How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Jock Itch – 7 Methods Included


Wonder liquid or terrific tonic, this home available ingredient is prominent for its nutritional abilities. Be it for weight loss or to make the food delicious, vinegar can do wonders.

By end of this article, you’ll know how to use apple cider vinegar for jock itch.

ACV has been used for centuries to treat all kinds of health problems and for cooking purposes. Assorted properties residing in raw or organic apple cider vinegar can effectively treat and soothe your hair, health and skin ailments.

What Is Jock Itch and How Do You Get It?

Jock itch is a common itchy rash that appears in the groin area and is mostly seen in men.

Jock itch is mainly caused due to moisture and bacterial growth, which results in itching, pinkish rash, pain and unpleasant smell.

This skin rash can be seen in older, obese people and athletes.

Topically applying anti-fungal creams would help to treat jock itch. Anyhow, when you come in contact with irritants they will trigger itching again.

To completely restrain the bacterial growth, experts recommend using vinegar for jock itch. Vinegar exhibits antimicrobial activity that kills bacteria and pathogens. (1)

Is jock itch contagious?

Yes, mildly contagious. If you’re with jock itch affected a person, but doesn’t provide warm and most environment for fungi, then you’re safe.

Else, the favorable environment for infectious fungus will trigger the rash.

Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good for Jock Itch?

  • Antibacterial and antimicrobial properties packed in ACV helps to thwart bacterial and fungal infection in the groin area.
  • The bad odor coming from jock itch can be banished using vinegar because it kills odor-causing bacteria.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties reduce inflammation caused due to rigorous itching.
  • Malic and lactic acids in ACV helps to exfoliate impurities accumulated in the groin.
  • High concentration of acetic acid in apple cider vinegar aids in killing bacteria.
  • Renowned to maintain pH level of the skin. Dilute ACV with water and apply it over face and on hands to lock moisture.
  • Vitamins residing in ACV help to fasten the healing process and lighten the appearance of scars.
  • Antioxidants effect that can be attributed to ACV helps to thwart free radicals and avoid oxidative stress.
  • Astringent ability shrinks large skin pores and makes the skin firm.
  • Topical application of diluted apple cider vinegar will form a protective layer on your skin.

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Jock Itch?

Both white vinegar and apple cider vinegar can effectively treat jock itch and fungal infection. Wash the area initially before applying vinegar.

Depending on your skin type you can mix other innate ingredients with ACV. Below listed are some effective remedies, go with your favorite recipe.

Method – 1 (Not recommended for all)

Pat dry using a soft cloth after washing the affected area. You can use undiluted apple cider vinegar over rashes. However, the acetic nature of vinegar can damage your skin, so experts recommend using it as a spray.

  • Fill organic apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle and shake it well.
  • Spray very small amount of apple cider vinegar on jock itch area.
  • Leave it to dry naturally.

Note: This method is not recommended for sensitive skin people, it may sting a bit.

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Method – 2 (Apple Cider Vinegar and Water)

High concentration of acetic acid in ACV is not safe for your skin. Dilute it with equal parts of warm water and mix thoroughly.

  • Rinse and pat dry the affected part.
  • Use a cotton ball or spray to apply this solution to the groin.
  • Avoid wiping with a cloth, leave it to dry naturally.
  • Repeat the process 2-3 times a day.

Method – 3 (Apple Cider Vinegar and Coconut Oil)

Coconut oil is known to hydrate and enhance healing.

Apart from this, coconut oil is packed with antifungal and antibacterial abilities that can help to treat jock itch.

  • Mix equal parts of coconut oil to apple cider vinegar thoroughly.
  • After washing the affected area, pat dry with soft cloth.
  • Now, topically apply or spray the solution over the affected part.

Note: You can wash the area with lukewarm water, but avoid hot water as it triggers itching.

Method – 4 (Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey)

Honey is renowned for its amazing healing, antimicrobial and hydrating properties.

Anti-inflammatory ability of honey can reduce redness and inflammation accompanied by rashes.

Its antibacterial property can restrain bacterial infection and lock moisture to avoid itching.

  • Initially, wash the affected part with water and pat dry.
  • Apply 1 tablespoon of raw honey on rashes and allow it to dry for 15 minutes.
  • Rinse it off with lukewarm water and pat dry to remove moisture.
  • Dilute 1:1 ACV with water and apply on jock itch affected area using a cotton
  • Allow it to dry naturally.

Repeat this process before going to bed.

Method-5 (Aloe Gel and Apple Cider Vinegar for Jock Itch)

Known for its cooling and healing properties, aloe vera gel application will reduce inflammation.

Antibacterial ability will ensure to combat infection triggering fungi to prevent itching.

Like other natural ingredients listed above, aloe gel will lock moisture on your skin and prevents irritation.

Method – 6 (ACV and Garlic)

Topical application of garlic may seem strange for you, but those who are aware of its properties will use.

However, if you’re using it for the first time, then I recommend patching test. It may irritate your sensitive skin.

Anecdotal reports claim that garlic and clove paste will reduce inflammation and pain.

  • Extra juice from garlic and add an equal quantity of ACV to it.
  • Apply this mixed lotion on the affected skin using a cotton ball.
  • Allow it for 10-15 minutes and then rinse it off with water.
  • Apply moisturizer like olive oil to avoid irritation.

Method -7 (Apple Cider Vinegar and Onion Juice)

You may not like its smell, but this vegetable can prevent most common fungal infections.

Packed with antibacterial and antibiotic abilities, onion juice can do wonders to treat jock itch.

  • Crush fresh onion to extract its juice and mix equal quantity of vinegar with it.
  • Apply the lotion on the prewashed skin and allow it to dry for 15 minutes.
  • Rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Alternatively, you can add few drops of apple cider vinegar to the bathtub to treat jock itch and other skin ailments.

Important Tips

  • Avoid moisture, this is very important to treat jock itch.
  • Personal hygiene during jock itch will prevent from spreading to other parts of the body.
  • Take regular bath after exercise. Sweating will provide a favorable environment for fungus to grow.
  • Personal care products that include chemical ingredients must be avoided. They strip natural moisture from your skin and trigger irritation.
  • Tight clothes possibly result in fungal infection, avoid them.
  • Avoid stress.
  • Ingest vitamin-rich diet that enhances the healthy functioning of your skin.
  • Foods that trigger irritation must be avoided.
  • Avoid itching or scratching. Yes, it will be tempting to scratch but as you know the cycle continues.
  • If you’ve severe rash, then take rest don’t exercise.
  • To some extent this skin disorder is contagious, so don’t share personal belonging like towel and clothes with others.

Do consult a physician.

Did you ever use apple cider vinegar for jock itch? Please share your experience with our readers.

Tea Tree Oil for Jock Itch

You might have seen or experienced this awkward scratching habit in groin areas. Jock itch is common and effects groin area, buttocks and genitals. Though it is not accompanied by serious health hazard, you must get rid of jock itching because you may hurt yourself by repeated scratching.

Experts recommend to topically applying anti-fungal creams; however these creams aren’t effective for permanent solution. There are few natural home available remedies like tea tree oil for jock itch, which have ability to treat from the root. I’ll leave it to you, to choose anti-fungal creams or natural remedies. (1)

But, remember to practice a good lifestyle along with these remedies. Else, the fungus invades to trigger infection again.

tea tree oil for back acne

What Causes Jock Itch?

  • Itching is mainly triggered due to fungus or bacterial infection.
  • Moist, warm and tight clothing gives favorable condition to these infectious bacteria.
  • Excess sweating, tight clothing and moisture are few causes of jock itch.

Though it’s common in adult men, people with diabetes, obesity and other diseases may experience more jock itch. It all starts with mild itching and then itching spreads to buttocks and two sides of groin areas. Skin in the affected areas becomes in dry, itchy and scaly. If not treated it may turn severe, spreading to genitals. Women can also get infected with this disorder and experience vaginal white discharge.

Note: Jock itch will spread to your partner, so stay away till you get treated.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil to Get Rid of Jock Itch?

Tea tree oil is renowned for healing common skin ailments. Tea tree is native to Australia and has enticed cosmetic world to incorporate into their skin care creams.

  • Antiseptic and anti-fungal activity of this oil will thwart infectious bacteria and fungus in groin areas.
  • Research shows that antibacterial property residing in tea tree oil can reduce acne and bumps that appear in the groin areas.
  • Assorted properties housed in this oil enhance fast healing and reduce itching.
  • When you topically apply the oil, it hydrates your dry skin and heals minor injuries that are caused due to scratching.

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Tea Tree Oil and Almond Oil

almond oil for stretch marks

Naturally almond oil is packed with exceptional nutrients and vitamins. It can be used to cleanse dead cells and other impurities accumulated over affected area. On the other hand tea tree oil stops infection.

  • Mix 18 drops of tea tree oil with 2 tbsp of almond oil thoroughly. Wash the affected area before applying the solution. Best time to apply is before going to bed.
  • Get pure tea tree oil from drug store and apply it over prewashed affected area using cotton ball. You can dilute it with other natural oils if needed.

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Alternatively, you can add few drops of tea tree oil for jock itch in your bath tub before taking bath and make sure to clean groin areas thoroughly.


Excess use of tea tree oil may cause severe rash or inflammation over your skin. Reach your physician if you see any such symptoms. While mixing other natural oils confirm with experts, as in one case lavender oil and tea tree oil triggered allergic reaction.