Use Geranium Oil for Stretch Marks

geranium oil to treat stretch marks

Geranium oil is extensively used in aromatherapy to reduce stress. Egyptians use this essential oil to treat chronic skin conditions like acne and inflammation. This holistic medicine has nutrients that can improve healthy functioning of the skin.

You can use geranium oil for stretch marks, as assorted nutrients in this sweet-smelled oil can tighten your skin, fade wrinkles, cleanses impurities and improve skin’s elasticity.

Now-a-days people are paying more attention to their appearance; reports say that average women spend about 55 minutes every day having a glimpse for her beauty in the mirror. (1)

We knew that having stretch marks is very embarrassing. It isn’t associated with any health issue, but surely it’s a cosmetic concern.

Striae or stretch marks appear when you suddenly lose or gain weight. The dermis layer stretches according to your weight, but it tears at different places that appear like vertical lines over the skin. These red lines change to silver color as time passes.

Expert says that you can’t permanently treat stretch marks.

Hold on, don’t get depressed. You can use cosmetic creams or natural remedies like geranium oil to lighten the appearance of stretch marks.

If you’re my regular reader, then you’ll know why I don’t recommend cosmetic creams. Even doctors don’t recommend few beauty products as they can trigger contact dermatitis.

On the other hand, natural remedies are filled with high nutritional values that can enhance your skin texture and aren’t associated with any serious side-effects. Researchers say that essential oil are effective in treating ailments and has minimal risk. (2)

How to Use Geranium Oil for Stretch Marks?

Let me clear this once more, there is no treatment to completely remove stretch marks. But, you can lighten their appearance over the skin. Geranium oil is one such try.

Some beauty experts recommend using essential oil during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks to some extent. As these essential oils are packed with nutrients that can enhance collagen production and improve elasticity of the skin. To some extent you can reduce the affect of stretch marks.

However, there is no scientific evidence to back this theory.

You must dilute essential oil before using it. Mix 30ml of carrier oil with 15 drops of lavender oil and 15 drops of geranium oil. Mix thoroughly and massage over affected parts.

It’s recommended to cleanse the skin and pat dry before applying the natural remedy.

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