Borage Oil for Rosacea

borage oil for rosacea

You must try borage oil for rosacea because it is packed with gamma-linolenic acid, which can moisturize and reduce inflammation.

Also known as adult acne, rosacea includes redness, itching and small bumps filled with pus. According to, this chronic skin ailment affects middle-aged women.

Unfortunately, you can’t cure this skin disorder permanently. However, with proper treatment prescribed by doctor and regular application of natural remedies inflammation can be reduced.

Before that, let me write few more lines on this chronic skin condition.

Rosacea Causes and Symptoms

According to researchers, rosacea affects about 5% of Americans. It’s very common in fair-skinned people.

A survey in America revealed that 70% Americans have zero knowledge about rosacea. Often people mistake it as acne or eczema.

Mere cause of this skin disorder is not known. But, experts hold abnormality in facial blood vessels, H. pylori bacteria and genes to be factors that contribute to rosacea.

Facial redness, sensitive blood vessels dilate, small bumps and other uncommon symptoms can be experienced on face and nose. (Source)

How to Use Borage Oil for Rosacea?

This golden yellow oil is derived from borage or star flower. It’s renowned for its medicinal properties. Benefits of borage oil include.

  • Assorted nutrients in borage oil suppress abnormal activity of inflammatory immune cells and help to reduce skin disorder.
  • Essential fatty acids residing in borage oil hydrates dry skin and helps to get rid of itching.
  • Anti-inflammatory activity of the oil can reduce inflammation caused by rosacea and other skin ailments.
  • Gamma- linoleic acid improves blood circulation and stimulates cell regeneration.
  • These fatty acids in the oil remove dead skin cells and promotes new skin cells.
  • Stress and anxiety, which can increase chronic skin ailments, can be reduced by this oil.
  • Emollient property of this herbal oil enhance overall healthy functioning of the skin.

Now, let’s check out the way to apply borage oil on skin. Organic borage oil comes with all nutritional properties. So, go for unrefined version of oil.

  1. Gently wash the skin with water and pat dry.
  2. Take borage oil in your palm and gently massage over the affected skin.
  3. Leave it to dry naturally.
  4. You can use borage oil supplement internally to treat rosacea.

Consult physician for dosage. Though natural remedies have no side-effects, some people may experience adverse reaction. So, it’s recommended to pat test on the skin before using it.

Did you ever use borage oil for rosacea? Share your views in comments.

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Borage Oil for Acne

borage oil for acne

You’ll find bunch of products claiming to treat acne. But have you ever considered natural remedies? Borage oil for acne is one the innate remedy that you must try.

Approximately 50 million Americans are affected by acne every year and 80 percent of people between the age group of 11 to 30 will have acne breakout at some point of their life.

Facts are astonishing, isn’t it?

Literally there are hundreds of ways to reduce acne. Cosmetic products and natural remedies are two major ways. I love my skin and hope you too care it. So I don’t want to expose it to chemical filled creams. This is the reason why I’ll opt for natural remedies.

However, it’s recommended to patch test before using borage oil to treat acne blemishes.

Benefits of Borage Oil for Acne

Exceptional properties like anti-inflammatory, gamma-linoleic acid and antioxidant are housed in this innate oil.

This oil is extracted from the seeds of borage plant native to Syria, but grows in other countries. 1500 years back Europeans cultivated borage plant for its healing benefits and it has been used for culinary purposes.

Acne is mainly triggered due to inflammation. Excess sebum, dead cells and bacteria are notable reasons by which acne worsens. Assorted properties residing in this golden-yellow oil can effectively treat acne.

  1. Reduce inflammation: Anti-inflammatory activity packed in this yellow oil can relieve from acne inflammation and fasten the healing process.
  2. Moisturizes the skin: Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids of borage oil hydrates the skin and also maintain hormonal balance when ingested internally.
  3. Relieves stress: Stress triggers itching, acne and other skin ailments. Researchers after various studies conclude that topical application of borage oil can reduce blood pressure and stress.
  4. Improves blood flow: Gamma-linoleic acid promotes blood flow, which removes toxins and nourishes cell regeneration.
  5. Stimulate skin growth: Fatty acids in borage oil remove dead cells from the skin and promotes new skin cells.
  6. Antioxidant and other assorted nutrients residing in this golden-yellow oil can restrain free radicals, fade wrinkles, relieve itching, improves skin tone, hydrates dry skin and relieves you from chronic skin ailments.

Unlike cosmetic creams, natural remedies aren’t associated with serious side-effects. However, proteins in these ingredients may irritate hypersensitive people. One must patch test by applying it over elbow before using it over the face.

How to Use Borage Oil for Acne?

Beauty experts recommend only pure and organic borage oil, because processed oil may not show effective results.

  • Wash your skin with lukewarm water or expose it to steam to unclog blocked pores.
  • Alternatively, cleanse with rosewater and cotton ball.
  • Pat dry with soft cloth and apply borage oil using cotton swab.
  • Leave it to dry naturally and rinse it off.

Ingesting borage oil to treat acne and other health ailments is recommended, but must consult physician for dosage. Anecdotal reports say that ingesting borage oil can treat health and skin ailment, but may take some time to show positive results.

Pregnant women must consult doctor before using borage oil internally or topically.

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