Why I See Black Lines on Fingernails?

Your nails are like 20 mini mirrors to your over health. A slight discoloration or a vertical black line on fingernails reveals that you’re unhealthy. Though they’re not associated with any serious condition, in some cases it may trigger pain and ruin your physical appearance.

When you dig deep into causes of black or brown discoloration of nails, you’ll find various internal and external factors as culprit. Few among them include vitamin deficiency, low intake of nutrients, stress and other health diseases.

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black lines on fingernails


Apart from this, most worrying cause would be nail melanoma known as subungual melanoma. Excess production of melanin at the same part of the nail results in these vertical lines. Dark skinned people are prone to get melanoma. Based on a review in 75% cases big toe or thumb gets affected with black lines.

If you see the vertical line is increasing at the bottom of the nail, you must at once reach dermatologist without delay, because the pigment is penetrating deep into the skin. Based on your age, hereditary and the length of melanoma, doctor carries the treatment.

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An external trauma can also leave a black streak over nails. Likewise deficiency in B12, zinc, calcium and other vitamins in your diet leave your nails discolored. Anyhow, don’t judge by yourself, consult your doctor for diagnosis. In case of nail melanoma, a surgery will be performed this involves removing of complete nail complex.

Like your face, nails also need utmost care. If not you may end up with some really serious health issues. Women need to check out their nails regularly has most of them use chemical filled nail polish to decorate their sensitive nails. Repeated application and removal of nail polish will make your nails weak and brittle.

Black lines on fingernails are serious if the cause is melanoma. So don’t delay and reach your dermatologist right away.


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