones with anti-inflammatory action etc…, are packed in aloe vera gel.

Is Aloe Vera Good for Dry Skin?

aloe vera for pimplesAloe vera gel is renowned for its moisturizing properties. Mucopolysaccharides in aloe vera gel aids to bind moisture to skin. Also nutritional properties in aloe gel stimulates fibroblast which enhances collagen production resulting is less wrinkles skin. Amino acids in aloe gel soften hard cells and zinc with astringent property tightens skin pores.

Packed with assorted properties aloe vera gel for dry skin is an effective and innate remedy that hydrates your skin from outside as well as inside.

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Aloe Vera for Oily Skin

Wonder how come a moisturizer treats oily skin?

Do you’ve oily skin? Unconcerned of what you heard, your skin needs a moisturizer. Epidermis fails to absorb oil over skin; it needs something simple, natural. Your sebum is filled with fat compounds. Apply aloe vera gel over skin after cleansing it.

Properties in aloe gel enhance collagen production and cell turnover, after regular application. Antioxidant in aloe gel thwarts free radicals and antimicrobial agents restrain bacterial infection. According to US National Institute of Health, aloe gel consists of 6 antiseptic agents, which stop fungi, bacteria and viruses.

Aloe Vera for Pimples

To know, how aloe vera is good for pimples. Let’s check out its nutritional aisle. From the above brief nutritional profile we came to know that aloe gel is packed with anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and antibacterial properties.

  • Pimples or acne is caused due to bacterial infection and hormonal imbalance. When you topically apply this sticky gel antibacterial action treats pimples by reducing redness and stimulates healing process.
  • Gibberellin and Glucomannan, in aloe gel interact with fibroblast in skin, which then not only stimulates collagen production but change its composition. (1)
  • Zinc acts as an astringent agent to remove excess sebum and cleanse dirt from pores. It also reduces inflammation and pain.
  • Along with reducing pimples, aloe can fade acne scars.

Though you can’t completely treat acne or pimples you can easy reduce swelling and redness. To reap nutritional benefits of aloe vera for skin, use pure and natural aloe vera.

Did you ever use aloe vera? What’s your opinion? Is aloe vera good for pimple, dry skin or oily skin?

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