Can Black Tea Be a Solution for Body Odor?

The most annoying and inevitable odor can be treated by various remedies and can be controlled using chemical added deodorants. (Check homemade deodorants here)

This is what many people say, am I right?

And they’re right.

black tea for body odor

There are lots of remedies which help you to fight odor causing bacteria and black tea is one among them. If you don’t knew why your odorless sweat gives unpleasant smell, read causes of body odor.

In short, bacteria on our body feed on fats and proteins present in sweat, which gives unpleasant smell.

How Can Black Tea Control Body Odor?

Black tea though we think that it just helps to improve concentration. It has handsome of health benefits. It stimulates the immune system and inhibits the growth of cancer. You can also use it for weight loss.

Antioxidant properties in black tea fights free radicals. It contains vitamin A, B, C, E and K.

Tea stops the growth of bacteria.

Dr. Jaliman says, black tea cuts down body odor. Because tea contains polyphenols which reduces output of sulfur compounds by 30% and also refrain bacteria growth.

Sulfur compounds in sweat and bacteria, these two are main causes of body odor which can be controlled by black tea.

Note: Excess consumption of tea may discolor your teeth and it may interfere with other medication. Consult your doctor before trying.

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