17 Benefits of Moringa Oil for Skin, Acne and Wrinkles – 4 DIY Recipes Included

moringa oil for skin, acne


Obtained from the seeds of so-called “Miracle tree”, moringa oil has been used by ancient people. Here you’ll learn about benefits moringa oil for skin and acne.

Known for its hydrating and healing abilities, Romans used this oil for perfumes and Egyptians included it to their beauty regimen.

Moringa Oleifera – The Miracle Tree

Native to India, this tree belongs to moringaceae family. Also known as drumstick tree, moringa is packed with antioxidants and other nutrients that are capable of reducing health ailments like diabetes, asthma, cancer, cardiovascular issues and liver problems.

Though it has been used by Romans, Egyptians and Greeks as mentioned above, modern science discovered its nutritional ability recently.

Importance of Using Natural Remedies

Though there are bunch of beauty products available in the aisle, beauty experts recommend innate ingredients.

Apart from being expensive, cosmetic items are filled with ingredients that can irritate your skin and strip natural moisture from it.

There are few cases where people who regularly used media promoted creams experienced premature wrinkles, contact dermatitis and other skin disorders. (1)

17 Amazing Benefits of Moringa Oil for Skin, Acne and Hair

Moringa oil is obtained from seeds of moringa tree. Fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants housed in this natural oil are prominent in the cosmetic world.

Apart from this, moringa oil is packed with skin lightening abilities. Exfoliating and cleansing properties in this innate ingredient can whiten your skin.

Below listed, are extolling benefits of moringa oil.

1. Cleanse Your Skin

Your skin is exposed to various impurities and pollutants. Exfoliating ability of this oil help to wipe dirt and excess oil piled over your skin.

2. Anti-Aging

Antioxidant property thwarts free radicals that damage cell membrane, whereas, vitamin C promotes collagen production and improves elastin to make the skin firm.

Moringa oil easily gets penetrated into your skin and encourages elastin production.

3. Treats Acne

Antibacterial ability exhibited by moringa oil helps to restrain infectious bacteria. Regular application of this oil will help to reduce inflamed acne blemishes.

As mentioned above cleansing ability of this oil help to remove blackheads, acne blemishes and excess oil from the skin.

4. Lighten the Scars

Assorted properties of this oil help to lighten the appearance of acne scars, fine lines and reduce hyperpigmentation.

5. Fights Free Radials

Various skin disorders like fine lines, wrinkles and oxidative stress are caused due to free radicals. Antioxidant agents in the oil thwart them out.

6. Soothes Your Skin

Packed with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory abilities, moringa oil fastens the healing process and reduces irritation caused due to minor sunburns and rashes.

Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory abilities residing in this oil fasten the healing process of minor burns, cuts and skin rashes.

7. Skin Whitening

Vitamins and minerals residing in moringa oil wipe impurities, enhance collagen production to make your skin firm and reduce hyperpigmentation.

Topical application of this oil will help you fight ill effects of pollutants.

8. Hydrates Your Skin

Moisture protects your sensitive skin from various ailments and impurities. Excess use of chemical filled creams and soaps strip moisture and make your skin dry.

As mentioned, apart from skin, benefits of moringa oil for health and hair can’t be ignored.

9. Boost Immune System

This edible oil is rich in vitamin C that helps to boost the immune system and treat ailments. However, due to its high price many people don’t use it regularly.

10. Treats Insomnia

Lack of sleep results in many issues relating to health and skin. Topical application of this oil helps to reduce stress and gives you good sleep.

11. Lowers Blood Pressure

Regulates blood pressure and treats heart-related issues and liver diseases.

12. Protects Your Bones

Though pricey, ingesting this oil by mixing it with food can strengthen your weak bones and make it dense.

13. Regulate Cholesterol

Unlike other fat contained oils, this oil helps to reduce cholesterol level and thus can prevent cardiovascular issues.

14. Soothes Nervous System

Consuming this oil in through diet can improve the functioning of nervous system and soothe brain cells.

15. Moisturizes Your Scalp

Dry and itchy scalp results in hair fall and breakage. Moringa oil nourishes your scalp and can enhance its growth.

16. Strengthen Hair

Vitamins and minerals housed in this oil help to strengthen hair follicles and rejuvenate your hair.

17. Treats Chronic Skin Ailments

Eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea are few skin ailments that are triggered when you come in contact with its irritants. Though moringa oil application can’t permanently treat these skin ailments, healing and anti-inflammatory properties of this oil can reduce inflammation and redness.

How to Use Moringa Oil for Skin, Acne, and Wrinkles?

To reap all listed benefits, researchers recommend using only 100% pure extra virgin moringa oil.

One of the easiest ways is to take a small amount of moringa oil and apply it over pre-washed face. However, it’s safe to patch test before using topically.

#1 Moringa Oil for Wrinkles

You’ll need a tinted bottle with a droplet, rose otto essential oil, frankincense EO, lavender EO and moringa oil.

Steam distilled rose essential oil is known as rose otto essential oil, whose benefits are studied by researchers. It has antioxidant, anti-bacterial and hydrating abilities.

Frankincense essential oil is renowned in the cosmetic industry. Its application can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and stretch marks.

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  • Mix 1 ounce of moringa oil, 2 drops of rose otto essential oil, 6 drops of frankincense oil and 8 drops of lavender essential oil.
  • Apply this serum before going to bed.
  • Rinse it off in the morning.

#2 Moringa Oil for Acne

Researchers hold inflammation to be the main culprit in this chronic ailment. Excess sebum, dead cells, and P.acnes bacteria worsen the condition.

Anti-inflammatory ability of this oil can be able to reduce inflamed acne lesions. Assorted nutrients in moringa oil can also reduce redness on your face.

Mix any french clay with moringa oil. This natural clay helps to remove toxins from skin pores and removes excess oil accumulated over your skin.

Alternative method is to mix moringa powder with honey, rosewater, lemon juice and tea tree oil.

These ingredients are packed with exceptional nutrients that can treat acne blemishes. Regular application of these ingredients can even lighten appearance of scars.

  • Moringa leaf powder – ½ tbsp
  • Raw honey – 1 teaspoon
  • Rosewater – 1 teaspoon
  • Lemon juice – ½ tsp
  • Tea tree oil – 2 drops

Mix all listed ingredients in a clean bowl and apply it over pre-washed face.

#3 Moringa Face Mask

Ingredients in this recipe are kaolin clay, water, and raw honey. Instead of moringa oil here, you can use moringa lead powder.

Kaolin clay is known for its excellent cleansing and cosmetic benefits. Anti-inflammatory property of this natural ingredient can treat acne.

Raw honey is prominent for its healing and humectant abilities. (Source)

  • Mix ¼ teaspoon of raw honey with ¼ teaspoon of moringa leaf powder and 5-6 teaspoons of kaolin clay.
  • Also, add 1 teaspoon of warm water to obtain a smooth
  • Now, wash your face and pat dry using a clean cloth.

Apply this thick paste on your skin and leave it to dry naturally.

#4. Moringa Oil for Skin Lightening

Like olive oil, moringa oil is housed with 90 nutrients, 9 essential amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids.

Lighten than olive oil, it can easily penetrate deep into the skin and cleanse clogged pores.

As listed above, its anti-inflammatory property can reduce inflammation triggered by chronic skin ailments.

Assorted vitamins residing in this oil helps to lighten the appearance of scars, shrink large skin pores and make the skin firm.

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  • Gently apply the pure moringa oil on your prewashed face for few minutes.
  • This will increase blood circulation.
  • Allow it to dry naturally for 15-20 minutes and then rinse it off with water.

Bonus: Body Oil

Moringa oil may not come in your budget. However, you can mix few drops of this cosmetic legend with apricot seed oil.

Also, add 2 few drops of any essential oil to make it more effective. Apply this mixed oil after bathing, while the skin is still damp.

Nutrition Facts of Moringa Oil

It is also known as ben oil, moringa seeds yield 40 percent of the edible oil that can be used for cosmetic purposes, cooking and lubrication.


Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, carrier, emollient, exfoliant, disinfectant, anti-microbial, hepatoprotective (protects liver) and enfleurage.

Fatty Acids

Both saturated and unsaturated fats are housed in this oil. Oleic acid, gamma linoleic acid, stearic acid, linoleic acid and other fatty acids are packed into it.

Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamin C, E, flavonoids, sterols, and phenols are also present in moringa oil making it an exceptional remedy for beauty.

Important Tips

  • Moringa oil consists of 72% of oleic acid, which is essential oil a healthy skin and hair. It easily gets absorbed by your skin.
  • You can find this cosmetic legend on Amazon.
  • Patch test before applying this oil on your sensitive skin.
  • Excess use of essential oil can irritate your skin, so experts recommend blending it with carrier oil. In this case, we’re mixing EO’s with moringa oil.
  • Avoid stress, as it can trigger skin ailments like acne, eczema, and psoriasis.
  • Include vitamin rich diet.
  • Fruits and vegetables that are rich in water can help to hydrate your skin from the inside.
  • If you experience an allergic reaction after using any of the recipes, then stop using it immediately and consult a physician.

Not just topical application, you must change your lifestyle to reap nutritional benefits of this oil. There are reports that claim that even stress can trigger acne. So avoid it. Please share your recipe if you ever use moringa oil for acne.