Hemp Seed Oil for Rosacea

hemp seed oil for rosacea

Repeatedly using steroid creams and other remedies without any positive effective is the most annoying thing anyone could have. In my case natural remedies always turned out to be the best option.

I don’t assure that using hemp seed oil for rosacea will work for everyone.

Even most effective home remedies showed adverse reaction on sensitive people. So, you must patch test before topically applying hemp seed oil.

As most of you know that rosacea results in red inflamed bumps over the face, chest and ears. It not just spoils your appearance; but this adult acne like ailment will ruin your social life.

There are many creams and face wash products, which claim to reduce rosacea. But, these creams can restrain red blotches for no longer than a month.

So, will you’ve to adjust with it?

No, there are hundreds of home remedies that can reduce rosacea symptoms from the root.

Unlike cosmetic creams, natural remedies are inexpensive and have no side-effects. Apart from treating ailment, exceptional nutrients residing in hemp seed oil can enhance overall functioning of the skin.

Hemp Seed Oil for Rosacea

This oil is derived from cannabis, which is known for its narcotic properties. But, today beauty experts and cosmetic industries are aware of the nutritional benefits of hemp seed oil.

Vitamins and minerals in hemp seed oil are prominent to treat acne, hydrate skin, promote healthy functioning of the heart, stimulate hair growth and improve overall health.

  • Omega-3&6 fatty acids housed in hemp seed oil can effectively reduce rosacea and other skin ailments.
  • Gamma linoleic acid in this oil is known to reduce inflammation.
  • Essential fatty acids lock the moisture and relieve skin from itching.
  • Nutrients in the oil improve elasticity of the skin and reduce redness caused by rosacea flare-ups.
  • Cannabinoids can balance cell growth and relieve from rosacea inflammation.
  • Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3 and E packed in hemp seed oil can enhance collagen production and make your skin wrinkle free.

Though main cause of rosacea is unknown, experts say stress and food can increase flare-ups. You can check the list of factors that trigger rosacea here.

Before trying any natural remedy, you must avoid foods that can increase the ailment. Alcohol, spicy food, stress, long exposure to sun, hot beverages and some medication are known to trigger the ailment.

How to Use Hemp Seed Oil to Treat Rosacea?

According to experts and few studies, internal and topical usage of hemp seed oil is safe and proved to be effective.

For internal consumption, eat 2 tablespoon hemp seeds regularly to reduce eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.

  • Cleanse the rosacea affected area with water and pat dry using cloth.
  • Don’t squeeze or pitch bumps while cleansing.
  • Mix few drops of lavender oil with unrefined hemp seed oil and apply it over flare-ups using cotton ball.
  • Leave it to dry naturally.

Lavender oil is renowned to reduce stress and is extensively used in aromatherapy. When you apply it over the skin, its healing and calming properties reduce rosacea effectively.

Hemp seed oil for rosacea is an excellent remedy, as it can restrain other ailments and improve your skin texture. But, remember that you must avoid irritants that trigger the ailment and include vitamin rich diet.

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