Baby Eczema Symptoms, Causes, Treatments and Triggers

Unlike eczema in adults, baby eczema is common and treatable. Dry itchy patches flare up on your baby’s skin.

In most cases these patches are wiped out naturally, in other cases you must practice a moisturizing remedy prescribed by doctor. 10 to 15 percent of babies are affected by atopic dermatitis or infantile eczema.

Where it appears and what does it look like?

red baby eczema rashes

Dry, red, itchy and crusty eczema patches may appear anywhere on baby’s skin, but in most cases flare ups can be seen on fore head, cheeks, scalp and over joints.

You may confuse eczema rashes with cradle cap rashes. Cradle cap rashes normally occurs on baby’s scalp, it is harmless and does not usually itchy (goes off in 8 months).

What causes baby eczema?

Scientists are researching to find the exact cause of eczema, right now cause for eczema in adults and babies are unknown.

But few experts say that dry skin and hereditary can cause eczema flare ups.

Skin is barrier which protects inner parts and natural oils present on skin helps it to work efficiently. When these natural oils are stripped either by using harsh soaps or by hydrating baby from inside the body, dry skin appears which results in itch-scratch cycle.

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Or if anyone in parents have hay fever or asthma or diseases which are associated with eczema, then eczema flare ups may appear.

Does this patch go away by itself?

In most cases red itchy patches goes away when your infants grow up. Only small number of children will carry it to adolescence age. Anyway, remissions may appear in different stages of life. Avoiding dry skin by applying moisturizer will work.

Baby Eczema Triggers?

Triggers or irritations increases flare-ups and may make the situation worse. But remember that eczema triggers will not be same for all babies. Here are common eczema triggers.

#1 Dry skin

It causes itching, which increase eczema condition. Dry skin is caused when you use soaps with alcohol as ingredient. They strip natural oils from skin leaving it dry from the outside. Climate can also make skin dry; like winter. The dry air makes skin dry by stimulating itching.


Apply moisturizer prescribed by doctor and use humidifier in your room when air outside is dry. Prefer moisturizing soaps. Hot water leaves your baby’s skin dry, instead go for lukewarm water.

#2 Stress

Babies with eczema react to stress by flushing, which leads to itching.


Keep yourselves stress free to calm your babies.

“When parents stress, the kids are going to be stressed,” says Andrew Garner, MD (source: WebMD)

#3 Irritants

Keep your babies away from wool or synthetic fibers which trigger itching, also from body sprays, perfumes and soaps or creams which are made for adults.

Sweat and heat can make infant eczema worse.


If you’re not sure which type of clothes are your baby’s skin love, take advice from other or consult your doctor.

#4 Allergens

According to WebMD still there is a debate on food allergies triggering eczema. Few experts suggest that removing cow’s milk, peanuts and eggs from baby’s diet may help to reduce eczema flare ups.

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Treating Baby’s Eczema

If you want to get rid awkward looking rashes on your baby’s skin then you may try below suggested tips. (Few of them are already discussed above, will repeat it here)

  • Before taking for a bath apply oil (essential oil or any other oil) on your baby’s whole body.
  • Avoid hot water, consider lukewarm water.
  • After bath pat dry baby’s skin, don’t rub.
  • While baby’s skin is damp apply moisturizing cream.
  • Dress baby with cotton and avoid synthetic fiber cloths.
  • Cut your baby’s nails (be careful, you might hurt him/her). So that, while scratching he/she won’t damage skin. You can use gloves instead.
  • Avoid putting too many blankets, because sweating can trigger itching.

If none of the above is working go for steroids, which may include creams or any other medication if needed.

We recommend consulting a doctor before taking a step.

Baby Eczema Pictures

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