Dry Skin Around Nose Piercing

Nose piercing is an old tradition, which is practiced in all parts of the world. In Indian culture nose piercing is regarded as a beauty and social standing. Often it’s used to wear jewellery. In USA, UK and Australia piercing is no more a tradition but a fashion icon.

Though it looks cute and adds beauty, but the dry skin around nose piercing will spoil your appearance.

First thing is pain, while piercing nose you’ll be accompanied by extreme pain. Piercing makes your skin sensitive; exposing it to harmful chemicals and wind makes it dry.

How to Fight Dry Skin around Nose Piercing?

Nose piercing involves puncturing through non cartilage lobe of one of the nostrils. It’s not only difficult but irritating till you get habituated to it.

A reputable piercer would suggest you to stay away from harmful chemicals and practice strict hygiene. Starting few days, the skin will be so sensitive that you need to avoid makeup and clean it twice a day. Also, you must stay away from harsh wind that can stripe natural oils from the skin.


If not taken care, the dry skin can worsen the infection and pus may gather with extreme pain. Moisturizing the nose skin with essential oils or with a natural moisturizer will help you prevent such conditions.

Avoid chemical filled soaps, creams, foods that may trigger pus and clothes that may cause allergic reaction. Alternatively, you can use mild chemical soaps, natural face packs (I’d recommend Argan oil face mask) and wear natural fabrics like cotton and linen.

Though there are dozens of natural remedies to hydrate the skin, coconut oil is affordable and always available ingredient for you. Mix it with pinch of turmeric powder and drop the oil around the piercing ring. Regular application is important for stimulate fast healing.

When I asked my mother about a simple home remedy to treat nose piercing, she suggested keeping warm boiled rice over painful part. Sounds strange but, you’ll be relieved from pain.

Let me know your home remedy for dry skin around nose piercing?

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