Jojoba Oil for Oily Skin – Why You Can’t Ignore

jojoba oil for oily skin

The only vegetable oil which resembles like your own natural oil sebum is jojoba oil. However its non-comedogenic property makes it different from sebum means it unclogs pores and helps your skin breathe easy.

To unravel, jojoba oil is not actually oil, it’s a liquid wax filled with fatty acids and nutrients. Don’t be upset if you’ve oily skin, as this is not greasy. Apart from being an emollient which soothes and hydrates skin, assorted properties in jojoba oil for oily skin forms barriers over skin and aids to control excess sebum production.

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Why We Recommend Jojoba Oil for Oily Skin?

Jojoba oil is enclosed by liquid wax esters just like sebum, but wax esters in sebum decreases with age resulting in dullness and wrinkles. Nutrients like zinc, iodine, vitamin E and B complex vitamin aids to fight bacteria and fungi. These fascinating properties of jojoba oil made cosmetic industries to add it as an ingredient.

When you topically put jojoba oil over skin, it creates two barriers over skin and tricks the skin to produce less sebum on one side and on other side it hydrates skin. So it works great for both dry and oily skin. Thus this desert shrub can easily manage oily skin.

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It is non-comedogenic, means it doesn’t clog pores and anti-inflammatory properties in this oil aids to treat acne lesions. Jojoba oil includes all those properties needed to keep the skin smooth and well toned in its arsenal. You just need to get organic jojoba oil from local store to combat with acne causing bacteria and free radicals.

How to Use Jojoba Oil

Beauty experts suggest adding jojoba oil to any moisturizer to topically apply over skin. However, under the supervision of doctor you can directly massage your face with few drops of jojoba oil.

Jojoba oil is praised for its moisturizing properties. Mix it with your homemade face mask and see how this desert shrub rejuvenates your face.

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