Hemp Seed Oil for Eczema – 5 DIY recipes Included

Though it belongs to cannabis (marijuana) species, experts say that hemp seeds do not cause a psychotropic reaction. Instead, it benefits your health and skin. Don’t skip you’ll learn how to use hemp seed oil for eczema in this article.

Hemp seeds are packed with polyunsaturated and essential fatty acids namely omega- 3 & omega- 6, which can enhance overall functioning of the skin.

Anecdotal reports claim that ingesting hemp seed oil or its topical application will treat chronic skin ailments like eczema and psoriasis.

The inclusion of hemp seeds in food products is prohibited in Australia; anyhow it’s permitted in New Zealand in 2002. (1)

Before you jump on to benefits of hemp seed oil, I’d like to write few lines on this chronic skin ailment.

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How Does Eczema Start?

Researchers state that specific cause of eczema is unknown. However, hereditary and other external factors are held responsible for this adverse reaction.

Rashes, scaly skin, extreme itching and oozing flare-ups are common symptoms of this ailment.

Unfortunately, you can’t treat eczema permanently. Even with steroid creams and natural remedies, eczema can’t be cured. However, dermatologist recommends staying away from irritants that may trigger the reaction. (2)

Can Hemp Seed Oil Treat Eczema?

hemp seed oil for eczema

Though there is no strong scientific evidence to back its ability to treat atopic dermatitis, anecdotal reports claim to be effective. (3)

Below listed are exceptional benefits of this natural oil that can reduce eczema inflammation.

    • Omega -3&6 fatty acids housed in this oil help to retain lost moisture over the skin.
    • The hydrating activity of hemp seed oil helps to eliminate dry skin and itching.
    • The nutritional ability this oil strengthens skin cells and enhance the healing process.
    • Essential fatty acids make the skin smooth, elastic and reduce inflammation.
    • Internal consumption of hemp seed oil will emit toxins and other waste from the body, which ultimately benefit your skin.
    • Edestin and albumin packed in hemp seed improve digestion and also avoid allergic reaction including eczema on the skin. (4)
    • High concentration of gamma linolenic acid enhance your overall skin functioning. It makes your skin smooth, well-hydrated, supple and free from ailments. (5)
    • Vitamin A, E, D and B-complex housed in this oil, penetrates deep into the skin and enhance collagen production, thwart free radicals, regenerate cells, locks moisture, protect skin from harmful UV rays and exfoliate dead skin cells.

How to Use Hemp Seed Oil for Eczema?

Dr. Axe recommends internal consumption of 2 tablespoons of hemp seeds to treat chronic skin ailments like eczema.

Studies back both internal consumption and topical application of hemp seed oil. (6)

To make it more effective depending on your skin type you can blend different natural ingredients with hemp seed oil.

#1 Hemp Seed Oil and Lavender Oil

Lavender essential oil is prominent in aromatherapy for its healing and calming ability. Stress, which is one among the triggers of eczema, can be reduced by inhaling lavender oil.

  • Cleanse the affected skin to wipe dead scaly patches and impurities.
  • Pat dry using a soft
  • When the skin is still damp, blend unrefined hemp seed oil with few drops of lavender oil and apply it over eczema affected part.
  • Leave it to dry naturally.

Avoid scratching while washing eczema flare-ups. Don’t use hot water, as it irritates your skin.

#2 Hemp Seed Oil and Avocado

  • Grind 1 ripe avocado after peeling its skin.
  • Add ¼ cup of hemp seed oil and 2 teaspoons of Spirulina powder.
  • Blend all ingredients to form a smooth
  • Before applying this facial, beauty experts recommend cleansing your skin.
  • Apply the mask evenly when the skin is still damp.
  • Rinse it off after 15-20 minutes. (Source)

#3 Internal Consumption of Hemp Seed Oil

As mentioned above, you can ingest hemp seeds to improve your overall health. Reports also claim that consuming 1-2 tablespoons of cold pressed hemp seed oil can treat atopic dermatitis.

Experts recommend starting with a small amount and increasing if things go well with you. This process will avoid traces of THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) in hemp seed oil.

Fortunately, there are few beauty bloggers who made different recipes with hemp seeds. You can try them. Just sprinkle 2 tablespoons of hemp seeds in your salad or yogurt and ingest regularly.

#4 Hemp Seed Oil to Treat Eczema

If you’d like to keep it simple, wash your skin with water and pat dry.

Take organic or unrefined hemp seed oil from a local store and apply it over prewashed skin.

Start with small amount and leave it to dry naturally.

It’s better to patch test before applying it over the face.

#5 Shea Butter and Hemp Seed Oil

If you’ve more time and zeal to try new things on our skin, blend hemp seed oil, shea butter and lavender oil in required amount.

Mix all ingredients and apply it over prewashed skin.

You can replace shea butter with cocoa butter and blend it with hemp seed oil.

Hemp Seed Oil for Baby Eczema

Though there are few health related blogs to claim it effective towards infants. I personally recommend consulting your physician before trying it over your baby’s skin.

Because there are few cases, where even natural oils irritated adult’s skin. So, its not safe to use them directly. Consult physician and patch test before using it.

How to Store and Buying Tips

Go for cold pressed hemp seed oil. Also, check ‘best before’ date prior purchasing the product.

Once you opened the container, place it in an airtight container. You can refrigerate it for 1-year use. However, read instructions given by the manufacturer.

Important Tips

  • Prevent eating foods that may trigger eczema. (Check the list here)
  • Avoid contact with substances that irritate your skin.
  • Avoid scratching repeatedly, it’s difficult to stop but moisturizing will help you out.
  • Drink enough water to hydrate your skin from inside.
  • Practice hygienic lifestyle.
  • Patch test before using hemp seed oil to treat eczema.
  • Consult doctor to treat this ailment.
  • Include vitamin rich diet to improve the overall functioning of the skin. (source)
  • Avoid moisture over the affected part, as bacterial infection triggers with sweat.
  • Avoid stress by taking enough sleep and regularly mediate if needed.
  • Regularly use your natural remedy to treat this ailment.

Did you ever use hemp seed oil for eczema? Your views are valuable to us, comment below.

Stay happy. Stay healthy.

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Hemp Seed Oil for Rosacea

hemp seed oil for rosacea

Repeatedly using steroid creams and other remedies without any positive effective is the most annoying thing anyone could have. In my case natural remedies always turned out to be the best option.

I don’t assure that using hemp seed oil for rosacea will work for everyone.

Even most effective home remedies showed adverse reaction on sensitive people. So, you must patch test before topically applying hemp seed oil.

As most of you know that rosacea results in red inflamed bumps over the face, chest and ears. It not just spoils your appearance; but this adult acne like ailment will ruin your social life.

There are many creams and face wash products, which claim to reduce rosacea. But, these creams can restrain red blotches for no longer than a month.

So, will you’ve to adjust with it?

No, there are hundreds of home remedies that can reduce rosacea symptoms from the root.

Unlike cosmetic creams, natural remedies are inexpensive and have no side-effects. Apart from treating ailment, exceptional nutrients residing in hemp seed oil can enhance overall functioning of the skin.

Hemp Seed Oil for Rosacea

This oil is derived from cannabis, which is known for its narcotic properties. But, today beauty experts and cosmetic industries are aware of the nutritional benefits of hemp seed oil.

Vitamins and minerals in hemp seed oil are prominent to treat acne, hydrate skin, promote healthy functioning of the heart, stimulate hair growth and improve overall health.

  • Omega-3&6 fatty acids housed in hemp seed oil can effectively reduce rosacea and other skin ailments.
  • Gamma linoleic acid in this oil is known to reduce inflammation.
  • Essential fatty acids lock the moisture and relieve skin from itching.
  • Nutrients in the oil improve elasticity of the skin and reduce redness caused by rosacea flare-ups.
  • Cannabinoids can balance cell growth and relieve from rosacea inflammation.
  • Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3 and E packed in hemp seed oil can enhance collagen production and make your skin wrinkle free.

Though main cause of rosacea is unknown, experts say stress and food can increase flare-ups. You can check the list of factors that trigger rosacea here.

Before trying any natural remedy, you must avoid foods that can increase the ailment. Alcohol, spicy food, stress, long exposure to sun, hot beverages and some medication are known to trigger the ailment.

How to Use Hemp Seed Oil to Treat Rosacea?

According to experts and few studies, internal and topical usage of hemp seed oil is safe and proved to be effective.

For internal consumption, eat 2 tablespoon hemp seeds regularly to reduce eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.

  • Cleanse the rosacea affected area with water and pat dry using cloth.
  • Don’t squeeze or pitch bumps while cleansing.
  • Mix few drops of lavender oil with unrefined hemp seed oil and apply it over flare-ups using cotton ball.
  • Leave it to dry naturally.

Lavender oil is renowned to reduce stress and is extensively used in aromatherapy. When you apply it over the skin, its healing and calming properties reduce rosacea effectively.

Hemp seed oil for rosacea is an excellent remedy, as it can restrain other ailments and improve your skin texture. But, remember that you must avoid irritants that trigger the ailment and include vitamin rich diet.

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Hemp Seed Oil for Psoriasis

hemp seed oil for psoriasis

Desire to look gorgeous isn’t sin, but things get worse when chronic ailments enter. Essential vitamins and minerals make hemp seed oil for psoriasis one of the best home remedies.

Few months back in a village I happened to meet a teenager whose scalp was filled with dry scaly patches. When inquired, he said its psoriasis. I asked him to hydrate the scalp with coconut oil to get rid of dryness.

It’s embarrassing to have chronic skin ailments. They almost ruin your physical appearance and shatter your social life. Thankfully, there are many home remedies that can relieve from this chronic ailment.

What triggers this skin ailment?

There are different theories rolling around causes of psoriasis. Still, mere cause of this ailment is unknown. Reports say that emotional stress, hereditary and foods like meat, fried food, dairy products, alcohol, citrus fruits may trigger psoriasis lesions.

During psoriasis, skin cells are generated with a rapid rate and the skin fails to shed them on time. As a result, silver scaly lesions are formed on different parts of the body including scalp.

Experts say that there is no permanent treatment for psoriasis, but you can reduce its symptoms with steroid creams, oral medication and home remedies. Of all, home remedies are inexpensive and aren’t associated with any side-effects.

Excellent thing about innate ingredients is, assorted vitamins in them will enhance your overall skin functioning.

Note: Patch test before applying hemp seed oil on the skin.

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Hemp Seed Oil for Psoriasis

  • Omega-3 fatty acids residing in hemp oil can improve cell membrane, hydrate skin cells and wipe accumulated dead cells.
  • Topical application or internal consumption of omega-3 fatty acids showed significant improvement in psoriasis condition. (1)
  • Linoleic acid packed in hemp oil is converted to gamma linoleic acid in your body, which helps to reduce inflammation and balances the hormones. (2)
  • Both omega -3 &6 fatty acids are renowned for their exceptional benefits for healthy skin. They lock the moisture on the skin and relieve from itching.
  • Study claims that cannabinoids helps to inhibit rapid growth of skin cells and reduce inflammation.
  • Because of its anti-inflammatory ability, hemp seed oil can effectively slow down the cell generation cycle.
  • Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, D and E improve overall functioning of skin by making your skin supple and wrinkle free.

These were few notable benefits of hemp seed oil, which attracted many cosmetic industries. You can check the ingredients list of prominent beauty products for hemp seed oil extracts.

How to Use Hemp Seed Oil to Treat Psoriasis?

There are different ways you can use this innate remedy to relieve psoriasis. Both internal usage and topical application have shown positive effective.

According to DrAxe.com, consuming 2 tablespoons of hemp seed everyday will relieve common skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis.

  1. Wash the affected area with water or cleanse it to remove hanging silver patches.
  2. Make sure to be gentle and avoid scratching.
  3. Pat dry using soft cloth.
  4. Take unrefined hemp seed oil and damp the oil over prewashed lesions using cotton ball.
  5. Alternatively, mix hemp seed oil, shea butter and lavender oil to make it more effective.
  6. Aromatic smell of lavender oil can relieve you from stress and depression.

Repeat the process twice in a week for positive results. Linoleic acid housed in this oil increases sebum production and thus helps to improve skin texture.

Simple isn’t it?

Will you try hemp seed oil for psoriasis?

Important note: Though benefits of hemp seed oil seem enough to reduce psoriasis, you must consult dermatologist before trying this innate remedy. Pregnant women must stay away from using such remedies.

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Hemp Seed Oil for Acne and Acne Scars

hemp seed oil for acne

Acne is the most common cosmetic problem faced by many teenagers. Most of them ignore, while others turn to chemical incorporated creams that can irritate the skin.

Fortunately, there are many natural oils that can help to treat acne. In this article I’ll discuss on how you can use hemp seed oil for acne and acne scars.

Inflammation, hormonal imbalance and dead cells are main causes of acne breakouts. Excess production of sebum gets clogged at skin pores, where dead cells and bacteria accumulated.

Squeezing pimples will leave large dark scar on the face. There are many cases where regular application of cosmetic creams resulted in allergic reaction. Though most cosmetic manufacturing industries claim to include natural ingredients, they often refine them to increase the shelf life of the product.

Why Hemp Seed Oil for Acne?

Let me first burst this myth that dry skin will reduce acne. Experts say that sebum is not our enemy. Hemp seed oil has 57% of linoleic acid, which is also found in sebum. So, topical application of hemp seed oil will make the sebum much smoother and softer.

  • Unlike beauty creams, this innate oil will unblock your skin pores. It has comedogenic rating “0”, which means that it will not result in acne break-outs.
  • Experts say that when linoleic acid isn’t available, your skin produces oleic acid for sebum. The resulted sebum is drier and firm, which gets blocked at skin pores to form blackheads. Hemp seed oil provides needed linoleic acid to skin and makes the sebum smoother, so it doesn’t clog.
  • Anti-inflammatory property residing in this oil reduces redness and pain around acne bumps.
  • Moisturizing ability of this oil helps to get rid of dry itchy patches.
  • Non-comedogenic activity of hemp seed oil helps to cleanse impurities and oil, blocked in skin pores.
  • Omega – 3 and 6 fatty acids helps to enhance healthy functioning of the skin.
  • Vitamin A, E, potassium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium housed in the oil increases blood flow, lighten acne scars and thwart free radicals preventing wrinkles.

How to Use Hemp Seed Oil for Acne Scars and Acne?

Using hemp seed oil on face for treating acne is the easiest thing in the world. To reap all these nutritional benefits listed above, you must go for organic hemp seed oil.

  1. Initially, you must remove impurities and dead cells piled on the face. You can either use lukewarm water so that blocked pores open up or cleanse with gram flour mask.
  2. Use a soft cloth to pat dry.
  3. Take generous amount of hemp seed oil in your left palm and start applying it over the face.
  4. Leave the oil to dry for about 20 minutes.
  5. Rinse it off with water. Exfoliate to remove traces of oil on the skin.

Depending on your skin type and weather, apply natural moisturizer after this face mask treatment. Use it twice or thrice in a week.

Consuming hemp seed oil will increase linoleic acid levels in sebum and helps to treat acne. Take 1-2 tablespoons of oil every day.

You can use this natural remedy to remove makeup. Apart from treating acne, regular application of hemp seed oil for acne scars is recommended. Even after treating acne blemishes, deep large scars are left behind. Vitamins and minerals residing in hemp seed oil will stimulate collagen production and lighten scars.

Apart from acne, you can reduce eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, inflammation, itchy skin and other chronic skin ailments.

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