Home Remedies for Boils on Inner Thighs

You might have seen a large swollen part on your face, armpits or in nose. Usually boils start with red lump and it turns painful filled with pus as it grows. Boils are of different types depending on the infection and its size.

Though they’re common, boils on inner thighs are not expected as they cause great discomfort. But, luckily most boils get reduced as time passes. Anyhow, it’s not easy to live with painful pus on thighs. Before dwelling into home remedies for boils on inner thighs, let’s check out what actually causes these lumps.

What Causes Boils on Inner Thighs?

The bacteria and fungi stay on your skin without any infection. But a cut, injury or wound breaks the skin and allows the bacteria to enter the skin to trigger infection. Staph bacteria is the one which enters your skin and spreads infection in hair follicle. This type of boil is commonly known as furuncle boil.

Other causes include allergic reaction, weak immune system, poor hygiene, less nutritional diet, sharing shaving blades, sharing toiletries and scratching repeatedly.

At times boils may increase in size to cause discomfort and harm. The red lumps can appear at any part of the body where there is a hair follicle. When pus filled lumps lands on genitals, it may lead to jock itch.

Signs and Symptoms of Boils

As mentioned above, initially red swollen lump can be seen on hair follicles. As times passes, this lump will be filled with pus and is accompanied by itch and pain. Severe boils may cause fever and fatigue.

Depending on infection, boils can be broadly classified into 6 types. (source: webmd.com)

  • Furuncle boil
  • Carbuncle
  • Cystic Acne
  • Armpit and Groin
  • Pilonidal Abscess
  • Stye

Home remedies to Get Rid of Boils on Inner Thighs

Normal boils need no serious medication; you can treat them at home. But you must visit physician when a serious golf sized bump lands on your body. Often the bump is soft and spongy. Experts recommend placing warm cloth over the pus filled lump repeatedly for 3-4 times a day. If you want to try other remedies, then have a look below.

1. Treating with Tea

tea bags for boils on thighs

Don’t throw tea bags after using them. Let it cool down and place it over boils on inner thighs. As tea is filled with antioxidant and assorted nutrients, it can instantly heal boils and other skin ailments.

2. Warm Bath

When you wash boils with warm water or place warm cloth, it improves blood circulation around the boil and erupt the boil. Clean and wrap the busted lump and apply antiseptic cream if needed. Else the bacteria residing in the busted boil may spread to other parts of the body.

3. Apple cider vinegar to get rid of boils

Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agents packed in ACV will reduce pain and restrain further bacterial infection. Dilute apple cider vinegar with water and apply topically over the boil using cotton ball.

Instead of water you can add honey or lime juice (with water). Leave the applied paste for about 30 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

4. Aloe vera gel for boils

Nutrients in aloe gel have exceptional benefits for skin related ailments. Its antibacterial and hydrating activity enhances healing and kills bacteria. Anti-inflammatory agents in aloe gel can reduce swelling and pain.

Take fresh aloe leaf and remove its skin after washing it thoroughly. Apply the obtained gel over boils and leave it for 20-30 minutes. Repeat the process daily to see the swelling wipes away.

5. Toothpaste for boils on inner thighs

Almost all pastes include cleansing and hydrating ingredients in it. Apply the toothpaste over boils and rinse it off after 15 minutes. Repeated use will burst the boil and pus drains away. Wrap the busted lump with cloth or bandage.

6. Cornmeal to get rid of boils

cornmeal for boils on inner thighs

Absorptive properties in cornmeal can treat boils when applied topically. Mix 1 tablespoon of cornmeal with hot water to make thick paste. Apply the paste over boils and wrap it with cloth and leave it for 30 minutes.

Repeat the process daily and you’ll see positive results as time passes.

7. Tea tree oil to get rid of boils

Tea tree oil is different from tea bags. Tea tree oil also packed with antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory agents. Along with this, rich nutrients in this oil will enhance healthy functioning of the skin.

Dip cotton swab in tea tree oil and apply it over boils. Alternatively, mix it with warm water and add lavender oil to it.

8. Turmeric for Boils

Turmeric powder is renowned for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Indians use turmeric powder as a first aid and it’s been used by many cosmetic industries to enhance acne healing. Curcumin, the compound in turmeric helps to relive you from severe pain.

Mix turmeric powder with vinegar or boiled milk and apply it over boils. Leave it for 30 minutes so that nutrients start affecting and relive you from discomfort.

9. Neem for boils on inner thighs

neem and turmeric face pack

It’s renowned to treat various chronic skin diseases like measles, acne, eczema and psoriasis. Natural antiseptic and antioxidants in neem leaves stimulates healing and reduce pain.

10. Onion for boils

Onion juice when comes in contact with infection, it exhibits antiseptic and antimicrobial activity. It also reduces redness and pain because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Slice fresh onion and wrap it over boils using a cloth. Remove it after 30-40 minutes and replace it with other sliced onion pieces.

There are many prominent home remedies to get rid of boils on inner thighs, but for severe boils we recommend consulting doctor. Did you ever try anyone of the above home remedies? Share in comments.

home remedies for boils on inner thighs

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