Amazing Benefits of Papaya Seeds

papaya seeds benefits

Papaya is cultivated all over the world for its edible fruit, leaves and seeds. Originated in Southern Mexico and Central America, green papaya is picked and allowed to ripe. Renowned for its juice and sweet taste, this melon is used with vegetables in its green state.

Like papaya flesh, papaya seeds have abundant benefits for your health. Papain, an enzyme residing in green papaya helps to break down undigested food and improves intestinal tract. Papaya seeds are also packed with such interesting enzyme that helps to break parasites and thwart them from the body.

Unlike papaya fruit, seeds of papaya has strong flavor just like mustard and black-pepper combined. So how can you reap its nutrients and get benefited? Continue reading to reveal surprising papaya seeds benefits for health.

  • Phenolic and flavonoid compounds housed in papaya seeds exhibits antioxidant properties, which restrain free radicals and delay damage of cell membrane. Scientific research carried out on 100,000 people concludes that antioxidant supplements cure cardiovascular, cancer and other chronic diseases.
  • A study claims possible immunomodulatory actions residing in papaya seeds. These effects reduce risks of serious diseases by slowing tumor growth.
  • Another study claims that this seeds have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents, which can restrain dangerous bacteria like E coli, Salmonella and Staph.
  • Excess consumption of alcohol makes liver shrink and hard, failing it to effectively remove toxins from the body. Consuming papaya seeds are popularly known to treat liver cirrhosis disease. Crush few fresh or dried papaya seeds to powder, and then mix it in lemon juice. Many cirrhosis patients noticed dramatic improvement with papaya seeds.
  • Digestive enzyme packed in papaya seeds, give favorable environment for the good bacteria in intestinal tract.
  • Apart from this, you can use these seeds to treat Dengue fever and other viral infections. Anyhow, we recommend consulting a doctor before proceeding.

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Papaya Seeds and Honey

Little data don’t let us provide specific dosage on papaya. Anyhow, a study used 4 grams of dried papaya seeds with 20 ml of honey to treat infection.

It’s unsafe for sensitive and pregnant women. Though it has less side-effect, excess consumption of papaya seeds can trigger allergic reaction and cause stomach irritation.

Note: Men who wish to expect partner pregnant should avoid eating papaya and papaya seeds.

If you don’t like the strong flavor of papaya seeds then mix it with honey specifically manuka honey.

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How to Store Papaya Seeds

It’s good to have southern Mexican or American papaya, if not take any fresh papaya and extract its seeds to store in a container. You can refrigerator it to keep the freshness.

Before using them, soak in warm water and powder them. Mix with honey as mentioned above or take it with lemon juice. We recommend consuming lesser papaya seeds initially, as it’s strong. After some weeks, depending on your body tolerance increases the dose.

Papaya seeds benefits for health are notably effective, but you must consider its strong effect on digestive system before proceeding.

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