How to Use Kiwi Face Mask for Skin Whitening and Acne – 7 Methods




I like its distinct taste. If you don’t, then you can make a kiwi face mask at home.

Abundant vitamin C residing in this fruit enhances collagen production and improves elastin.

Along with intense green color and exotic taste, kiwi fruit is renowned for its exceptional nutritional benefits. Also known as Chinese gooseberry, you can use kiwi fruit for skin whitening.

This fruit is brought to New Zealand in the 20th century for cultivation. (1) It got its name after kiwi bird.

Not just kiwi, every fruit is loaded with a boon to be your beauty regimen.

Why shouldn’t you use cosmetic creams?

Cases have been reported about allergic reaction due to repeated use of cosmetic creams. Chemical preservatives stuffed in beauty creams may strip natural moisture from your skin and can damage elastin.

Coming to natural homemade face mask recipes, you don’t have to worry. Filled with essential vitamins and minerals, these innate ingredients improve your skin texture.

Don’t go by my words, check benefits of kiwi face pack by yourself.

Is Kiwi Face Mask Good for Skin?

Packed with high nutrients and low calories, kiwi fruit takes irreplaceable place as a nutritional diet.

Like honey, you can either consume or spread it over your face by making a kiwi face mask. Before discussing the recipe, let’s check out the benefits of this fruit face mask for the skin.

  • According to, studies concluded that taking plant food like kiwi fruit as a diet can reduce obesity and heart diseases. (2)
  • Percentage of vitamin C in kiwi fruit face mask is higher than in any other fruits. Vitamin C exhibits antioxidant properties, which restrains free radicals from damaging skin.
  • Collagen, which plays a vital role in cell building and firmness of skin, is dependent on vitamin C.
  • The fuzzy fiber in kiwis throws toxins from the intestinal tract and improves the functioning of digestive system.
  • Also, vitamin E housed in this fruit has antioxidant properties, which reduce inflammation and stimulates fast healing.
  • Vitamin K helps reduce dark circles under eyes. Traces of vitamin A in kiwis trigger cell repair and remove dark spots from face.
  • Black seeds in kiwis have omega 3 oils, which is great for skin. Alpha hydroxy acids treat acne and postpone aging wrinkles.

With its alluring taste kiwi fruit is stuffed with unmatched nutrients, which benefits your skin.

7 DIY Kiwi Face Mask Recipes

These nutrients listed above makes kiwi face pack to exfoliate and hydrate your skin. Kiwi face pack for acne-prone skin can be topically applied 3-4 times a week.

For dry skin use it once in a week and follow up with a moisturizer. Add this innate face pack to your beauty regimen.

#1. Kiwi Fruit for Skin Whitening

For a flawless skin, beauty experts recommend internal consumption of nutritious diet along with its topical application.

Homemade kiwi face mask helps to exfoliate impurities and dead cells from the skin. Other factors like UV rays, unhealthy diet, and dry patches lead to dark spots or hyperpigmentation.

Vitamins and minerals in this face pack will penetrate deep into the skin and enhance overall functioning.

Note: Repeated application of this face mask may not turn your skin fair. But, it will remove impurities and helps to obtain natural glow on your face.

Vitamin C as mentioned helps to fade wrinkles and antioxidants thwart cell-damaging free radicals.

To make it more effective, blend lemon with kiwi face pack.

  • Peel kiwi fruit and slice into small pieces.
  • Grind the pulp into a smooth paste.
  • Add few drops of lemon juice to it and mix thoroughly.
  • Now, wash your face and apply this homemade face mask.

You can replace lemon juice (if you’ve sensitive skin) with almond oil or olive oil.

Topical application, internal consumption and staying peace will help to obtain glowing skin.

#2. Kiwi and Yogurt Face Mask to Remove Dead Cells


  • Kiwifruit – 1
  • Plain Yogurt – 1 tbsp
  • Virgin Olive oil – 1 tbsp

Stuffed with zinc, lactic acid, and other essential nutrients, yogurt can treat acne; remove dark spots, sheds dead cells and moisturizer the skin.

Olive oil is an excellent moisturizer and protects you from harmful UV rays. Nutrients in this innate oil help to reduce melanin in your skin. Skin whitening properties in olive oil help to reduce the appearance of scars and dark spots.


  • Puree kiwifruit in a bowl, and then add 1 tbsp of plain yogurt (unsweetened) and 1 tbsp of olive oil to it.
  • Mix it thoroughly and refrigerate it.
  • Meanwhile, prepare your face for the natural spa treatment by washing your face and then pat dry.
  • Topically apply the face mask on your face in circular motion. Leave it for 15 minutes and rinse it

To enhance kiwi fruit face mask effect, wash your face with lukewarm water so that pores open up and the nutrients in face pack sink into pores.

#3. Lemon, Honey, and Kiwi Face Mask for Acne

Here come all natural and acne effective ingredients. Anyhow, people with dry skin should limit the use of lemon juice, as it dries your skin. Bleaching ability of lemon is renowned to lighten the appearance of dark spots.

Honey with its unmatched nutrients can be an excellent remedy for acne. Exfoliating property and its other vitamins residing in honey help to obtain radiant skin.


  • Ripe kiwifruit
  • Lemon juice
  • Raw honey – 1 tbsp


  • Mix all listed ingredients in a clean bowl.
  • Prepare your face by washing it with warm water or exposing it to steam.
  • Pat dry and apply the face mask with clean fingers in circular motion.
  • Avoid squeezing pimples, but remember to apply a thick layer over them.
  • Leave it for few minutes or till the face mask dries, then slowing rinse using water.

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As a conditioner apply jojoba oil when the skin is still damp.

#4. Avocado and Kiwi Face Mask for Wrinkles

Vitamin A, B, and C in avocado tighten the skin and remove wrinkles. Mix it with Kiwifruit and its turns out to be an anti-aging face mask.

  • Take pureed avocado and kiwi to a bowl.
  • Optionally add manuka honey to it.
  • Topically spread over the face and let it settle for about 15 minutes and rinse it off with water.

This is how easily you can make your own kiwi face pack at home by adding different ingredients.

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#5. Banana and Kiwi Face Mask

Packed with vitamin A, B, and E, banana helps to combat skin disorders like wrinkles, pimples and promote skin lightening.

Known for its hydrating and healing properties, you can add this home available ingredient to your beauty regimen.

  • Mash ½ banana and add 1 tbsp of plain yogurt to it.
  • Also add kiwi fruit paste to the mask mix thoroughly.
  • Wash your face and apply the face mask evenly.
  • Allow it to dry naturally for 15-20 minutes.
  • Rinse it off with water.

#6. Kiwi, Strawberry and Fuller’s Earth

Like other fruits, strawberry is packed with a rich source of vitamin C that encourages collagen production and lightens your skin.

Folic acid residing in this fruit face mask helps to promote cell regeneration.

Fuller’s earth or multani mitti is renowned for its cosmetic benefits. Topical application of this clay will remove impurities, excess oil and dead cells piled on your face.

  • Initially, mash peeled kiwi and strawberry in a bowl.
  • Add fuller’s earth and sandalwood powder the paste.
  • Mix well and apply it to your pre-washed
  • After 15 minutes, when the nutrients in the mask are absorbed by your skin rinse it off with water.

#7. Egg Yolk and Kiwi Face Mask

Egg yolk is loaded with protein that promotes elasticity of your skin. Zinc, vitamin B3, B2 and A work together to fight free radicals and slow down the aging process.

Assorted vitamins in this mask help to tighten your skin and clear impurities.

  • Mash ½ kiwi fruit in a bowl and add 1 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil to it.
  • Also, add 1 egg yolk and mix thoroughly.
  • Now, wash your face with water and pat dry using a soft cloth.
  • Apply the mixed face mask and allow it to dry naturally for 15 minutes.
  • Rinse it off with water.

Interesting Facts about Kiwi Fruit

  • It has 3 times more vitamin C than oranges.
  • The high amount of minerals packed in kiwi fruit regulates blood pressure and maintain body fluids.
  • Vitamin E, as mentioned above prevents aging wrinkles.
  • It repairs your body tissues.
  • Nutrients in this kiwi face mask will thwart infectious germs.
  • Ingesting this fruit will boost your immune system.

Is it enough to apply kiwi face mask to obtain skin whitening?

No, along with topical application internal consumption is essential to obtain ideal skin texture.

Ingest foods that promote skin whitening and drink enough water regularly.

If you hate to consume excess water, then replace it with fruit juice.

Also, avoid stress. Studies prove that stress or depression may result in chronic skin ailments.


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