How to Use Kalonji Oil for Skin Whitening – 5 DIY Methods

We all are exposed to thousand ads on cosmetic creams, which fail miserably to full fill our dreams of obtaining flawless skin.

Your quest has the best ingredients can come to halt, kalonji for skin whitening is one the natural remedy that is packed with essential nutrients that your skin needs.

A clear and healthy skin reflects your beauty. Media promoted models aren’t beauty icons. Because it isn’t just about fair skin; natural glow is what makes you look gorgeous.

With hectic work schedule and alarming increase in pollutants, we pay little to no attention to skin and as a result dark spots, dry patches and hyperpigmentation are triggered.

Is Kalonji Good for Skin Whitening?

Like mentioned above innate ingredients are filled with essential vitamins and minerals that can make your skin radiant. Repeated application of these ingredients will gradually improve your overall skin functioning.

  • Rich in linoleic and linolenic fatty acids, kalonji oil application can improve your skin texture and hydrate it.
  • Antioxidant activity exhibited by kalonji oil thwarts free radicals that initiate oxidative stress and reduce fine lines.
  • Use of Nigella seeds will keep your skin youthful and radiant.
  • Anti-inflammatory abilities packed in this oil reduce acne inflammation and redness on your skin.
  • Anti-bacterial property exhibited by the oil restrains infectious germs.
  • Vitamin A and other assorted nutrients residing in the oil promote cell regeneration and help to get rid of skin disorders.
  • Vitamins housed in kalonji seeds protect your skin from harmful UV rays.
  • It promotes collagen production and improves elastin to reduce wrinkles.
  • Nutrients in kalonji seeds can treat chronic ailments like eczema and psoriasis.
  • Essential fatty acids housed in this natural oil help to get rid of dry patches.
  • Linoleic acid hydrates your skin and guards the skin from impurities.
  • Vitamins in the oil help to cleanse the accumulated impurities and dead cells.

This innate oil is obtained from the seeds of Nigella Sativa. It is prominent for its medicinal properties. Ailments like cancer, blood pressure, heart problem, diabetes, kidney stones, headache and piles can be reduced by regular consumption of these seeds.

However, you may find positive feedback after a couple of applications.

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How to Use Kalonji for Skin Whitening?

Cleanse your face or wash it with water. Pat dry and gently massage with kalonji oil.

You can try this simple version or blend other innate ingredients available in your kitchen to make it more effective.

Below mentioned are different recipes that may help you depending on your skin type.

#1 Honey and Black Seed Oil (Kalonji)

Both ingredients are renowned for their healing properties.

Honey with its viscous nature help to lock moisture on your skin and cleanse impurities. Vitamins residing in honey help to lighten your skin and also treat ailments.

  • Take required amount of heated and grounded kalonji seeds and mix with raw honey
  • Apply this paste over prewashed face and rinse it off after 20-30 minutes.
  • You can internally consume this nutritious ingredient.

Alternatively, you can just mix honey and kalonji oil in required quantity before applying it over the face.

#2 ACV and Kalonji Seeds

Glycol housed in apple cider vinegar help to cleanse your skin and improve its texture. Regular application of ACV will promote wrinkle and acne free skin.

  • For ailments, heat kalonji seeds and finely grounded them.
  • Mix the powdered seeds with apple cider vinegar.
  • Apply the paste over the face.

#3 Sesame Oil and Kalonji Oil

Like kalonji seeds, sesame seeds can be used for cosmetic purposes.

Nutrients in sesame seed oil tighten your skin and make it radiant. Regular application will improve blood circulation and promote collagen production. Check its benefits for skin whitening.

  • Take required amount of sesame seed oil and kalonji oil in a bowl.
  • Wash your face to remove impurities and pat dry.
  • Using your clean fingers apply the mixed oil on your face in circular motion.
  • Allow it to dry naturally for 20 minutes.

#4 Lemon Juice and Kalonji Oil to Lighten Skin

Bleaching ability and acidic properties of lemon juice help to lighten dark spots and improve your skin complexion.

Antibacterial properties residing in lemon fight acne causing bacteria and thwart other infectious germs.

  • Take few drops of Lemon juice and mix with kalonji oil.
  • Apply it over the face evenly and leave it to dry naturally.
  • Excess use of lemon juice can make your skin sensitive towards sunlight.
  • Patch test before applying lemon juice on your face.

#5 Black Onion Seed Oil and Milk Face Pack

Prominent queen Cleopatra reportedly bathed herself in milk to reap its cosmetic benefits.

Milk hydrates your skin, soothes inflamed patches, removes dead cells and makes your skin whitening.

Vitamins and minerals housed in milk need no explanation. They are known to energies your body internally and make it radiant topically.

  • Take ½ cup of milk and 1 tbsp of kalonji seeds
  • Soak kalonji or black seeds in water for an hour.
  • Mean while heat raw milk for few minutes.
  • Now, shift soaked kalonji seeds to warm milk and soak for another 1 hour.
  • Grind both ingredients to obtain smooth paste like consistency.
  • Wash your face and apply it on the skin.
  • Massage gently and allow it to dry for 15-20 minutes.

Apart from skin, you can use kalonji oil to obtain shiny hair.

Along with kalonji oil, you must practice a healthy lifestyle, drink enough water and reduce stress for the beautiful skin.

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Foods that lighten your skin must be included in your diet. These fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins that reduce melanin production and help you obtain glowing skin.

Did you ever use kalonji oil to lighten skin? Please share your views in comments.

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