14 Interesting Facts about Carrots

facts about carrots

Carrots which are known for its nutritional benefits have some interesting facts under it. Normally we found of carrots in orange color, they’re available in red, purple and white colors.

Let’s read interesting facts about carrots

  1. In digestion only 3% of the β-carotene in carrot can be released, if you cook, make juice or chew this can be improved to 39%.
  2. Carrots are rich source of vitamins which can cure acne, eczema and dry skin disease.
  3. Rabbits love to eat carrots because of its sweetness, anyway they shouldn’t eat more. It’s better if they eat carrot tops.
  4. You can trace carrot back from 5000 years.
  5. Initially carrots were grown for medicine not for food, for various ailments.
  6. After potatoes carrots are most popular vegetable.
  7. Carrot is a root vegetable, not a fruit.
  8. Carrots grown with other vegetables will yield in more production of other vegetables. (Tomato grown with carrot will yield more tomatoes)
  9. There are about 100 different species of carrots, which differ in size and color.
  10. Heaviest carrot was record more than 18 pounds and longest carrot is over 19 feet. (source)
  11. The word carrot has been derived from the Geek word “karoton”.
  12. In 1600s English women used to wear carrot leaves in their hat.
  13. Adults in US eat about 12 pounds of carrot per year.
  14. Carrot consumed in juice or after steaming has more nutritional value than boiled or raw carrot.

How to consume and how to make carrot juice interesting post to read. If you know more interesting facts about carrot share in comments.

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