7 Benefits of Horsetail for Skin

Herbs has got prominent role in healing skin ailments and for medicinal purpose. Horsetail, also known as shave grass or Equisetum arvense is one among the herbal remedies used by ancient people to treat health and skin issues.

It grows in moist and sand soil temperature, like North America, Asia and Europe. It’s named horsetail because of its stems, which resembles like the tail of horse.

Horsetail for skin has abundant benefits because of its assorted nutritional profile. Unlike other plants, this herb has high concentration of silica that can improve your overall health including skin, hair and bones.

The Greek physician Galenus is the first person to recommend horsetail to treat skin inflammation, ulcers, wounds and ruptures. Chinese documented its medicinal properties in their historical medical scriptures. They used it to cure cool fever, eye inflammation, flu, swelling and hemorrhoids.

Benefits of Horsetail for Skin

horsetail for skin

As mentioned above, horsetail is packed with silicon, which has a healthy contribution in strengthening, skin, hair, building connective tissues and bones.

Do you know? Your skin shed millions of dead cells every day, along with other impurities it gets accumulate over your face causing dark spots on various places. Natural remedies like horsetail have antioxidant agents that can thwart free radicals and also wipe impurities off the skin.

  1. Enhances Collagen Production: Collagen is mainly made of silicon. If you’ve enough silicon in your body, then your skin looks much younger. Not just skin, collagen accounts for hair, teeth and bone functioning. It increases elasticity of your skin and locks moisture.
  2. Astringent: This property removes impurities and excess oil left over in the skin pores. Most astringents can stop bacterial infection, so it can effectively reduce acne blemishes. Astringent is renowned for cleansing and shrinking skin pores.
  3. Hydrates the Skin: Most chronic skin diseases are triggered due to dry skin. Topically applying horsetail for skin can promote collagen production, which makes your skin moist.
  4. Reduce Wrinkles: Your skin losses its elasticity as you grow older. Using external source of minerals can increase collagen production. As mentioned above, collagen improves elasticity of the skin and removes wrinkles.horsetail benefits for skin
  5. Heal Minor Injuries: Wounds, cuts and eczema flare-ups can be healed by using this herbal remedy. Its antiseptic property stops bacterial and fungal infection around wounds and injuries. (Note: Eczema can’t be treated permanently using this home remedy.)
  6. Antioxidant activity of horsetail will restrain free radicals that can damage cell membrane causing wrinkles.
  7. Anti-inflammatory properties reduce acne inflammation and allergic reaction triggered due to irritants. Also, antibacterial properties can restrain acnes bacteria, which increase acne inflammation.

Other benefits include strengthening bones, regularize menstruation, improve kidney and liver functioning, stimulate hair growth and treat other health issues.

Diuretic housed in horsetail helps to cleansing your body and increase urine output. You can either directly apply horsetail over wounds, injuries and blemishes to heal or consume it as directed by nutritionist. To reap the benefits of horsetail for skin, you can steep herbal tea with (1/2 cup of horsetail and 1 cup of water). Strain and use the water to rinse your skin and hair. (source)

Though this data lack scientific research, you can try after discussing with dermatologist or nutritionist.

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Important Note

  • Though natural ingredients have no or very less side-effects, experts recommend to consult nutritionist for dosage.
  • Pregnant and breast feeding women must stay away from horsetail.
  • Alcoholic people normally has thiamine deficiency, consuming horsetail can worsen the situation.
  • Horsetail may decrease blood sugar levels, consult your doctor and check the progress while using this herbal remedy.

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