Milk and Honey for Dry Skin on Your Nose

milk for dry skin on nose

Natural oils surrounding your skin protect it from infectious bacteria and virus. Few external or internal factors reap these natural moisturizing elements, leaving the skin dry and lifeless.

Pricey cosmetic creams can hydrate your skin and help you get rid of itching, but chemicals incorporated in these creams may irritate your sensitive skin. Unlike artificial creams, natural ingredients like milk and honey saturate the dry scaly skin on nose without less or no side-effects.

  • Renowned humectant and antibacterial agents in honey deeply cleanse dead cells and impurities off the skin.
  • Rich antioxidant agents in raw honey thwart free radicals and enhance elasticity of the skin.
  • Antibacterial properties blended in milk and honey help to deeply cleanse the dry skin on nose and face.
  • Moisturizing agents in this mask will penetrate into deeper layers of the skin to hydrate.

How to use Milk & Honey to Remove Dry Skin on Nose

milk and honey face mask

Chemical and fragrance filled soaps and creams stripe natural moisture from the skin, leaving it dry. Apart from this, aging and weather may cause your skin around nose dry. With age, sebaceous glands fail to secrete required amount of sebum to keep the skin moist. The need for an external moisturizer comes here.

  1. Initially cleanse your nose. Use rose water or olive oil, wash your face and apply one of the natural cleansers. Leave it for few minutes and wipe using cotton ball.
  2. Blend milk and honey in a bowl and mix thoroughly. While the skin is still damp, topically apply the mask on the nose just like you do over the face.
  3. Leave it to dry for few minutes.
  4. Then rinse it off using cool water.

Alternatively, you can mix 1 table spoon of unsweetened yogurt with 1 table spoon of raw honey to apply on face and nose. Slightly massage the face mask over dry areas of the nose.

Optionally, follow with a natural moisturizer like jojoba oil.


Milk and honey mask for dry skin on nose works effectively, when you select raw form of its ingredients. Avoid processed milk and honey, as they lack notable nutrients. If you feel irritated after using this homemade face mask, stop its use and reach the physician.

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