Calendula for Yeast Infection

calendula for yeast infection

Calendula is an herb that has been used for culinary as well as cosmetic purpose since Ancient times. While its cream is still been used to sanitize minor wounds, Americans consider it to treat assorted skin infections. They are delicate but it’s packed with innate properties that can effectively soothe few skin conditions.  Calendula for yeast infection is an excellent relief from vigorous itching and inflammation.

Yeast infection is triggered when the good bacteria fail to control yeast (fungus) growth. Severe itching and redness are few symptoms of this skin infection.

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How Can Calendula for Yeast Infection Works?

  • Greeks and Romans used calendula in ceremonies and rituals. As its petals are edible you can use it in salads or to color cheese with dried petals.
  • Ancient writings documented its medical use, it’s recommended to treat ailments of the digestive tract.
  • Because of its renowned healing properties, Americans used calendula in civil war to heal wounds.
  • Pharmacological studies show that it has anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antigenotoxic properties.
  • Its antiseptic agents restrain infection causing bacteria.
  • Nutritional property of this herb enhances collagen production to heal wounds and fade scars.
  • Though you can reduce swelling with calendula, it depletes pain.

How to Use Calendula

  • Crush fresh calendula leaves and topically apply them over affected area regularly.
  • You can also add dried calendula leaves to your body lotion. (Click here)
  • Borrow this herb from garden nearby, or get calendula capsule from the market.
  • Have a tea made from calendula leaves to treat yeast infection.

Avoid using calendula if you’re pregnant.

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Did you ever use calendula for treating yeast infection? Please share your views in comments.

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