Can Garlic Treat Yeast Infection? – a Home Remedy With No Proof

garlic for yeast infection

Excess buildup of microscopic fungi in vagina quirk warning signs of yeast infection, like itching, redness and swelling. Women’s vagina is the root place where yeast (fungus) takes room to trigger infection. Main causes being stressed, antibiotics that kill the good bacteria and poor diet. Its common and 75 percent of women experience this infection occasionally.

And most of them heads-up for home remedies, as they involve home available ingredients. Garlic for yeast infection is one such home remedy which has been used extensively for treating fungal infection. Louis Pasteur, the famous microbiologist concluded in an original work that garlic can kill bacteria. Even British government used garlic to restrain wound infection at war time in 1916. Russians called it as penicillin in World war -2, when they ran out of antibiotics. Using garlic to treat wounds and infection dates from ancient times. (1)

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Now the question raises, can this folk remedy treat chronic yeast infection?

May be it can, as few studies prove. Anyhow, we lack scientific proves backing this statement. Let’s take a deep look into properties of garlic clove that stated to kill yeast.

How Garlic for Yeast Infection Works?

  • Dr. Watson (researcher at University of Melbourne), states that in a lab garlic had shown anti-fungal property. If you want to try this to cure infection you can try, but for now there is no evidence backing up this.
  • It’s packed with antiseptic properties.
  • A double-blind study published in 1999, states that topical application of garlic can treat fungal skin infection because of antimicrobial properties. (2)
  • Ajoene in garlic constitutes of anti fungal properties.
  • Allicin, a chemical compound in garlic clove is responsible for its effective properties and strong smell.
  • Taking garlic increases antioxidant levels in your body. Dietary experts suggest taking antioxidant foods to get rid of yeast infection. (3)

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 How to Use Garlic Clove for Yeast Infection?

how to insert garlic clove to vagina

Now that you’ve been through its exceptional nutritional properties, you might want to reap them? You can either add it to your diet, which can improve food taste or topically apply over infected part. Most yeast infected women prefer inserting peeled garlic clove into vagina. Yes, it may burn. But those who tried it say it worked.

Crystal Collins, a blogger states that inserting garlic vagina treated yeast infection. (4)

  • Initially break garlic bulb to obtain its clove.
  • After removing its cover, cut it into small slits or slice it into half.
  • Using sewing needle make a hole into garlic clove and tie it with thread so that you can easily retrieve. Alternatively you can make tampon like substance to insert into your vagina.
  • After inserting it at night, remove in the morning. Don’t expect for instant results. Try it for few days regularly.
  • And no need to say, stay away from mister when it’s in.
  • Wounds or infection may cause burning sensation.

And ladies you’re done.

Along with topically application, don’t forget to eat garlic clove by adding it to your diet. Besides being delicious it’s packed with numerous health benefits like lowers your blood pressure and risk of heart disease, also improves bone health. Alternatively you can try cranberry juice to treat yeast infection.


Inserting garlic clove into vaginal can treat yeast infection. Anyhow, we lack essential scientific data to back this statement. Garlic for yeast infection has been recommended by many beauty experts and bloggers. Dr. Watson, a researcher states that using garlic probably can’t hurt.

Did you ever try garlic clove to treat any skin disease? Share your story here in comments.

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