Sunni Pindi – Natural Bath and Face Scrub

Renowned innate ingredients were used in preparation of this herbal powder known as Sunni Pindi. From centuries it has been used as a face and bath scrub. Till now families in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana (states in India) use sunni pindi as a cleanser and an exfoliator for babies.

Due to increasing pollution and impurities, your loses its moisture and get infected by various ailments. Before to applying any cosmetic cream to obtain that gorgeous skin (as claimed by manufacturing companies), you must wipe the impurities and allow the skin to breath easily.

Naturally, your skin is protected by natural oil that keeps infectious germs at bay. Chemical filled creams and soap steal the moisture and its repeated use will ruin your appearance. Sunni pindi is one of the most effective way to remove the impurities off the skin.

Ingredients in Sunni Pindi

Dried green gram flour is powdered and mixed with chickpea powder (besan in Hindi). Other ingredients include turmeric sticks, multani mitti, rose petals, fenugreek leaves, almond, basil leaves, neem leaves and gooseberries.

Though, you can get ready made sunni pindi in local market, beauty experts suggest to make your own because it’s cheap and simple.

Steps to Make Sunni Pindi

  1. Take listed ingredients first: 100 gms green gram dal, 50 gms of rice, multani mitti 50 gms, chickpea flour 100 gms, neem leaves 2 tbsp, rose petals 2 tbsp, almonds 10 and other natural ingredients listed above.
  2. Air dry, all the ingredients and grind them into powder.
  3. You can roast green gram in ghee (clarified butter) for aromatic smell.

How to Use Sunni Pindi?

Exceptional properties in sunni pindi can replace your chemical filled soaps. Try it once and you’ll certainly love this traditional soap.

  • To use it over face, mix the prepared sunni pindi powder with water, milk or honey and topically apply it over prewashed face. Leave it for few minutes and rinse it off.
  • Even today people of all religions in Andhra Pradesh use this sunnipindi for babies. Not just cleansing the dirt and impurities, but it removes the roots of baby’s body hair. (Its known as nalugu pindi in Telugu.)

Use it on face or on complete body; increase the quantity if you’re using it on body.

Benefits of Sunni Pindi for Skin

  • Green gram flour and chickpea powder helps to exfoliate dead cells, impurities and dust accumulated over the skin. It nourishes the skin and enhances elasticity.
  • Turmeric is renowned for its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, which restrain bacterial or viral infection.
  • Rose petals hydrate the skin and thwarts acne causing bacteria.
  • Multani mitti powder reaps excess oil secreted by your skin.
  • Assorted properties in almonds hydrate your skin and repairs tissues. Vitamin E and antioxidants residing in almond postpones aging wrinkles.

With all these unmatched nutritional properties sunni pindi can nourish your skin and makes it extra smooth. Would you like to try this traditional soap as a face scrub or body scrub? Let us know in comments.

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