How to Get Rid of Acne Overnight: 12 Remedies That Work

get rid of acne

get rid of acne

Are you one of them who are struggling with acne prone and sensitive skin? Fed up with all expensive skin care products and still not able to get clear and smooth skin? If yes, read the complete article to know the best remedies to get rid of acne easily probably overnight.

I know they always seem to hit you before an important even or a vacation or night out. This article will provide you 12 effective remedies that will help you to get rid of acne overnight without any side effects.

But remember one thing everyone skin is different, and what works really well for someone may not work for others. So, before using any remedy directly on the acne prone area, make sure you have done patch test on skin. If you experience any irritation and allergy symptoms on the skin then it’s not the right remedy for you.

12 Effective Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Acne

#1 Tooth Paste:

Toothpaste is one of the best remedy to get rid of pimples overnight. The anti bacterial properties in toothpaste will eliminate bacteria and dries out the pimple completely.

What You Need To Do:

  • Take little amount of white toothpaste on your finger and apply directly on the pimple using a cotton swab.
  • Leave it overnight and let it work as a magic to remove acne.

#2 Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar acts as anti bacterial agent that reduces bacteria in the skin. The acidic nature of it controls the production of oil under the skin and acts as astringent.

What You Need To Do:

  • Mix 2 parts of coconut oil with one part of apple cider vinegar and apply it on the skin.
  • Let it remain for 5-7 minutes before washing it.

#3 Lemon Juice:

Lemon Juice is rich in vitamin C and that helps to dry out the pimple very fast.

What You Need To Do:

  • Dip a cotton ball in fresh lemon juice and apply it on the pimples before going to bed and wash it off with warm water in the morning.
  • You can even mix little amount of lemon juice with cinnamon powder and apply it on your pimples to see excellent results.

#4 Aloe Vera:

The anti inflammatory and healing properties in aloe vera are effectively used in acne treatments. It even contains salicylic acid and sulphur that prevents pimples easily.

What You Need To Do:

Take little amount of ale vera gel and apply it on the pimples and leave it overnight.

#5 Aspirin And Warm Water:

Aspirin contains salycilic acid which is effective in treating acne.

What You Need To Do:

  • Crush aspirin pill and add little amount of warm water to form like a thick paste and apply it on pimples of your skin.

#6 Ice:

Ice has the ability to reduce inflammation, redness and swelling caused by pimples.

What You Need To Do:

  • Take few cubes of ice and wrap them in a cotton towel and apply it to your pimple for few minutes.
  • Don’t keep it for long because it results in causing burning sensation on your skin.

#7 Lavender Essential Oil:

The anti bacterial, antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties in lavender essential oil works perfect in preventing pimples and healing them accurately.

What You Need To Do:

  • Apply a drop of lavender essential oil on pimple and let it dry and reapply after few hours or leave it overnight.

#8 Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil is effective in reducing inflammation and fights against bacteria that cause acne due to its powerful anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties.

What You Need To Do:

Add few drops of tea tree oil to one table spoon of coconut oil and apply it on your pimple and leave it overnight.

#9 Sesame Oil:

Sesame oil contains protein and antioxidant compound called sesamol. It even contains Vitamin A and E that smoothens your skin and unclog the pores of your skin.

What You Need To Do:

  • Soak cotton ball in a teaspoon of sesame oil and apply it on your pimple.
  • Leave it for 20 minutes and wash it off with mild cleanser.

#10 Green Tea:

Green tea not only helps you in losing weight and maintaining healthy body. It is also effective in reducing skin infections including acne. The anti inflammatory properties in green tea fights against inflammation that caused by pimples due to its high content of flavonoids.

What You Need To Do:

Steep green tea bag and apply it on the affected areas.

#11 Steam:

Steaming will allow your skin pores to breathe and helps to get rid of oils, dirt and bacteria in your pores that cause inflammation.

What You Need To Do:

  • Boil a small pot of water and pour them in a large bowl once it reaches to highest boiling point.
  • Steam your face with a towel over your head by adding few drops of any essential oil.
  • Do it for 5-10 minutes and then relax. Repeat it for 2 times in a day.

#12 Honey And Cinnamon Mask:

Honey and cinnamon both are excellent sources of antioxidants that fight against bacteria and reducing inflammation caused by acne.

What You Need To Do:

  • Take one tea spoon of honey and ½ tea spoon of cinnamon, mix them together.
  • Apply it directly on your pimples and leave it overnight to get rid of acne.

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