DIY Tomato Face Scrub to Remove Blackheads

tomato face scrub

Blackheads are first stage of acne or pimples. Hormonal imbalance stimulates sebaceous glands to produce excess oil (sebum). Along with dead cells this oils blocks follicle (pores). People are found of squeezing blackheads, which is not recommended.

Homemade tomato face scrub can help you remove all blackheads and impurities settled over the skin. Sensitive skin owners should pay attention to ingredients, sugar tomato and honey may raise unsatisfactory signs. No need to worry, you can replace it with brown sugar or use powdered sugar.

  • Lycopene, a pigment in tomato exhibits antioxidant properties. Use it internally or topically, exceptional properties of lycopene will restrain free radicals and fights infectious bacteria.
  • Tomatoes filled with vitamin A, B and C enhances collagen production and tightens skin pores. Thus resulting is wrinkle free skin.
  • Renowned properties in tomatoes protects your skin from dangerous UV rays, it’s an excellent sunscreen.

Tomato Face Scrub Recipe

If you’ve sensitive skin, then limit the use of sugar or use powdered sugar. Honey used in this face scrub shouldn’t be refined, prefer raw honey. Optionally you can follow with a natural moisturizer after face scrub treatment.


  • Ripe tomato – 1/2
  • Raw honey – 1 tbsp
  • Sugar – 1/2 tbsp

You can increase or decrease ingredients quantity according to your skin type.

tomato puree for making scrub

Initially blend tomato into puree. Then mix honey and sugar to it. After mixing it thoroughly, apply it over prewashed face. Leave it for few minutes and then remove the face scrub using cotton ball or soft cloth. Rinse it off with water.

sugar scrub

Alternatively you can make sugar facial scrub with tomato. No need to add anything, just mix these two ingredients in required quantities and applies it over prewashed face.

tomato and sugar face scrub

Before trying do a patch test, also prepare your face by exposing it to steam or wash it with lukewarm water, so that skin pores opens up.