7 Benefits of Lemongrass for Skin

I always had a quest for natural homemade food, as they aren’t processed and are filled with nutrients. Unfortunately, we seldom have such nutritious diet in metro cities. However, I do visit my grandmother to fill myself with some vitamin rich things.

Enough about food; your skin also needs natural ingredients for its effective functioning. There are bunch of innate ingredients that can tone your skin and bring lost brightness to it. Lemongrass is one simple yet potent ingredient that can improve your physical appearance.

Lemongrass for skin has abundant benefits because of its rich nutritional profile. Some of the notable elements include myrcene, terpineol, methyl heptenone, limonene and vitamin C. Before dwelling into benefits of this herb, let me put down few points on lemongrass.

lemongrass benefits for skin

Native to India and Sri Lanka, lemongrass is tall with jagged and sharp edges. You’ll love its aroma, which is identical to lemon. Interestingly, you can use lemongrass herb in salads, meats and sauce. Internal consumption of this herb will improve your overall health. Have lemongrass tea regularly to treat chronic skin ailments.

Benefits of Lemongrass for Skin

  1. This perennial grass can be used to exfoliate your skin and remove impurities accumulated over it. Though it has less potent when compared to lemon juice, Western world considered this herb as an ingredient in cosmetic creams.
  2. Like lemon juice, astringent properties in this herb will tighten your skin pores. It also clears dead cells and sebum blocked in pores.
  3. Study concludes that lemongrass essential oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal activity. These properties reduce acne blemishes and fungal infection. A compound limonene is known to exhibit anti-inflammatory activity.lemongrass for skin
  4. Antibacterial properties treat acne and other bacterial infection on the skin.
  5. Antiseptic properties will fasten the healing process of minor burns and injuries.
  6. Before apply your natural moisturizing agents, beauty experts recommend to use lemongrass. Its astringent activity clears impurities and reduces skin pores.
  7. Vitamin C can improve overall functioning of the skin and reduce aging wrinkles.
  8. Assorted nutrients in lemongrass enhance collagen production and improve elasticity of the skin.
  9. Use lemongrass as room spray to destroy insects and mosquitoes.

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How to Use Lemongrass on Skin?

Most people prefer store brought lemongrass essential oil to topically apply over the face. If you’re adventurous and want to try to make your own herbal oil at home, check out below.

Normally this herbal oil is prepared by steam distillation. To prepare it at home, you’ve to infuse carrier oil with lemongrass.

  • Lemongrass stalk –  4 to 6
  • Cheesecloth to strain the oil
  • Mortar and pestle
  • Carrier oil -(Olive oil)
  • A glass container

Crush lemongrass leaves and drop in the container filled with carrier oil. Leave it for a couple of days and strain the oil using cheesecloth.

You can repeat the process to release oil in lemongrass leaves. As it is very strong you’re advised to blend it with other carrier oil.

Before using lemongrass for skin, it’s recommended to patch test to prevent allergic reaction. To apply this herbal oil over the face, wash your face or cleanse it. Pat dry with soft cloth and evenly apply this herbal oil. After 15-20 minutes you can rinse it off.

Blend with jojoba oil or almond oil to massage and relax your skin. Excellent aroma residing in lemongrass can be used in aromatherapy.

Note: Experts stop children, diabetic patients and pregnant women from using lemongrass essential oil. If you see experience allergy symptom like rashes, burning sensation or irritation consult your dermatologist immediately.

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