Different Types of Moles That You Must Know

Moles generally are not dangerous but they ruin your appearance. Identifying the type of mole will let you understand about the risks associated with it. Though moles look benign they may cause skin cancer in long run.

You may think that this small brown or black cluster on your body will do nothing and there is no need to pay attention, but ignoring them may lead to serious problems.

Blemishes which appearance suddenly or have these signs need medical attention.

  • Mole with irregular shape
  • Mole with uneven color
  • Mole with jagged borders
  • Great protruding mole
  • Lager than normal moles

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If your mole has any of the above signs then rush to a dermatologist and get medical attention.

Experts suggest checking asymmetry, border, color and diameter of a mole to identify its nature, popularly known as ABCD.

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Dysplastic Nevi

dysplestic nevus

Also known as atypical mole, dysplastic mole differs to normal mole in appearance, it has irregular shape, irregular color, larger than normal moles and has jagged borders.

Though this mole has all the signs mentioned above we can’t confirm that it causes skin cancer. According to National Cancer Institute these atypical moles are more likely to turn into cancer called melanoma.

If you’ve dyspletic nevi then it’s better to have an appointment with dermatologist.

Congenital Nevus

congenital nevi

These types of moles appear from childhood and it occurs in 1% of infants worldwide. Mainly there are 3 main type of congenital nevus small-sized, mid-sized and giant-sized. Unlike atypical mole congenital nevi is larger in diameter and can occupy larger portion of the body.

As child grows this mole grows and may turn cancerous. Immediate medical attention is needed after observing color or shape variation.

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Halo Nevus

halo nevus

Halo nevus is associated with vitiligo. It was named halo because of its appearance, this particular type of mole is surrounded by light depigmentation making it resembles a halo. People with this mole will have a white patch surrounding that mole.

It’s believed that when white blood cells destroy pigmentation it forms white patch. Anyway mere cause is unknown.

As Halo Nevus is not cancerous except for cosmetic purpose there is no need of treatment.

Skin Tags

Though both moles and skin tags appear on various parts of the body they’re quite different. Like moles skin tags are removed for cosmetic purpose, this benign flap doesn’t have any health issues. Anyway this may cause discomfort and may sometimes ruin your appearance. You can either try natural or surgical way to remove skin tags.

Note: Before going with any treatment check with your professional dermatologist.

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