Grey Hair in Eyebrows – 7 Remedies and Causes

grey hair in eyebrows

White hair was a symbol of experience and authority. Thanks to enticing media promoted models, today it’s a cosmetic concern. In this article, you’ll learn about causes and remedies for grey hair in eyebrows.

However, there are few cases where white hair in eyebrows pops out at very early age. This one grey hair strand is enough to give you sleepless nights.

Like your skin, hair gets its color from melanin. Two chemical pigments namely, eumelanin (dark) and phaeomelanin (light) are responsible for a different range of hair colors.

Due to various factors when your body secrets more phaeomelanin and reduce the formation of eumelanin, white hair appears.

What Causes of Grey Hair in Eyebrows?

According to Dr. Desmond Tobin, the melanogentic clock of hair follicle stops or reduces melanin production. Moreover, age and genetics also result in grey hair. (1)

Factors that lead hair graying in eyebrows are mentioned below.

  • Aging is one of the common factors of grey hair, which you can’t stop.
  • If your father suffered grey hair at a young age, then due to genetics you too may face this issue.
  • Not ingesting vitamin rich diet and consumption of unhealthy food also leads to white hairs.
  • Bad weather and pollutants surrounding you will damage your hair and results in premature aging signs like grey
  • Few medications that react with your body can be one of the factors to cause white hair in eyebrows.
  • Chemical ingredients packed in beauty products can strip natural moisture from the hair and scalp leaving them dry.
  • Your body undergoes major hormonal changes during pregnancy or if you’ve thyroid disorder, these changes can impact your hair color.
  • Along with age, environment, researchers also found stress to cause graying of hair.
  • Hair cells produce hydrogen peroxide that bleaches the pigment turning your hair grey.
  • Oxidative stress, smoking, and vitamin B12 deficiency also result in graying of hair.
  • Obesity and other health ailments are also related with graying. (2)

Home Remedies for Grey Hair in Eyebrows

Depending on these factors Scientists are coming up with different medications. However, you don’t have to wait for them. There are numerous remedies that can help to reverse graying of hair.

#1 Black Tea for Grey Hair

Unlike chemically incorporated dyes, these innate remedies are safe for your skin. Caffeine housed in black tea or coffee help to strengthen hair, stop hair fall and stimulate hair growth.

Topical application of black tea results in a delicate shade of maroon color on your hair.

  • Add 3 tablespoons or 3 bags of black tea to 1 cup of boiling water.
  • Steep overnight and apply black tea over eyebrows.
  • Make sure ingredient doesn’t enter your eyes.
  • Rinse it off with cold water after few hours.

#2 Henna

This is one of the most common remedies to get rid of grey hair. As it contains no harmful chemicals you can apply them over eyebrows. Anyhow, few of you may experience irritation or watery eyes. So, patch test before applying it.

You can get henna from a local store, which you can mix with lemon juice, black tea or vinegar.

  • Take required amount of henna and follow the instruction given on the pack.
  • Mix it with ½ cup of warm water or black tea decoction.
  • Also, add few drops of lemon juice if needed.
  • Now, apply it over prewashed hair. (3)

#3 Increase Vitamin B12 Intake

This vitamin B complex vitamin is prominent for improving metabolism. Regular consumption of vitamin B12 will reduce premature graying of hair.

It strengthens hair, stimulates its growth and reduces hair fall. Vitamin B12 helps in re-pigmentation of hair and gives your hair the color it deserves.

Foods with a high amount of vitamin B12 are beef liver, beef, tuna, raw cheese, lamb, raw milk, eggs, salmon, yogurt, and cereals. (4)

#4 Amla for Grey Hair in Eyebrows

Nutrients in amla (Indian gooseberry) help to enhance melanin production and stimulate eumelanin to reverse hair color.

Free radicals that result in oxidative stress can be restrained by antioxidant activity of amla.

  • You can internally ingest amla or apply its oil mixed with coconut oil to reduce grey
  • To make it more effective you can blend almond oil with amla oil and apply it over eyebrows.

#5 Castor Oil

Ingredients in castor oil help to protect your hair from harmful UV rays and promote hair growth.  You may not like its smell and stickiness, but assorted nutrients in it help to lock moisturize and strengthen hair strands.

Take a small amount of castor oil and apply it over eyebrows and leave it to dry naturally.

The cooling effect of this folk ingredient will give you relaxed sleep.

If you experience irritation or watery eyes, then rinse it off with water and stop using it.

Other oils that you can use for grey hair are olive oil, Brahmi oil, black cumin seed oil, coconut oil and sage oil.

#6 Avoid Smoking

A study state that smoking has an impact on your hair. As smoking causes oxidative stress, which is one among the causes of premature graying of hair.

Quitting smoking keeps many health ailments at bay. Cosmetic issues like wrinkles and dark lips can be reduced by avoiding smoking.

#7 Healthy Lifestyle for Hair

These tips will help to prevent grey hair in eyebrows and on the scalp.

  • To increase blood circulation and to promote healthy hair, regularly exercise and have plenty of sleep.
  • Use gentle shampoo or conditioner and avoid harsh chemicals.
  • Don’t use chemical included hair products or dyes.
  • Be gentle while grooming.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Drink enough water.
  • Ingest vitamin rich diet.
  • Wear wide-brim hat avoid long exposure to sunlight.
  • Moisturize your hair regularly with olive oil, coconut oil or castor oil before going to bed.
  • Avoid using hot water.

Peace is beautiful. Avoid stress and live a healthy life.

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