Vicco Turmeric Cream Review

I still remember that ad from Vicco; it makes me ponder on my lovely childhood days. Before Fair and lovely, Vicco turmeric was our traditional cream or first aid for all skin problems.

Whenever I had a minor injury my mom used to apply this home available ointment. Yes, this skin care cream can be used to heal injuries just like medicine. I wonder why the company never tired to change the color or design of the pack. But I must admire, even the quality of the cream stayed same for all these years.

A 15 g pack will cost you around 55 INR.

Ingredients in Vicco Turmeric Ayurvedic Cream

Notable ingredients in this cream are turmeric extracts and sandalwood oil. Both are packed with exceptional properties.

  • Turmeric has excellent cleansing and exfoliating properties. Dead skin cells and dirt accumulated over your face can be cleansed.
  • Antiseptic and antibacterial agents housed in turmeric powder can restrain acne causing bacteria and reduce inflammation.
  • Combined with other innate ingredients turmeric can hydrate your skin.
  • Along with this, turmeric can fasten healing, soothe burns, fade wrinkles and regulate the excess production of sebum.
  • Renowned for its aromatic smell, Indians use sandalwood powder in rituals. Apart from this assorted properties in sandalwood can make your skin clean and flawless.
  • Sandalwood oil treats itching and dry skin to some extent.
  • Regular application of sandalwood oil can effectively prevent aging wrinkles.

So, both turmeric and sandalwood has remarkable natural properties, which can nourish and make your skin radiant. Now, let’s check out effectiveness of this so called Ayurvedic cream.

Vicco Turmeric Ayurvedic Cream Review

At the first sight you may think it’s an ointment, the not so attractive pack resembles so. The cream is light yellow in color and comes in a small pack. Though it has a strong fragrance, as time passes it fades quickly.

Wash your face and apply this face cream when the skin is still damp. Compared to other face creams, Vicco cream is not so soft and you must massage to fade yellowish color left behind after applying the cream. Anyhow, the renowned natural ingredients in this cream will help you to reduce pimples and give you a spot less skin.

Remember not to go out without massaging, as the sticky cream will give you a tough experience in summer. On dry skin, the yellowish color remains until you massage extensively. Oily skin people may find this cream a boon, as it prevents acne and fades acne scars.

Anyhow, few people didn’t find this ayurvedic cream helpful. So, you must try it to know if it’s working for you.

How to Use Vicco Turmeric Cream on Face

This amazing skin care cream can be used on to control oil and heal injuries like I mentioned above. When tried it on my dry itchy patches I got relief for some time. So you can use Vicco turmeric cream to moisturize your skin.

  • Best time to apply this ayurvedic cream for hydrating your face is at night. Before going to sleep wash your face with water and pat dry. Evenly massage the Vicco turmeric cream on face. Don’t leave behind yellow lines massage extensively.
  • Get rid of pimples: Before going to bed apply Vicco cream on red swollen bumps as a spot treatment. Anti-inflammatory and healing properties housed in this cream will reduce inflammation and pimples.
  • Impurities accumulated over the skin forms dark spots on face. Regular use of this cream will cleanse and fade dark spots.
  • Medical properties residing in Vicco turmeric cream soothes and heals minor burns and injuries.


Vicco turmeric cream is good to use for a flawless skin. Apart from being a skin care cream, it can be used to heal minor razor cuts and injuries. But it fails to hydrate the dry skin effectively. I recommend trying this ayurvedic cream; never know what it has for your skin. 🙂